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It’s really nice to see some other queer HPL fans. It’s always seemed like a white-cis-het fan base for so long.

I’m just now getting down to this nice note; sorry for the delay. Thanks for it, and in return I’ll share a few resources. 
    I’m not sure you and other followers have an interest in Lovecraft conferences and the like, but I was checking out the speaker page for this year’s gathering in RI (August 20-23), and it is more “diverse”–interpret that as you like–than I’ve seen a Lovecraftian guest speaker list in…well, ever. 

John Coulthart’s Wilbur Whateley

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Next weekend–not this coming one, the one after it–I’ll be attending NecronomiCon to lecture about everyone’s favorite paradoxical, reclusive french literary theorist (Maurice Blanchot, duh) and what little sense we can make of H. P. Lovecraft’s own work when studied in such a bizarre light.

In preparation, and in the desperate hope of offsetting a fraction of the costs of getting to Providence and having to pay for a hotel, I’ve put together the above: The Language of Lovecraft & Others: Essays. This is a collection of my better essays pertaining to Lovecraft. While it’ll be for sale at NecronomiCon, you can get your copy now (or whenever you happen to read this post, time is a funny matter on the internet) for $5 or a trade of your own work or some sort of enticing deal. To do so, simply send me an email.


Renowned artist John Coulthart is a special guest at NecronomiCon Providence 2015

John Coulthart, from LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS

Frequent Tachyon contributor John Coulthart celebrates H. P. Lovecraft’s 125th birthday as a special guest at NecronomiCon Providence 2015. His stunning and detailed works grace the pages and covers of THE MONSTROUS, LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK AND OTHER GROTESQUE VISIONS, THE GRAPHIC CANON, and many others.

John Coulthart. from THE MONSTROUS

Cover by John Coulthart

For more information about NecronomiCon Providence 2015, visit their site.

Art by Lee Moyer

For more on THE MONSTROUS, visit the Tachyon page.

For more information on LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, visit the Tachyon site.

There she is, Miss Andromeda
There she is, your deepest fear
The dream of a million monsters who hunger for souls can come true
In Alpheratz City
For she may be the Queen of non-Euclidean geometry

There she is, Miss Andromeda
There she is, your deepest fear
With her flock of starspawn she’ll take your town by storm
With her all-Andromedan maw and form

And there she is
Walking through planes, she is
Most insatiable in the galaxy, she is
There she is - Miss Andromeda

Just came back from Necronomicon Providence! I made many drawings while listening to some great talks about cosmic horror.


- understanding that no lines exist for panels means you can saunter into a panel whenever which is GLORIOUS

- first panel we hit was the small press publisher panel, which was great because…

- everyone stayed for the 2nd panel, about Tentacles… (making it the 2nd art panel I’ve gone to featuring artists without actually going to the Providence Art Club Show, ill fix that tomorrow)

- and then a number of women who attended both the above panels went to go speak at the Women And Lovecraft panel, where I learned about and saw Ann Schwader speak about her poetry and fiction.

- then while out on the merch floor I bought an Ann Schwader book from the Hippocampus Press publisher.

This idea of authors going to their publisher panel, then hanging around for a panel full of artists, then speaking as the poet laureate of the convention on a panel, after which I could go buy her work directly from her publisher, really hit me as a personal and intimate connection to the convention. It was great.

- hit the Ancient Rome and Lovecraft panel, which was a bit of a letdown since I really wanted to talk about The Empire as an Eldritch abomination but the panel was far more about a dream Lovecraft had once.

- ate dinner at a new foodie place showing Return of the Jedi on the bar TV and spent a solid hour dissecting it, again, with sourgrapesonline. I don’t think we’ll ever stop talking about Star Wars. Which is fine by me.

- they REALLY need to figure out if True Detective is Lovecraft or not.

This portrait of H.P. Lovecraft was one of the first scratchboards I made last year, and I was thrilled to have it used by NecronomiCon-Providence for their 2015 convention. Several people have asked about the original art- it was gifted to The Lovecraftian Arts & Sciences Council in Providence, Rhode Island, and it was last seen in their storefront at Providence Arcade, suite 105, 65 Weybosset St. Please inquire from those good folk about its availability.

I have the Geek Boy Disease

In a panel on Lovecraft’s literary influences, one of the speakers stammered over whether the thing under the house was killed with sulphuric or hydrochloric acid. The word “carbolic” sprang unbidden from my lips, but I managed to muffle it.

Yes, geek boy, you have a stunning command of minutiae. No, geek boy, you are not presenting the panel, so stow it.




- It’s extremely nice to have a convention in my hometown instead of Boston.

- Best Panel: the Miskatonic University podcast. I told everyone I was a first time Keeper as of last night and they all spontaneously applauded.

- Best Surprise: The panelists at the New Weird panel dropped at least 30 names of authors, but all agreed that Thomas Ligotti is a genius, which is great because I had never heard of him before.

- Got a shout out for my Welcome to Night Vale shirt. That was cool.

- The Call of Cthulhu one man show was a fantastic adaptation, so I picked up the performer’s book.

- Biggest Let Down So Far: the Armitage Symposium speakers seem to consist of people who’ve academically written something specific about Lovecraft, and people who’ve academically written something and finish up with “and you can see how this relates to Lovecraft, thank you.”

- Artists? Are cynical about being able to draw shit an author describes as “indescribable”.

- Someone really ought to let HBO know True Detective is a Lovecraft show, what with how often it was brought up.

- Not one mention of The Laundry…I’m wondering if *anyone else* is in this fandom.

- Everyone is extremely relaxed and cool at this thing, even by convention standards.

- Amount of Cosplay seen: none
- Amount of Outfits mistaken for Cosplay: 3.
- Amount of Outfits potentially actually Homestuck Cosplay: 1.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.