When I walked down the hall… with tears in my eyes, PROUD TEARS, tears of joy and relief at the same time. Walking towards a gravitational pull running full force at me, I could have collapsed. Honey, there are no words to describe how I felt in that moment. Our bodies finally touching after all of that time, your arms felt different, your body seemed wider and thicker, your hands a little rougher, your face very shaggy-like but with my eyes closed I would always know it’s you. You’ve gained weight, I was literally swallowed by your hug and then real tears came down. Tears that told the story of how much I missed you, trying to hide my face was foolish because you already knew I was crying. Trying to wipe my tears and pose for a picture at the same time turned out to be a task, lol. “It’s okay, we’re good. I love you. Baby, stop crying…” all the while holding me so close I could barely breathe. I couldn’t help it though. Memories I would have for life were being made and I was overwhelmed. I knew I had missed you but I had no idea how much until I saw you again. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” if I don’t believe anything else, I believe that for sure. It just felt so good. Everything we talk about, every kiss, every embrace, everything is perfect. Even though you’re leaving again in just 5 hours, I know that everything is falling into place. I miss you so much right now but even more that that, I am so proud of you!!!!! The man that you are I couldn’t have dreamed of on my own, you’re an actual blessing. I cannot express how grateful I am to have you and this life we’re beginning. I love you Ri. 😂😚 


I had this breaks down and cries moment but today everything seems so nice. I’m really glad I’m not still feeling miserable. In two months I get to see my sailor at his PIR!! Maybe i should be looking for a job so that I can afford the trip lol 

In non-milso news, after crashing 3 classes I FINALLY got one. Fuck yeah. It opens my schedule up for a math class which I also need to add (annnnnd gives me fridays off so i can see my sailor when the time comes :33333). I’m so excited. 

Facts to know about Indo-Pakistan War of 1965

Facts to know about Indo-Pakistan War of 1965

The second Indo- Pak war in 1965 was started by the Pakistani Army. The war took place after Pakistan launched a covert operation across the ceasefire line in Kashmir. Pakistan attacked first by occupying the Kanjarkot area in Kutch. It subsequently opened new areas of war in Jammu and Kashmir. The war ended with UN intervention with both sides moving back to pre-war positions.

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