Needle Felted


Dropped off the radar for a bit, but I did make this eldritch insult to nature. Hit the play button if you love to watch wretched bastard creatures suffering!

This is is a stop motion I made with a needle felted shrew monster the size of a German Shepherd , as well as some plastic bugs, funyuns, and a payday bar. The worst candy bar.

I’ve been itching to make some needle felted dolls of the cute Junimo! This one is approx 8-10" tall from bottom to top of leaf and was made with a combination of polyfil and wool batt for the core, with corriedale and merino wool as top coat! This Junimo was created with a little poseability in mind, so it has a wire armature, making its legs and arms moveable.

Stardew Valley and Junimo belong to Concerned Ape
Art and photo belong to myself, Woolifox