Hello, everyone. 

Late last night/early this morning I had to rush my cat Edmond to the vet for emergency treatment to prevent organ failure (and subsequent death). Edmond’s condition is stabilizing, but he’s still under observation. I’ve been hit with a lot of bills and I need some help. 

Signal boosting and donations are much appreciated. 

If you want me to draw you something in exchange for your donation, I am more than happy to!

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So I’m asking you guys for help...

I’m completing an internship at a non-profit organization in Montgomery, AL this summer. The org is call Aid to Inmate Mothers (yes, I know the name is outdated) and our main goal is to help women who are in/have been to prison. We really attempt to foster mother-child relationship during incarceration as well as providing re-entry help to women leaving prison through case management and a re-entry home. We really do as much as we can with the resources we have. If you’re curious about all of the programs we do their website is inmatemoms.org

But, the financial situation here is getting pretty bad lately. We are severely underfunded and understaffed. Summer time is so difficult for the finances, and staying afloat has been difficult lately. 

If you would like to help us out or donate, go to gofund.me/inmatemoms. Or just signal boost! Alabama’s prison populations are so underserved, and it is difficult for prison non-profits to operate in our state. Any little bit helps. 


I really need help moving out.

I know no one is going to care at all but I seriously need a lot of help moving out. My mom is kicking me out. I wouldn’t have minded that except they already used my check for the month meaning I’m entirely penniless right now. They also don’t plan to give me my check, ever, unless I move out, except I CAN’T move out if I’m without money. As you can see, they like mentally messing with me as well. My family is incredibly abusive, insane, and yelled that it’s my own fault things went wrong in my life. I tried telling them it was their doing and had proof, but they bellowed “NO, IT’S ALL YOU.” They are unable to listen to reason. Today we had a huge explosive fight yet again when I tried to have a calm and polite conversation. My dad yelled that if my mom dies of a stroke this year, they’re going to blame me in front of everybody at her funeral. There are a ton more horrible things they’ve caused and said but I am unable to type it all out right now because I can’t stop crying. I’m sorry for how badly this is written, I can’t concentrate right now. If anyone wants to donate to help, my paypal is katlimeblood[@]gmail.com.

I have a really long way to go and so if you can signal boost this, please please do so more people will see. Just please help in some way. I’ve tried everything and it ended terribly. I tried to take my own check back, but that ended with my parents cutting me off from all outside contact with everybody. My only solid options right now are to run away and I need funds to do so safely. and I need to take my cats with me because I don’t want to leave them here with these people.

Enjoying a break in my work and i found an easy project to start while i’m waiting for my yarn to arrive. I have some white yarn left so i might try to do this little bunny ! (actually i’ve already started to knit it, though i don’t know when i’ll be able to actually finish it).

On another note, i’m really considering learning how to do crochet (do you say “how to crochet” or “how to do crochet” ? that’s a mystery to me). If anyone has advice on how to begin, where can i find good tutorials, or whatever comments there is to make about crochet, please share !

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hi there, I am taking emergency commissions in this style! I am also offering a couple YCH in this style! Any reblogs would really help me…

A couple of weeks ago I quit school for personal reasons. I’m dealing with some consequences of this and I must start paying to live at home with my family. I will be getting a job hopefully in the beginning of June, but for the time being I have no income.

I need money to be able to pay for transportation to work, food, and I’ll also be saving up for my classes when I return to school next Fall, and whatever other expenses I come across in the future.

Thank you for your time! ;v;

email me at iapnes.contact@hotmail.com

art blog: iapnes-art.tumblr.com