Community parallels 3x16 and 4x3

I love Community. I love it for its epic Paintball and Dungeons & Dragons. I love it for its homages to Tarantino and Law & Order. I love it for its quirky meta humor and references to pop culture (many of which probably fly right over my head). I love it for its playful style. What other sitcom gives you a taste of anime, claymation, and 8-bit video games?

But at the end of the day and long after the final episode has aired, what I will carry with me are the beautiful characters. I will carry Abed, the detached observer who believed that his presence would only last as long as his usefulness, who discovered that someone was willing to open the metaphorical (or in the case of last night’s episode, literal) locker door.

This is some grade A storytelling here.


AU where the characters actually act like themselves and the writers stop fucking around in slut-shaming territory


This doesn’t work for me. From the minute I joined the study group I’ve been worried about how uptight I am, and how I’m no fun. And then I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit in here or hang with you guys, but you know what? Why don’t you ever ask yourselves whether you can hang with me? Why am I always the one that has to adapt? I’m sick of this crap! Enjoy your stupid dreamatorium!

Never has a character spoken to me more.