@set-neph-evil-swag asked: “Can you please draw a picture of nephthys and set sleeping together(not smth. dirty)? I had this in mind since the askbox was closed and i can’t get it out. It’s not at all important so it'up to you. Thanks for being awesome. […]

This response to an askbox prompt ended up becoming more polished than I originally planned, but I suppose that’s what happens when I haven’t had an excuse to draw indulgent OTP fluff in nearly a year _(:’D/__)_ (it was a cute prompt okay I couldn’t resist)

Anyway, please enjoy some Set and Nephthys “sleeping together” (not in that way u guys amg pl s–). This can also be found on devART!

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hey, set. I have seen in some pictures (beautifully drawn btw) that you have a ring that matches nephthys's. and in a family portrait I saw that you were holding her. Do you love her?

((Thank you!! And oop– I assume this was meant for DEITIES blog? I’ll answer this here tho and reblog it there in a sec–
Also… you’re a perceptive one B'Db nice catch ))

SET: “What, you mean THIS–?”

“Yep, it’s my wedding band, and Nephthys has hers as well~ With that said…”

Well of course I love my wife. You didn’t really expect I’d admit otherwise, did you? I mean…”


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Finished some expression and hair practice with the Children of Nut (I think that’s the collective name for these four?? A friend and I have sorta nicknamed them The Quad tho oop– )! This was mostly intended as the former, but then I realized it’d also be a decent way to practice drawing how their hair falls around their face, without their regalia in the way.

This exercise was a fun and useful challenge though, and I’ll likely revisit them again when I’m more used to drawing these characters. o)9 Also decided to add some of my rambling extra notes under the cut, for anyone interested in the way these characters express themselves in the project!

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I’ve been told to research Nephthys/Nebt-het, haven’t felt her presence or been approached by her at all, so I’m kinda hmm? but I suspect some reasons and stuff, just, idk, we’ll see I guess

Anyone have any recommendations of sites/pdfs/articles/stuff where I can look into? Book are difficult for me to get because either I have to find what the book is called in portuguese, and hunt it down, or try to get it in english anyway, which isn’t a guarantee

I know about henadology, but idk where else to look to find about her. Going to look properly into this after work, but if anyone has any recommendations I’d be happy to hear ü

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Genderqueer and GLBTQ Netjeru


As a genderfunky and pansexual individual myself, I have a special interest in mythological figures who are also queer in some fashion. To my pleasant surprise, we have several Egyptian gods, or Netjeru, Who have some queerness in Them. This post is meant to be a brief introductions to the ones I know.

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Quick way to tell her apart from her twin (and undeniably more popular) sister, Isis. Is the goddess wearing a throne-shaped headdress? That’s Isis. Or does the headdress/symbol look like a stylised house with a basket-shape on top? That’s Nephthys.

However, just because she wasn’t noticed as much as the more prolific Set, Isis, and Osiris, doesn’t mean she wasn’t a badass. Like Isis, she had strong magical powers, and if you mess with any of the deceased she’s protecting, she might breathe fire at you. Mess with her charges, and you mess with a VERY angry Nephthys. The smoke behind her in the screenshot is her warning, and the only warning you’ll get…