Part 1:
Pictures from the final days of filming season 6 of White Collar! I can’t believe this show is coming to an end; it has seriously shaped my future in so many ways. I want to become a federal agent just like Peter Burke and I can honestly say it’s because of White Collar. Thank you for an amazing six years, but you will truly live on in every step I take towards my dream job. I can’t even express my love for Neal Caffrey and the person behind the character, Matt Bomer. He’s a beautiful spirit and a talented actor and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors as well as everyone from the cast. I love this show and I am really going to miss all of Neal and Peter’s adventures!


“I have a family that keeps me beyond grounded and I think we all look in the mirror and see our imperfections and know how painfully human and flawed we are, so it’s definitely not something that crosses my mind.” ~ Matt Bomer