Monday selfie 😁

Woke up feeling better today. Yesterday I just felt sad and lonely (what’s new there ha) but I just need to keep working on loving myself and that being enough for me. To stop needing reassurance from outside sources, to give myself the love that I need. I’m a work in progress…

Onto today and sadly my family have come home today ha. I love em to bits but I love having the place to myself. Oh well ha. It’s a bank holiday here so I’m off work which is a nice change because it’s a paid holiday hehe. As the family are back I’m off out for a meal with them, what can I say, I can’t say no to free food 😋🙊.

Have a good Monday everyone and try and smile 😘😋.

Yeah so the other night when I went to a kickback that culminated in an extremely loud and angry fight about Tr*mp - the dude arguing in favor of him kept saying that because the women arguing against him had no sources on hand they were immediately wrong and finally I was like “so where are your fucking sources then” and he just stops and looks at me and I was like “bring up your fucking sources, it’s not fair to say we need to pull out sources for you to listen to us when you don’t have any of your own. Plus we’re all drinking, like who the fuck carries around political sources to a party just in case” and he got up and left and called a cab home. It was great.

Manga is the name used to refer to a popular comic art style developed in Japan, often sorted into two general categories; Shounen, the Japanese term for “detailed sneakers” and shoujo, the term for “illustrator’s diary in the margins”.