Holiday Gift commissions are open.

If you couldn’t make it to a convention this year or it you’re looking for a holiday gift, I’m taking a very limited amount of commissions that will be delivered before Christmas.

All art is on 9x12" mixed media board. Prices start at $60 per character in grey marker and $80 per character in full color. if you’d like additional characters, props, backgrounds, etc. the price goes up from there. All orders will be billed an additional $10 for priority shipping and handling. International orders will include a extra cost based on location and are NOT guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

Please note that I don’t do anime characters, caricatures or likenesses. There are artists out there who can do those a lot better than I ever could.

You can email me at with questions and requests.

Fandom talk: The Negaverse is not an “opposite” or “mirror” dimension.

I think it’d be kinda fun to present and discuss fan-theories (because I’m big into discussing DWD stuff), so I thought I’d start with something that kinda irks me about some re-occurring comments I often hear about the Negaverse (and Negaduck, in turn).

My opinion: The Negaverse is not an “opposite world” where everyone is the complete mirror version of Darkwing’s universe. It is simply a parallel world where some core personality traits are different (but not all), therefore the characters are not complete opposites.

I feel Nega-Gosalyn and Negaduck themselves support this point. Negaduck is not a complete opposite of Darkwing. In fact, they share a lot of the same traits: Both are egotistical, like to put on a dramatic display, are both intelligent, and share similar fighting/combat skills.

If Negaduck were truly a complete opposite, he would be far more cowardly, unintelligent, with low self-esteem, and… well, basically completely different from Darkwing in every way. But even in the cartoon they’ve made a point of bringing up that both share the same egotistical personality traits (”What an ego! Have you seen anything like it?” - DW in “Going Nowhere Fast”.)

Then there’s Nega-Gos. Since Gosalyn is a protagonist, you’d expect her Nega-version to be an antagonist. But Nega-Gos goes in a completely different direction: She’s sugary sweet, hyper-feminine, and extremely obedient. I HAVE heard fan-theories that this is all a “ruse” and there is in fact a little budding psychopath beneath all the pink frills (which is possible) but the episode doesn’t really support or negate that possibility. Both Gosalyns are essentially “good”, but their core traits (feminine vs masculine) are different.

In fact, I’d argue that the only two characters that are “complete” opposites are Honker and Tank. They’ve essentially switched positions, which I felt was done for comedic effect, and they needed someone (Nega-Tank) to do some exposition for a very confused Darkwing. 

Then of course, there’s the Friendly Four who are all protagonists, but otherwise seem to have the exact same personalities as their counterparts.

I think the Negaverse is essentially just another universe that closely parallels Darkwing’s, but Negaduck has obviously taken over and turned it into his own run-down utopia and put the bad guys in charge. Not everyone in the Negaverse is “evil”, and not everyone is a mirror image. It’s simply one of many worlds where Darkwing’s (and everyone else’s) path went in a different direction. 

So, yes… that is my theory. DISCUSS??