Please, do not start or contribute to any Hannibal Season 4 crowd funding projects

There was one that has since been cancelled but there are people talking about starting their own. 

This is not helpful or productive. 

If you would like to use your money to help Hannibal, buy first hand official merch, DVD’s/ Blu Rays, OST’s, Funkos, and the Artbook. 

These Comics Absolutely Nail Why We Still Need Feminism

SOURCE– Huffington Post [full article here]

“Cartoons and humor make a good pair. Add a side of feminism and you get Rebecca Cohen’s spot-on illustrations.The cartoonist, who lives in Berkeley, Calif., spreads a feminist message on her Tumblr with illustrations that are both comedic and relatable.”


alexgmci asked:

Have you noticed how Taylor seems uncomfortable around Harry like in that TMZ video of them in the hotel lobby? I mean I was obviously not there, but she acts different around him than most. She doesn't like like talking about him either.

Do you think 1989 was written based around their relationship and only? A lot of people think “I Wish You Would” is about Joe because of the phone call from hell and “Wildest Dreams” for Conor because he is “so tall”. Also “Clean” for Jake because +  of the emotional impact he had on her (We’ve all heard “All Too Well”. I’ve read the secret messages, but some of the songs don’t fit right with their relationship.

Hello my love, I’m sorry I didn’t get to answer your question earlier, I always seem to get the questions that need sources etc on a Friday when I’m out but I’m here now and I am going to be taking your question bit by bit.

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Manga is the name used to refer to a popular comic art style developed in Japan, often sorted into two general categories; Shounen, the Japanese term for “detailed sneakers” and shoujo, the term for “illustrator’s diary in the margins”.