Negan's Wives

So I’m hearing some nonsense and need someone to tell me it’s bs. Because I do think it totally is bullshit. So we get another unwanted female out of the way and they’re gonna introduce ANOTHER female and automatically people have to assume (have y'all seen the Sheetz commercial) that it’s for Rick Grimes new love.

Uhmmmmm. How about a big nope!!! Michonne is right there and is what Rick Grimes needs to bring him back to the man he needs to be for all of them. In turn he would be good for her and restore some healing for her. They all need one more day with a chance. Together. *sobs* I just need it to be February 14th already.

PS: fwiw I think the chick is gonna be one of Negans wives.

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I know what the anon is talking about. She won't be Rick's love interest. Michonne's there. And even though I don't ship Caryl, it's obvious the closest woman to Daryl is Carol, and to her, Daryl. No other person will come and change that. I'm thinking she's casted to play one of Negan's wives or probably a member of hilltop.

Exactly.  It’s just funny how NR stans are thinking that she’s going to be a love interest for Daryl.  It’s like they really want Daryl to be with someone who has a hair color…and I am betting Jessie fans are hoping she’s “for Rick”.  LOL.

I am thinking Negan’s wife too.  I don’t know why some fans are trippin about her being cast. 

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Ivy has been forced into servitude as one of Negan’s wives. Will the group of strangers that show up at the gates be the key to her escape? (Daryl/OC)

Where Paradise Lay

“Mornin, Sunshine.”Ivy groaned as she turned away from the sound of her brother’s voice, surprised when her face pressed into the heavy fabric of the couch cushions. “Shit. You win this one,…

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Alicia Witt Cast In The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has added Alicia Witt to its roster.

The actress took to Twitter to share the news and AMC has also officially confirmed to that she has joined the series.

proud & overjoyed to get to announce to you today: I’m joining one of the greatest shows ever made.#TheWalkingDead! @WalkingDead_AMC#TWD

— alicia witt (@aliciawitty)

February 4, 2016

Witt’s character is still unknown and it’s tough to tell who she will play based on our knowledge of the comics. It’s possible she’ll be one of Negan's wives or a member of either the Hilltop or Kingdom communities which will soon be introduced on the show. There is always the possibility of the TV series pulling off another gender swap like it did with Douglas Monroe’s transformation to Deanna Monroe.

It’s unlikely Witt will appear in the back half of season six, which wrapped production in November of last year, unless she has been keeping her joining of the cast a secret for months. Season seven begins production in a few months which is likely to be where we’ll meet her character.

Witt is best known for her work on Friday Night Lights as Cheryl and will also be appearing on ABC's Nashville. Her other work, which includes over 60 acting credits, comes from TV and films like 88 Minutes, Two Weeks Notice, and Person of Interest.

The Walking Dead returns from its midseason hiatus February 14 at 9 PM ET on AMC.