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Help. I found these two little angels abandoned by their mother out in my backyard. They where in pretty bad condition and if not helped would of died. I’ve been taking care of them for the past couple if days, Bottle feeding them Krm milk and just keeping them well fed, warm and happy. But I cannot keep them so if anyone around the south Florida area would like to give these two little girls a home I would be forever grateful. They are the sweetest little girls and need a loving home to go to.

Thank you everyone who’s been spreading the word to find these two little rascals a home. They are the absolute sweetest and I would keep them if I could. I truly cannot express my gratitude towards you guys and just the tumblr community who’s listened and is trying to help. Hopefully soon these little girls find a loving home thanks to you guys. Again thank you for giving this simple post so many notes, i cannot express how happy i am you guys care.

PS. Please ignore my stupid smile and face lol :D

I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone. I long for that feeling to not feel at all.
—  Bring me the Horizon


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Pease Read! Please Help save my Family!

Im not sure how to do this but I try. Some of you know me fairly well, some of you know me a little, and some dont know me at all. I ask, no, I plead that you take your time to click the link below and read it whomever you are. It wont take that long, but it will mean everything to me and my family.

Some of you know or at least have a hunch that my living situation is very tough, Ive mentioned it but never told what it really is about. Ive been scared to share, felt ashamed, felt its my own fault, felt I should be strong enough to fix it myself. Somehow, in some way. But Ive tried everything, my whole family has tried everything but it keep failing and our strengh is running out. Ive never liked begging for help, it feel wrong to bother others. But things are spinning completely out of hand, my family is suffering badly for years and it only get worse and worse to the extent when I now fear for my parents lives. Thats why I have decided to tell you about our tough living situation, and to ask for your help. With my wonderful friend Anya Bosworth´s (AnyaBoz) help Ive opened a fund to try raise money for saving my family. Please take your time to read it. Thats all I ask.


!!! And if you want to but cant donate via the Fund, here is my paypal: 

I completely understand if you can´t donate, I understand that money is scarse for all of us. Dont feel bad if you can´t help in this way. Absolutely not. But there are other ways you can help if you want - by sharing this, or the link to the Fund, or tell your friends etc. I will post about this on Facebook, Deviantart, Tumblr and Instagram and if you can/want to spread it on any, some or all sites I will be forever grateful! I dont own any other accounts but if you do and want too, please spread it there. Anywhere is great and a insanely huge help to reach out as far as possible. Or if you know of another way go ahead and do that. Any way is a great way. Any form of help is the greatest help!

Here are all the links where to find it (click them);


On Facebook 

On Instagram

On Deviantart

I hope I havnt come across as pushy. Trust me the least I wanna do is bother you with our hardships, I dont wanna beg, but I simply dont know what to do anymore, Im desperate and this is my final resort, my last hope. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and consider it, it mean the world! I may not know you but I send you all my heartfelt thanks from the very bottom of my heart and soul.




Hi again guys,

Im here with some news, maybe small but at the very same time huge! I wanna thank you all SO much for the amazing support, I know the goal is far ahead but oh my world, we have reached over $2000!!! And even more actually because many people have donated directly to my paypal as well. Im just….  I never thought we would raise this much, not in my wildest dreams. And thats not all, so many people have written me, shared the fund, supported us with all their immense kindness, Im not one to cry, but since this fund got up Ive been all tears and emotions. Im grateful beyond words, my Tumblr post is flooded by shares, with the most wonderful words of support, people emai me, there are people holding auctions of their works for our sake, and offering drawings, and commissions and adopts for donating the money to us! I really… this is just… I cant even wrap my head around it. How you can be so kind!
And some days ago I saw my parents smile for the first time in… I cant even remember. You know those big, genuine smiles that reach the eyes. It was magical! And my mom was crying of happiness. To see them like this, with new strengh and hope, that is something so big and… just THANK YOU! Thank you all! I will never be able to thank you enough, not if I so kept thanking you for the rest of my life, this mean more that that, and I just dont know how I can express it, I wish I could send you my feelings.

And this above is not all, because Im thrilled to tell you that we have got our electricity and water back. The house is warm again!!! We have water!!! Our phone and washing machine broke in the electricity failure but its ok, cause we have light and we can cook and use the bathroom. And we can pay for it. With your help we can pay the electrican with no worries! And our spirits have risen and all of us now start to believe we CAN get through this. There will be a better future waiting if we keep fighting. Its not over. And this is because of you, you wonderful people out there that have bounded togheter to help saving us. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul! You are amazing, no, you are SO much MORE tha that, each and everyone of you. <3

Please help!!

Hello!! I have an emergency!!

A friend on vent who is a 17-year-old trans male, Miles, is in desperate need of an abortion. He has eating disorders and mental illnesses and is too weak to have a baby!! This parasite is killing him!!

Please!! Donate if you can or repost to help him out!! He only has $20 out of $500 goal and there’s 16 days left in the fundraiser!!

The link for the fundraiser is

Please donate or spread the word for Miles!!