28. June 1965 - Engagement of Princess Beatrix & Claus van Amsberg

On 28. June 1965 the engagement was announced of Claus von Amsberg and Princess Beatrix, after a report drawn up by Professor Louis de Jong at the government’s request had concluded that there were no concerns about his conduct during the Second World War. In autumn of the same year a bill consenting to the marriage was passed by the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament. On 10. December 1965 Claus von Amsberg became a Dutch citizen. 

“History may indeed conclude that my choice of husband was the best decision I ever made.” - Beatrix

Today this book arrived: Apocalyptic Witchcraft by Peter Grey. It’s a book that’s hard to define: you could call it a polemic text, calling for resistance against the present world situation with a mixture of witchcraft & radical politics (to paraphrase an FB acquaintance). It’s gaining traction at the moment, which is a very good thing. So without having started it yet I asked my witch charm oracle what I will learn from it. Compass says it will help me find my direction & also improve my practice. I (Witch) will get to know my dark side (Devil). These two lie at the North-East of the Compass which is the entry point, confirming I’ll move to a deeper level. Dagger pointing down to Acorn shows the destruction of the world that the book talks about, but also penetration into the Otherworld (Mushroom) & the growth that will follow. Manufica shows making a fist, but also hints at sexual liberation as the power behind such lifting of the veil.
Well! I was looking forward to this book, but now I really can’t wait to dive in!
If you care about your craft & the Earth, start by reading Peter Grey’s essay Rewilding Witchcraft. If you like what you read, order this book.

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