Negan - Forgive Me

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Melinda is part of Negan’s group with her boyfriend Nathaniel and they’ve been with the group for a while, but her oh so loving boyfriend is messing around with Negan’s wives and when Nathaniel finds out that she’s pregnant he plans on taking her out. Negan finds out about this and protects Melinda and he starts to fall for her, he gets rid of the boyfriend and his wives so he can be with her. (Using the prompts “You did what?!” and “I need you to forgive me.” from this list.)

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Negan x Melinda

Warnings: Swearing, blood, and death

Chapter 1

Negan watched as Nathaniel walked out of the laundry room with one of the wives while his girlfriend Melinda went about her day to day tasks. Their hair was tousled and their clothes were wrinkled so it was very obvious what they had been doing. Negan had always thought Melinda was beautiful but she was in a relationship wth Nathaniel and refused to become one of his wives. Watching Nathaniel screw around her made him feel bad for her, she had no idea what Nathaniel was doing behind her back. Who was he to say anything, though? He wasn’t exactly Mr. Loyal himself.

Nathaniel smoothed down his hair and clothes before walking away from Lacey who had a satisfied look on her face. Negan would usually punish the guy if  they were messing around with one of his wives but he just couldn’t be bothered. The past few months had been hard on him and he was just too tired to care if one or more of his wives was screwing another guy.

He rubbed his hands across his face before turning on his heel and walking back into the factory. He was about to walk into the kitchen when he heard two voices telling and a door slamming. He popped his head round the corner just in time to see Melinda walking down the corridor with tears streaming down her face. He stepped out and she almost crashed into his chest, she looked up at him wth scared eyes and a tear stained face.

“Everything alright sweetheart?”

She quickly wiped away the tears and nodded, “Everythings fine Negan. Thank you.”

“Melinda, you can tell me what happened. I won’t bite. Unless you’re into that kind of stuff,” he joked as he tried to lighten the mood a little. He smiled as she chuckled softly at his words.

“I’m pregnant,” she mumbled quietly.

“Well, congratulations.”

“Nathaniel doesn’t want the baby, he just wants to keep screwing around with your fucking wives. He even threatened to kill me if I don’t find a way to get rid of the baby,” Negan’s face dropped and his jaw and fists clenched.

“That son of a bitch,” Negan growled and walked down the hallway to Melinda and Nathaniel’s room to confront this asshole.

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