Tablet situation update.

It fucking WORKS NOW.

What I did: re-installed driver (repeat 5 time); rebooted the laptop (repeat 6 times); deinstall all the drivers (2 times); rip off hairs from my head (2 times); roar in frustration (over 40 times); yell cuss words like “fuck” (over 50 times (per minute)); find the cd from the tablet box (1 cd obtained); wait 20 minutes for driver to install; be angry (check! all the time); reboot the system for the last time (if you won’t work I SWEAR!…); check if pressure is working. It is; be angry again (cuz why the heck it didn’t worked the first time I did the same thing?)…

it did not worth the time and effort and anger and everything. (and the money it costs).

Now I need to lay down and deal with frustration and anger…


Donations, Please

So, I quit my job last month, and have been working at a new place, training as a printing press operator. While I am training, I am not making enough to pay my bills. Especially this coming month, because my car insurance is doubled up because of the policy expiring. So anything anyone can donate would be really appreciated.

Here is a link to paypal:

And if you want, you can download my music for free, or donate there, but preferably donate straight to paypal because bandcamp takes a cut.

But still, you can get some free music, either way. 

Please share if you can’t donate. Thanks!

This is me, seeking help.

First I have to thank Anna and Nicole (elqreco and turinqs respectively) for helping me get this underway. ♥ 

So some of you might have seen this rant the other day, and because of your responses and encouragement, I’ve decided to ask for donations. I want to try really hard not to paint a pitiful picture of myself, because I really am blessed, but I’ve realized I can’t do this on my own.

I’m an English major. I’ll be graduating next year, and I have 10K already in student loans–graduate school isn’t even underway yet. But so what? This is 2015, and every student has student loans. Unfortunately because of those loans, living is getting harder and harder. Finances stress me out and have on more than one occasion triggered depressive episodes, which can be treated successfully by a specific anti-depressant combination that, even generic, is still $200 a month.

This fall I have the most amazing opportunity to intern at a company in London, so I’ve been saving enough money to go and sustain me while I intern (non-paid internship), and now I can’t afford my medicine. Also, the final payment for going to London is due in a few weeks and I am still short of my goal.

I’m trying not to make this into a pity-party. I’ve been asking friends on facebook for help, but here’s the rub: my dad is a doctor, and he earns a lot of money. So people think I’m rich by proxy and I can just lean on my parents. What they don’t know is that my parents haven’t spoken to me in two years nor I to them–we’re basically estranged.

So this is me asking for help. If you can spare anything, I would really appreciate if you could help me out. A donate button can by found on the top bar of my blog and here. If you can’t donate money, please signal boost. ♥

Thanks for reading.


(P.S. My selfie game is very weak, yes? Yes.)

I Can’t Even...

I’ve just found out an hour ago that my little cousin, whom I have loved since his birth is fighting for his life. Right now I am begging for prayers for his recovery, I can’t do this alone. Whatever belief you have and even if it’s positive vibes, I am taking them to his benefit. I don’t even know what fully happened, right now I can’t even think. Thank you for reading this. *typing through tears*

Dirty Minds Think Alike (I need some help!)

Okay, so now that Model Behavior is complete, I thought I’d jump back into the Dirty Minds prompts. Unfortunately, I’m having issues coming up with ideas for certain images.

I’ve posted the images under the cut (since they’re NSFW) along with their numbers according to my Word doc.

If anyone wants to submit a prompt based on the images below, please do so! My ask box is open to everyone including anons.

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