I remember back in high school (yes, a very long time ago) a history teacher was telling us about nazi Germany, and he assured us that sort of insanity could not happen here in the USA, because our government was designed to prevent that.

I’m not necessarily saying that it’s happening NOW, but even if it isn’t, I think what is happening is proof enough that it COULD happen here.

i dont think i would call it funny, but something i find interesting about alt-right and nazis is the fashion thing

like, the SS uniforms were designer.  literally designer fashion.  Designed by Hugo Boss

and now the media is calling attention to Alt-Right being fashionable.  Like that somehow makes what they stand for and believe in better??

The year is 1933...

Hitler was just appointed chancellor of the German state, but has not yet revoked civil liberties and taken full control of the nation.
You are an average citizen, working class, no political connections or talents, but you have full knowledge of the events that will unfold over the next 12 years in broad terms. You know about the Holocaust, WWII, all of it.

You stand in the streets of Berlin. What do you do to stop the coming maelstrom about to swallow your country and world?

Because that’s where I am in the US in 2016 and I could use the advice.