work update.

the memento book for the necronomicon providence is finished (and it’s absolutely beautiful thanks to the design skills of dim shore’s sam cowan.)
in the next week i’ll finally get back to work on THINKING HORROR volume 2 (which most certainly won’t be out by the conference but should be out shortly after.)
i’ve declined participation in a number of conferences (outside of the necronomicon providence) for health reasons but will probably be returning to semi-public life in late september.
WOULD BUT TIME AWAIT: AN ANTHOLOGY OF NEW ENGLAND FOLK HORROR is still coming but the work for the necronomicon + car crashes + health crashes has led to it being incredibly late, as well (but we’re still hoping for an autumn release.)
new keziah mason recordings are under way and i’ve had a few cassette labels try and solicit work so we’ll see what becomes of it.
the first of a series of chapbooks collecting my dreams will be available for sale, soon (hopefully at the necronomicon.)
there is an interview with me re: THINKING HORROR and philosophy in the new volume of ‘dead reckonings’ from hippocampus press (conducted by the erudite and delightful alex houstoun who has taken on senior editor status of the journal.)
(something about millipedes.)

I’m excited to share the poster for my new short film, Be Us. It will premiere at NecronomiCon Providence - a convention that explores the work of H.P. Lovecraft and that of his myriad literary and artistic offspring - on Saturday, August 19.

It’s been so exciting to see one of my best and most supportive friends, TJ Frizzi, try his hand at acting. His performance - on which the entire short hinges - exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to share his talents with everyone else.

TJ came to me with a simple yet intriguing concept for a short film that doubles as an acting reel. We wrote the script together, and before I knew it I was directing, editing, and composing the film. Be Us wouldn’t have been possible without Jordan Pacheco’s special effects makeup and Neil Guliano’s stark cinematography.

A man is interrogated after encountering an otherworldly being.

I’m super tired but HELLO wonderful people here I am (for now…)
I’m getting ready for NecronomiCon and just found out that one of my fellow panelists is a Bloodborne fanartist °0°!
Not sure if she has a DeviantArt or Tumblr account but I will check her art out for sure, I’ve seen a few pieces and they look great.
I am beyond hyped for this convention ♡w♡

Even if 9 hours on a plane are going to be a massive pain :/
BUT IT’S FOR THE SAKE OF LOVECRAFTIAN ART! And games! And books! And cool stuff!

rooibos with lavender and black pepper.
the dog is gnawing on a rubber moose that occasionally squeaks, plaintively, and the dry cold is causing some of the trees to crack, like rifle shots.
i’m drawing a hot bath so tomorrow’s planning meeting for the necronomicon providence 2017 will find me, like nixon, clean, rested, and ready for action.
jack katz’ ‘first kingdom’ remains one of the most incredible works in the field of comics that i have ever seen.
there are rose hips and tea leaves floating in the bath.  

text  :: heksenhaus


And of course, the whole reason we were in New England, the Necronomicon! Providence is a strange and ethereal place, especially at night (the only time we had a chance to do any sightseeing, and for Lovecraft fans I have to recommend it). We were able to see his grave, the home where his funeral was held, and wander up and down the streets of College Hill near Brown University (upon which the famed Miskatonic University was based), and see many of the houses he mentions in his stories, such as “The Shunned House,” “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward,” and “The Call of Cthulhu” among others. It was amazing to be able to put a clear picture in my head of all the places Lovecraft talks about in each of his stories, and I can’t wait to go back!

The first issue of the French Lovecraftian fanzine Nightgaunt featured a new Wilum Pugmire story called “Obscurity,” which I was given the opportunity to illustrate. This image was used in a slideshow during the 2015 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro, and the 5″x7″ original scratchboard was included in the Ars Necronomica show during NecronomiCon-Providence 2015, as well.

Findings from NecronomiCon

1. People travelled huge distances to attend
2. Lovecraft fans are generally better-dressed, better-socialised, and better-smelling than those at other sci fi cons.
3. I am capable of having a pleasant, sociable time without shagging anyone.

There she is, Miss Andromeda
There she is, your deepest fear
The dream of a million monsters who hunger for souls can come true
In Alpheratz City
For she may be the Queen of non-Euclidean geometry

There she is, Miss Andromeda
There she is, your deepest fear
With her flock of starspawn she’ll take your town by storm
With her all-Andromedan maw and form

And there she is
Walking through planes, she is
Most insatiable in the galaxy, she is
There she is - Miss Andromeda

Just came back from Necronomicon Providence! I made many drawings while listening to some great talks about cosmic horror.

This portrait of H.P. Lovecraft was one of the first scratchboards I made last year, and I was thrilled to have it used by NecronomiCon-Providence for their 2015 convention. Several people have asked about the original art- it was gifted to The Lovecraftian Arts & Sciences Council in Providence, Rhode Island, and it was last seen in their storefront at Providence Arcade, suite 105, 65 Weybosset St. Please inquire from those good folk about its availability.