Since I’m going back to Uni in 6 days I thought I’d show you guys what’s in my backpack :)

I don’t really know the specific name of the backpack I’m using because my uncle gave it to me. I just have the basic necessities like: umbrella, notebooks, planner, pencil case, calculator, makeup bag, wallet, and coin purse.

Nothing extraordinary from my bag :)

Anw, wish me luck. Registration’s on Sunday and I’m really hoping I get all the subjects I need.


What I always pack in my BurlyQ bag:

  1. E-6000, the most hardcore of all hardcore glues, and toothpicks for applying.
  2. Hot glue gun (and spare sticks) for quick fixes.
  3. X-acto knife.
  4. Screwdriver for any feather fan acts.
  5. Spare ribbon and rhinestones.
  6. Body shimmer!
  7. Nude fishnets and nude thong for underneath (le duh).
  8. Spirit gum.
  9. All the makeup I own.
  10. Black character shoes.
  11. Tweezers.
  12. A tampon (someone is bound to need one in an emergency at some point, and she will love you forever if you have one).
  13. Bobby pins…so many bobby pins.



I couldn’t date a guy without an iPhone; I text mostly in emoji.
—  white woman, in Boulder, on dating criteria