• me:wow todays a good day
  • tumblr:bees are dying
  • tumblr:everyone hates each other
  • tumblr:the sea is full of trash
  • tumblr:saltwater fish are going extinct
  • tumblr:money has become the prime factor for survival
  • tumblr:smoking is cool now
  • tumblr:dinosaurs are fake
  • tumblr:minorities in america are forced to live in fear
  • tumblr:1000 ways this world is dying!!! uwu 0u0
  • tumblr:and u cant do anything to stop it!! (◕‿◕✿)
  • me:wow ok thanks
  • me:ahh good morning :) hello sun! hello birds! hello crushing self hatred! hello excessive worries about the future! hello sky! hello clinical depression! h

anonymous asked:

I understand you disagree, but it still isn't right to call truscum (or anyone) disgusting. Just because you don't see eye to eye doesn't mean it's ok to call them names. Especially because most truscum are trans, the very people y'all claim to support. I'm a transmed ftm and I'm very hurt to see people who have helped me so much treating us so poorly.

Fox says:

I have seen the truscum community literally gang up on children and tell them to kill themselves for using neopronouns. I’m talking 60+ truscum bombarding multiple posts and/or askboxes until the OPs felt forced into deleting their blogs.

We get at least several asks a month saying, “This truscum user is telling me that I’m not allowed to be transgender. Are they right?”

I’ve had truscum call me cisgender and by she/her/hers pronouns because I don’t want to fully transition, because I’m otherkin, because I’m nonbinary, because I sometimes wish to present femininely, because I told someone that I didn’t agree with their views and presented a counter-argument, so on and so forth.

Truscum as individuals may have good intentions and they are not necessarily bad people, but as a community and as a concept, truscum are a shaming, bashing, hurtful and condescending group who have aligned themselves with a term birthed from their blatant ideology of excessive gatekeeping and general discrimination.

Teen Wolf Rant
  • I'm sorry, but it's so annoying how badly treated Malia, Kira and Liam are. Malia was the only one who read the book about the dread doctors, yet on the after after show, everyone praised Lydia for "figuring everything out". Kira had like 4 minutes of screen time in the latest episode, and most of the time, people accused her of ruining the light. Liam is like...not even part of the pack?? He wasn't there when they read the book, while Theo, that shady asshole was. Don't get me wrong, but everyone trusted Theo way too easily, the only ones that actually show some sort of suspicion towards him, are Malia and Stiles. Even Scott trusts him more than he trusts his own girlfriend. It's terrible and so ooc. Ugh.