• nazi: it is my belief that people i dont view as fully human should be eradicated through any means necessary.
  • liberal: well thats just their opinion
  • me: its my opinion that nazis should be eradicated through any means necessary before they openly murder the most marginalized of people.
  • liberal: woah thats not okay. its just their opinion.
  • me: u do realize this is just my opinion right. or does that argument only hold up when youre defending nazis.
  • nazi: i want to silence the exploited and the marginalized for good. i do not want them to be able to speak. i do not want them to have a voice. i do not want them to be able to think or vocalize things because i want to kill them, and am working very hard to kill them all.
  • voltaire: i may not agree with what you say but i will defend to the death your ability to rally other nazis to murder the exploited, so where do i sign up to be a nazi?

cant tell if it’s really liberals funding “compensation” money for the neo-nazi who got punched or if it’s just neo-nazis posing at liberals because they know liberals will support them due to the fact that they were never the enemy of nazis … bcuz liberals don’t care about the very real threat of fascist violence neo-nazis support and work towards achieving. 


White people all over America go nuts these days. Alt-Right Neo-Nazis convene their conference in DC where they greet each other with Nazi Salute.
These people knowingly speak German, use Nazi gestures and rhetoric. I am sure the media will tell you the alt-right has strong opinions and will ask you not to overreact… 

But I guess it’s time to stop calling them the alt-right. They are neo-nazi/white supremacists.

Don’t be silent.

again would like to remind you when i say liberal i mean BOTH democrats and republicans. and yes there are nazi supporting democrats. there are democrats who approve of state sanctioned violence. and i refuse to change my wording because it is correct.

rly hate the passé way some leftist bloggers who don’t face direct threat from nazis are treating nazism on here… (bloggers who are both white and not part of an ethnic or religious group that is frequently a violent target)

like that post “I remember when I used to see zero swastikas, the normal amount of swastikas one would expect” being shared by ppl who’ve never actually feared nazism in their life really feels like a punch in the gut to me. we are certainly seeing more swastikas now. but as a Jew I’m hard pressed to remember one or two consecutive years in my life where I DIDN’T see a swastika somewhere directed at a Jewish congregation or neighborhood or just somewhere in public because I’m hyperaware of nazi iconography. 

like… reblog what you want but there’s a reason that you’ve seen zero swastikas in the past and this is the first time you’re visibly aware of a rising level of nazism. it’s because you’re not the people who are devastated and grieving about this. if the only time you’ve ever been afraid of nazis making you a target is when you’ve been out organizing with other far leftists, you don’t know what it’s like to be afraid of nazis targeting you for your personhood. if when you take off your black face mask and put down your anarchist signs you are no longer afraid that a nazi will single you out and try to hurt you, your humor shouldn’t be that flippant.

also posts like “no platform for nazis” “lynch all nazis” are a penny a piece now, but some of the leftists making them aren’t engaging with more specific conversations being started by vulnerable targets of fascism at all. sure, you’re making statements that are correct but ….idc? corny ass communist blogs whose owners have never had personal reason to feel threatened by nazis outside of leftist organizing are constantly making these one liner posts and forgive me but it seems like they view “kill all nazis” as a glorified tough commie thing to say and nothing more. your black and red vanguard aesthetic blog (lol) is not super impressive to me when you’re saying things like “we should stop giving nazis a platform just like we did with [another hated group]” as though they’re revolutionary ideas when … that’s something you should have realized from the start. we shouldn’t be Just Now coming to that conclusion.