When I walked down the hall… with tears in my eyes, PROUD TEARS, tears of joy and relief at the same time. Walking towards a gravitational pull running full force at me, I could have collapsed. Honey, there are no words to describe how I felt in that moment. Our bodies finally touching after all of that time, your arms felt different, your body seemed wider and thicker, your hands a little rougher, your face very shaggy-like but with my eyes closed I would always know it’s you. You’ve gained weight, I was literally swallowed by your hug and then real tears came down. Tears that told the story of how much I missed you, trying to hide my face was foolish because you already knew I was crying. Trying to wipe my tears and pose for a picture at the same time turned out to be a task, lol. “It’s okay, we’re good. I love you. Baby, stop crying…” all the while holding me so close I could barely breathe. I couldn’t help it though. Memories I would have for life were being made and I was overwhelmed. I knew I had missed you but I had no idea how much until I saw you again. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” if I don’t believe anything else, I believe that for sure. It just felt so good. Everything we talk about, every kiss, every embrace, everything is perfect. Even though you’re leaving again in just 5 hours, I know that everything is falling into place. I miss you so much right now but even more that that, I am so proud of you!!!!! The man that you are I couldn’t have dreamed of on my own, you’re an actual blessing. I cannot express how grateful I am to have you and this life we’re beginning. I love you Ri. 😂😚 


I had this breaks down and cries moment but today everything seems so nice. I’m really glad I’m not still feeling miserable. In two months I get to see my sailor at his PIR!! Maybe i should be looking for a job so that I can afford the trip lol 

In non-milso news, after crashing 3 classes I FINALLY got one. Fuck yeah. It opens my schedule up for a math class which I also need to add (annnnnd gives me fridays off so i can see my sailor when the time comes :33333). I’m so excited.