Needle Felted


I’ve got the full lineup of dolls that’ll be available this weekend at the New York Faerie Festival ready and we are on the road to the land of Fae! If you’re in the area, definitely come check out this great event–I’d love to meet you guys! Find out more about Faerie Fest if you haven’t already!

I’ll be there with my work from 11-7 Friday, 6/23, through Sunday, 6/25

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Dropped off the radar for a bit, but I did make this eldritch insult to nature. Hit the play button if you love to watch wretched bastard creatures suffering!

This is is a stop motion I made with a needle felted shrew monster the size of a German Shepherd , as well as some plastic bugs, funyuns, and a payday bar. The worst candy bar.


I needle-felted a Spinosaurus! He’s a gift for one of my lecturers. He took around a week to make over the course of two or three months. I used a wire armature, so you can move him pretty much any way you want! I’m definitely thinking of taking commissions/setting up a shop once the academic year’s over.

When the weather improves, I’ll take him outside for a more naturalistic photo shoot.