Negan's Wives

I’d gladly be one of Negan’s wives. 

1. The position is voluntary. 

2. You can leave whenever you want. 

3. You don’t have to worry about earning points, like the commoners living in the Sanctuary. 

4. He’s a rather charming and funny man. 

5. The fact that he’s handsome certainly isn’t a bad thing. 

6. I’d never be tempted to cheat on him so I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone being punished because I slipped up. 

7. HE’S NEGAN! <3
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Since the Negan love is thick in the air these days… I thought this would be a good time to cheaply promote my comic-based/personal headcanon TWD fanfiction. :D It's all about the dysfunctional little family of Negan and his five wives. It’s still a work-in-very-far-to-go-progress, but hopefully it brings some enjoyment as it is.  

Imagine being one of Negan's wives but being younger than most of them and he always teases you about it.

(Hope I got this request right :D and you all like it! I know I had other request before this one but I have a lot to study and thought it was this was a easy request to complete first, sorry. I promise once exams are over, i’ll go back to writing request in order :) Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/ Found it on google) 

Since you had come across the Saviors you had been part of them as you had need of a place to stay.

However little did you know you quickly became the wife to their leader, Negan, or rather one of his wives.

At first, you didn’t like the idea of being one but in order to stay safe you agreed and gradually grew to like it.

Among their own, the Saviors had immense respect for Negan so when they were around you they treated you fairly.

They would take care of you when you would feel sick and were always kind towards you.

Negan though was another story. When the both of you were alone he was gentle, caring and in his own way funny.

He would always cheer you up and made sure you were safe. Since your arrival, he seemed to spend more time with you over the others wives and eventually you had started to grow fond of him as well.

Despite his nature with you and the way he handled things, the only thing that ever bothered you about him was him constantly teasing you because of your young age.

You were in your early twenties but considering the different in age with most of his wives and himself, you seemed like you haven’t experience much in life and that made Negan laugh.

He would joke about it in every moment possible.


One night, you were making out with him for the first time and the both of you were enjoying it until a thought popped into his mind

“Wait…Y/N…Do I need to explain…what happens between a man and a woman before this goes on!”

He smiled and laughed but you didn’t find it as clever and pushed him away.

“I know what goes on! I’m not a freaking kid alright! I’m not even in the mood anymore…”

Seeing how mad you were Negan thought of pushing you even further in hopes to get you riled up.
“Aww…Y/N you’re so cute…how is it even possible that you’re a grown adult!” He said laughing and ruffling your hair.

He then ignore your attitude completely and playfully continued
“So, Y/N…when a man loves a woman things are bound to happen such a-”

You cut him of as you pushed his hand away and clenched your jaw and fist and told him “I said…I’m not a kid…what part of it don’t you get!”

He had his fun with you but seeing how mad you were, he truly wanted you and so he smirked at you. He inched closer to you and said “Oh yeah? Prove it…”

Angry, you pushed him backwards on the bed and climbed on top, you kissed him passionately. He definitely got the reaction he wanted and the two of you spend the rest of the night together.


Other times, his teasing was always once you were around the whole group.

Sometimes rather than call you “babe” or “baby” to be endearing he would refer to you as “kid” or even worst his “little fetus”. It was a weird name but it was meant to make you and the others laugh. Although it was funny at times, you had now grown tired of his constant teasing and bottled your anger. 


While they were planning on going on supply runs, you walked to where they were gathered and Negan immediately smiled at you.

You smiled back and waved at him as you got closer you asked “What’s going on?”

You had a relatively a good day until Negan opened his mouth. He lifted his hand at you to stop you from walking.

“Is something wrong?” You asked wondering why he would just stop you like that.

He had a concerned look and said in a teasing tone

“Sorry, baby…We can’t tell you yet…this is a grown up matter.”

He laughed and so did the others.

You then thought that the best way to get back at him was to be like him so you replied dryly

“Oh…my bad…I didn’t knew you had time to plan a bingo night…”

His smile immediately disappeared and he seemed confused and said “What…?”

You raised your voice and said “Sorry! Sometimes I forget your an old man…I said I didn’t know you were planning a bingo night!”

“I know what you said!” He answered raising his voice back.

Taken back by what you had said he continued “Did you call me old man?”

You smirked and said “Well…that’s what you are, right?”

Seeing how you seemed confident in what you said made Negan dismissed everyone

“Alright! It’s enough for today…I think my little baby needs to take a nap…”

He grabbed your arm and took you to your room.


You flailed behind and said “Negan! I’m not a little baby, okay! I don’t need you dragging me like this!”

You freed your arm from him and he turned around to look you in the eyes.

“Fine…I guess you’re not a little baby anymore…you can walk to your room by yourself…go!”

He said pointing towards the direction, you reluctantly complied and he followed you.


Once at your room, he pushed you in and closed the door shut. It surprised you and you turned to look at him. 

Feeling like you had to tell him how you felt you continued “Negan, I just wanted to be part of the meeting…you didn’t have to say I was too young…I mean I know already but sometimes…”

He soften his expression and laughed and said “Sometimes…I can’t help it!”

He got closer to you and continued “I get it.. I’ll try and tone it down on the jokes…”

You smiled and he continued “But…You called me an old man out there…what was the point of that…”

You chuckled and answered him honestly “It was just to give you a taste of your own medicine…”

“Really…? So like that…I’m an old man…” he said in a questioning tone

Feeling the tension between you and him and seeing him somewhat angry, you felt bold him and pointed towards his features “Yeah…Look at you…you’ve got some grey in your beard and your hair…a few lines in your face…”

He grabbed you hand and sighed “I’m not an old man…If you call me old again-”

You cut him off with a playful look and said “What are you going to do about it? Old man?”

You got away from him and walked backwards towards the bed while laughing.

He was mad and walked towards you and said

“Alright! Looks like this old man is going teach you a lesson…and then we’ll see if i’m still old!”

He grabbed your arms roughly and kissed you while falling on the bed. It made you laugh and smile as you knew you were in for a long night.


“Look, you don’t have to bother being nice to me.”

“Good to know,” Mallory hid her smirk in a nod.  Tough kid.

“I mean, if you’re gonna kill me, just do it already.”  He’d snuck into the truck of supplies, he’d shot at them, he’d tried to wipe them all out in one go — he’d even hit a few before the bullets ran out and he was outgunned.  The whole Negan showing him around and giving him a nice escort (supposedly) back home was pointless if they were just gonna put a bullet in his brain by the end.

She sighed.  “I don’t know about your group over in Alexandria, but we don’t kill kids.”

“I’m not a kid.”

“Yeah, well, you’re not an adult yet either.”

Carl changed topics.  “You’re not one of Negan’s wives, are you?”

“Do I look like one?”  This time her smirk came out.

He smirked back.  “No, not really.”  She reminded him of Michonne: someone who watched constantly, but held her cards close and would sooner die than be another person’s plaything.  Someone who’d been out there just this side of too long.  “You’re important though.  High-ranking or whatever.  You got trusted with bringing me back.”

“So did the rest in this RV.”

“But you’re the one watching me…” he looked over the rings on her hand, wondered if any qualified as a wedding band - something Negan’s true wife might have.  “Negan trusts you.”

This was why Mallory didn’t like that Negan brought Carl over and showed him around.  He wasn’t just some kickass, ballsy, kid with one eye; he was smart and loyal to his father with a good read on people and situations.  Carl was the perfect potential spy.

“Negan doesn’t trust anyone,” she countered firmly.

The rest of the ride back to Alexandria was silent.

Based off the little I know of the Carl/Negan stuff in the comics and the idea that, well, no way these two wouldn’t meet if that happened, haha!  Also this is sorta a small, but important, piece for the future so…yeah…

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Negan fan fiction.

Working on part two of Negan and Bonnie. (When Negans wives are angry that they are no longer his wives cause he only wants you) send in ideas if you have any please. I will take them all into consideration! or requests in general are fine too. Just be patient please.
Part one is in the master list by the way.

I will write stories for:

👉🏼 Imagine being one of Negan’s wives and you kill the others, one by one. Until he catches you and punish you with rough sex.

👉🏼 Imagine Rick & Negan making a bet who can make you scream the loudest. The prize? You.

👉🏼 Imagine Jesus convince you to try blindfolds & feeling Jesus’ beard while he eats you out.

You still can send me requests for the other ones.

owtsydedbox asked:

Why does Negan need so many wives? Why isn't one woman enough? What if he ends up with a house full of pregnant wives? I am pretty sure that the people who have to earn their keep hate his wives. I would.

I think it just for the protection and their lack of ability(lazy bitchs not doing their part). Personally that’s what I think. I’d anoy me to. I don’t share. And maybe it’s Negan showing the others he’s the top dog in the game.

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Ivy has been forced into servitude as one of Negan’s wives. Will the group of strangers that show up at the gates be the key to her escape? (Daryl/OC)


“Storm’s gettin’ worse,” Daryl sighed as he slowed the truck to a crawl, barely able to see through the pounding rain. “We sure this ain’t a damn hurricane?”“Not like we can flip over…

Read more…

barbedbatting asked:

“Shit! Someone’s coming! Get in the closet, get in the closet!”

lips are puffy from the abuse while blue eyes are at war with dilation. his breathing catches in the back of his throat as he shoves the larger man towards him, fervent need to just touch, embrace this embodiment of bloodshed and claim it his own — at least for the night. he nears dangerously close, lingers around the others lips before the words summon him back to reality. and reality is bitter; he’s in a room with the man that won’t hesitate to take down HIS people, hears the approaching footsteps outside the door. “you fuck,” there’s a growl within his whisper; the last thing he needs is one of negan’s many wives catching hilltop’s recruiter with their big bad. but he does as he’s told, quietly conceals himself in the dimmed enclosure. he doesn’t even want to begin imagining the types of monsters that live in negan’s closet. there’s a soft exhale as he listens to the outside conversation. how did he end with negan–of all goddamn people, hidden in a damn closet with heat racing below his waist. more importantly, why did he keep returning?

anonymous asked:

Could I please request an imagine where the reader is one of Negan's wives and she cheats on him, so he offers her the normal deal: apologise and have your lover's face burned with an iron, or leave the group. But she truly cares about the guy she did it with so she opts to leave the group instead and Negan is totally taken aback and kinda hurt because he actually really likes her. Smutty or fluffy I don't mind and you can end it however :)

Ok I got it :)