Imagine you and Chris returning home.

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You and Chris spent four weeks in Italy for your honeymoon, the word ‘amazing’ couldn’t even begin to describe the time you had there with your husband. You started your trip with six days in Milan where you stayed at Hotel Principe Di Savoia, a very luxurious and classical Italian hotel. your plane landed around 1:25PM local time, but seeing as it was 4:26AM U.S. time- the jet lag kicked your ass. You had a pretty terrible time on the flight; you didn’t sleep well and you threw up twice, so as soon as you could check in- you did and caught up on some much needed rest.

The two of you did end up going out after you woke up; you had dinner at a lovely little place near the Navigli District then took a moonlit stroll, capturing memories you’d treasure for the rest of your lives by the Naviglio Grande canal. The days after that you traveled to all the tourist hotspots: Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle, Brera, Teatro Alla Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Planetario di Milano, Piazza Mercanti. Both you and Chris took a lot of photos which you bombarded your friends and families with in the group chats you had with them.

After Milan was Verona, which you’d only wanted to go because it was where William Shakespeare placed Romeo and Juliet. It was also where one of your favorite Rom-Coms was filmed; ‘Letters to Juliet’, a film you’ve made Chris watch with you on numerous occasions. You even wrote a letter to Juliet like every girl who’d stopped by her wall. You didn’t ask for help because you had everything you needed with Chris, you just wrote to her your beliefs; true love did exist and it was something worth dying for. While you were writing your letter, Chris took a photo of you and tweeted it out with the caption: “my hopeless romantic.” It quickly went viral, much like the few photos the two of you, and some of your friends and families shared from your wedding; all approved by the bride and groom. Chris wasn’t one to share his personal life, but he couldn’t help himself at that moment. You looked so beautiful and so at peace with yourself, doing what you loved best; he had to share that with the world.

Venice was your next stop: you experienced the gondolas, you toured the Venetian masters of art, you listened to well-played Vivaldi, you ate traditional Venetian foods, you even had the best gelato in the city at Boutique Del Gelato- according to Timeout. The two of you moved onto Florence after and indulged yourselves in Renaissance Art. It was pretty breath taking to be up close and personal with art pieces you’d only ever read about or seen in pictures. You saw Michelangelo’s David which wasn’t originally on your bucket list, but was checked off anyway. You wondered if this meant you were now one of the women in T.S Elliot’s ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, talking of Michelangelo. Chris laughed at you when you asked him that, calling you an “English nerd.”

You stopped at Pisa next, checking out the Leaning Tower as well as having pizza in Pisa. You thought that was funny, and Chris laughed but only because he thought you were adorable. You also visited The Knights’ Square where Geoffrey Chaucer’s 'A Knight’s Tale’ came to mind, you kept that to yourself so you wouldn’t get another English nerd comment though Chris knew you were thinking it. You were also a bit of a History nerd which was why you’d planned for the two of you to visit Naples and Pompeii. You saw Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that killed more than 16,000 people in 79 AD. You did a History report on it when you were in high school and it had always been a place you wanted to go after. You heart ached when you visited the ruins in Pompeii, the grief could be felt even 1,931 years later.

The last place you and Chris went to was Rome as it was the place you wanted your honeymoon to end. You stayed at Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resort; the most expensive lodging location of the entire trip. You kept things quite simple when it came to hotels while planning, even if it was a nice hotel- you opted for the reasonably priced rooms as you just needed somewhere to sleep. But with Rome- because you were spending the longest time there and had plans to relax in the hotel itself, Chris made you get a suite even though you thought it was unnecessary. It was a fantastic experience that you were incredibly grateful for. With the planetarium suite, you had your own private roof garden with a jacuzzi overlooking St. Peter’s Basilica. You couldn’t use the jacuzzi or drink Moscato because you were pregnant, but you had a nice time soaking your feet while having iced tea.

While in Rome, you visited the Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and of course- The Spanish Steps. It came as no surprise when Ava and Sebastian received a disgustingly sweet kiss picture from there. They sent a mock one back from Denver, where they were because Sebastian had a friend he needed to visit. They ended up staying an extra week so they could have a little getaway themselves and would return to Los Angeles around the same time as you and Chris did from Rome. They were coming to spend some time catching up with the two of you, as well as help with the wedding gifts and 'thank you’ cards before the holidays rolled around  and they were needed in New York and London to see their families. You were pretty excited to catch up with them, especially after they texted that they had something important to tell the both of you.

“Hello hello,” you heard Ava and Sebastian’s voices come through the front door and you and Dodger ran out from the kitchen to meet them. “Oh my God.” Ava laughed when you threw your arms around her, and Sebastian laughed when Dodger pounced on him. “Jesus Christ, woman.” She chuckled, hugging you back. “Slow your roll, poor Jack’s in there probably throwing up.”

“Oh, he’ll manage.” You rubbed your belly, which was still fairly unnoticeable at seventeen weeks which your mom said was normal because she was the same. “He made me throw up a lot during our trip in Italy,” you told her as you shared a hug with Sebastian. “Believe me, you’ll want to be one of the lucky ladies who don’t suffer from nausea when they’re pregnant. Chris is out back,” you told them as you started making your way towards the deck doors; Dodger had already sprinted outside upon hearing Chris’ name. “We’re having a barbecue 'cause I’m craving steak. We’ve also got some gifts for the two of you from Italy, so I hope you brought something from Denver.”

Sebastian took Ava’s hand as they followed you with bit back smiles. They had amazing news that they couldn’t wait to share with the two of you and it had a lot to do with them bringing something back from Denver, except this something was it wasn’t going to be here for another seven months.

“Hey,” Chris held his beer up, teasingly toasting them, “the future Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Stan.” They chuckled and walked over to exchange hugs while you sat at the table. “Can I grab the two of you something to drink? Seb, a beer?” Chris asked and Sebastian nodded, he then turned to Ava. “Do you want a beer, or do you want some of Y/N’s Moscato? I think we’ve got a bottle chilling in the fridge that we’d appreciate if you finish it off tonight.”

“It would be very much appreciated, yes,” you chuckled, “it’s sitting in there being very temptable.”

“No, I actually can’t drink,” Ava told the two of you with a smile that neither of you registered. She told Sebastian she needed to spell it out for the two of you, but he disagreed. She looked over at him with a smug smile that told him he was very wrong.

“Why? Are you the designated driver tonight?” You asked and Sebastian snickered. “What?” You turned to him and he burst out laughing, which confused you even more. “What’s so fu-” Your jaw dropped when you realized what Ava meant. “No!” You jumped to your feet with a gasp. It was at this point that Chris figured it out too, turning to Sebastian with a joyous grin. “You guys are pregnant?!” Ava and Sebastian nodded, chuckling. “OH MY GOD!” You ran over to give her another tight hug.

“Daddy Sea Bass,” Chris hugged Sebastian. “Mackie said that when you told him, right?”

“You guys are the first people we’ve told, not even our parents know yet.” Sebastian told Chris and Chris smiled, feeling incredibly touched by the honor. “We actually um- we just found out ourselves in Denver. A couple weeks before the wedding, we had a feeling she was but we didn’t want to take the attention away from the two of you.”

“You guys are the best,” you chuckled, squeezing Ava’s elbow when you pulled away. “How far along are the two of you? And- was this planned?” You asked and Ava nodded. “Really? I thought you didn’t want a child until you were like twenty-six, we always said that was the golden age.”

“We also always said we wanted our kids to grow up together,” she reminded you and you felt your eyes water. “We figured why wait when we’re getting married and our best friends are carrying their first child?”

“Stop it, you,” you playfully slapped her arm and she laughed.

“And to answer your earlier question, we’re seven weeks,” she told you. “So Jack will be a little older than our peanut.” Sebastian smiled when she said that 'cause he’d come up with that as he did love his peanut butter. “But,” she placed her hand over her belly and you felt yourself smoothing your hand over your belly, “I think they’re going to get along just fine.”

“Yeah,” you nodded in agreement, looking over at Chris and Sebastian with a wide grin. You couldn’t believe your best friends were going to become parents too. This was the kind of life goal one rarely accomplished, to be able to raise children with your best friends. You were ecstatic; Jack was going to have a best friend. “I think so too.”

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Part 2

Is this Happening? Chapter 7

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


Chapter 7: Paparazzi

Your POV

I woke up to the vibrating sounds of notifications from my phone. Memories of last night and the morning flooded back as I laid in bed, taking it in. 

Italy. Milan. I’m in Italy. Harry FLEW me to Italy.

I turned over on the California king size bed to see Madeline holding a body pillow, sleeping peacefully. I scanned the huge suite that Harry reserved for us for the weekend, it was beautiful. Classic luxurious. Madeline and I were so tired, that even though we slept on the plane, we were still jet lagged, so we we came back to the room and just crashed after we had breakfast with Niall and Harry.

I grabbed my phone from the side table.
6pm. Holy shit. We’ve been knocked out for six hours.

I had 10 unread text messages and 5 missed calls. Crap.

A few messages were from Ollie, crap I should probably tell him I’m not in the country, he’s probably freaking out.

Me: Hey Ollie, sorry I haven’t answered you! Madeline and I spontaneously went to Milan for the weekend, I won’t be back until Monday night so take notes for me okay? You’re the best!

A few messages were from Harry trying to wake me up, and one from my father. 

Dad: Call me back, as soon as possible. 


I looked at my missed calls:

  • Oliver Grant
  • Harry Styles (3)
  • Father

I climbed out of bed and went into the living room so that I wouldn’t wake up Madeline. After a couple rings, my dad finally picked up.

Me: Hi Dad, what’s going on?

Dad: I’m glad you called me back, your mother and I miss you and want to come visit. 

Me: I miss you both too. When are you planning to come? Because to be honest, I’m in Milan for the weekend…

Dad: What? Since when? What about school? Why?

Me: Dad, one question at a time. Calm down. I got in this morning, after I took my midterms. It was a surprise trip from a friend… Madeline is with me, don’t worry.

Dad: Which friend? Well… As long as you’re safe. Your mother and I are flying to L.A. this week for a few meetings, but we want to come to New York after and see you.

Me: That sounds great. Anyways, I have to get ready. See you next week, send my love to Mom okay? Love you!

Dad: Be safe. See you next week.

Madeline came out of the room yawning, and stretching her arms in the air.

“Who was that?” She asked in a sleepy voice.

“My parents are coming to New York next week…”

Madeline woke up immediately, “What? Really? Why?”

“They didn’t say why other than the fact that they miss me… But knowing my dad, I know it’s about something else and he won’t tell me over the phone, he’ll just drop whatever bomb he has in person…” 

“Don’t worry about it much, let’s just have fun this weekend! I can’t believe it’s almost 6:30 at night! Have you heard anything from Harry?”

“Oh shit! I didn’t even check his texts yet and he called me three times.” My heart raced a little as I clicked on his text box.

Harry: Good afternoon!
Harry: Did you know that koalas sleep 18-22 hours a day?
Harry: Y/N!
Harry: BOO! WAKE UP!
Harry: We should be done by 7, be ready for us to pick you up by 7:30.

I bursts out into laughter when I saw his texts.

Me: I’m not a koala! I’m just jet lagged! :P That’s different! And yes, we will try to be ready by 7:30… We just woke up!

I told Madeline that we were being picked up in an hour. Her eyes grew and she ran in the bathroom to take a shower.

- - - - -

“Y/N! Madeline! We’re so glad you’re here!” Perrie said as we climbed into the van, I noticed that their security was going to be following us.

We said Hi to everyone, and settled in our seats, Harry was driving and Niall was in the passenger seat in front.

“This is my amazing girlfriend, Eleanor!” Louis introduced us as she waved.

“Hi! I’m Madeline! Oh my gosh! I’ve always wanted to meet you!” Madeline said as she shook Eleanor’s hand.

“I’m Y/N! Nice to meet you!” I loved Eleanor too, both Madeline and I think she’s so pretty and perfect for Louis.

“Ladies! Are you ready for a night at the Naviglio Grande?” Niall asked as we settled into the van, which I now realized we only fit because Sophia, Eleanor, and Perrie were all in their boyfriend’s lap. 10 people in one van. This night is going to be one to remember.

- - - - - -

We all walked along the Naviglio Grande, which is a large river in Milan with restaurants, bars, and stores all along it. The guys had reserved us a table to eat on a nice boat, which ran along the river. 

As we ate dinner, we all talked and laughed and finished off 5 bottles of wine.

After two hours on the river, we were all tipsy and wanted off the boat. Zayn, Liam and Louis hinted that they wanted to spend some alone time with their girlfriends, so we all agreed to split up until midnight, which gave us about an hour and a half. 

Harry and Naill accompanied Madeline and I as we strolled along the streets of Milan. I saw that a silent, black and white film was being shown against the side of a building.

“Oh wow… I want to watch that.” I said as I gazed up at the big picture showing.

Niall and Madeline sat down on a bench and talked about a YouTube star that Niall loved and kept bragging about, since she covered a lot of their videos, and was trying to load some to show Madeline.

Harry took my hand in his, “Come on. I want to show you something.”

Harry took me to the side of a building and pulled down the metal stairs that was half hanging.

“Harry! What are you doing? Are you crazy?” I asked as I looked at him with wide eyes.

“Just about you!” He teased, “Do you trust me?” He said as he held out his hand.

I hesitated for a second, and then grabbed his hand.

About five minutes later we were at the top of the building, Harry guided me to the far side and pointed across the street.


And sure enough we had a perfect view of the silent movie. 

“Wow this is amazing,” I said as I scanned the city’s skyline, “I can’t believe I’m here… with you.” I exhaled.

“What do you mean you can’t believe you’re here with me?” Harry turned to look at me.

“Not in a bad way, it’s just crazy. I never thought that I would be in this position. Hanging out with you! One Direction! In Italy! It feels surreal… But in a good way.” I explained as I took a step closer to him.

Harry took a deep breathe, “I missed you. And it’s crazy because I just met you not even two weeks ago, and you’re the only thing I think about. I didn’t want to go another week without seeing you, so I decided to bring you to me. Of course I knew to wait until you finished midterms.” He put his arms around me and kissed the top of my forehead.

“Well I’m glad you did.” I pulled back and gave a sly smile, “I mean I guess I missed you…” I joked and poked his left dimple. 

The next thing I knew Harry planted a light kiss on my lips, he turned me around so I could watch the movie and put one arm around my waist. 

“So what do you want to do after you finish school?” He asked me after 15 minutes of watching the movie, playing footies, messing with my hair and joking around with me.

“I’m not sure yet. My dad wants me to do one thing, but I want to do another, my mom suggested I do both but I know I wouldn’t enjoy my life if I do both.” I trailed off, not sure if I wanted to let Harry know anything yet.

“And how about your tour? Are you excited? Back to back tours! That must be intense.”

“Yeah it’s a lot of work, flying from here to there, and all over constantly. I miss my sister a lot, she’s my best friend. I miss my mum and stepdad. I’m kind of glad that we get to spend some times with our families near Christmas.”

“Yeah well that’s good. That’s two months away, not too long.” I lightly squeezed his hand.

“Hey so tomorrow night, I’m going to take you out, just you and me.” He told me as he we headed back across the building.

“But Madeline…”

“Is going to hang out with Niall.” Harry winked at me, “He probably already told her.”

I wanted to kiss Harry, right here on this rooftop. So right before he took a step on the metal staircase, I lightly pulled his hand and pulled him towards me.

I looked up into his eyes and he leaned down, when our lips touch, fireworks went off inside me. The kiss was slow and passionate. Harry’s hand came up to the side of my face and slid his fingers into my hair, as my hands came up to his chest. His lips were cold but soft, and as his tongue slipped inside my mouth, I could taste the red wine that he was drinking earlier. I felt light headed, as if I was getting drunk on his lips, I didn’t want him to stop kissing me.

Harry let out a soft moan, and his hands slowly slid down the side of body and then around me. I felt him smile and then suddenly dipping me down, and continued kissing me like they do in the movies. It was exhilarating, shivers were sent down but spine, but then we both started laughing, and he pulled me back up.

“Y/N, I have never felt this way about anyone before.” He admitted as he kissed my forehead.

“I haven’t either.” I said quietly.

“I want to be honest with you now. The last few girls I dated, they didn’t end so well, I mean I’m friends with some now, but I never felt the spark with them like I do with you, that’s why my previous relationships only lasted a few months. I didn’t find them worth the trouble of making long distance work.” He explained to me.

“Really? I always wanted to know why you it ended with Taylor and Cara… and Kendall… which is funny because I like really liked you and Kendall.” I started rambling.

“What? Wow really… weird. But no, I realized that we were better off as friends. But I don’t want talk about them. I like you, a lot Y/N.“ 

As we walked back to the van, Harry held my hand in his. Niall and Madeline came up next to us.

“Where did you guys disappear too?” Madeline asked with a teasing tone. But before I could answer we were bombarded with paparazzi and fans.

Harry and Niall didn’t want to be rude, and of course they love their fans, so they took pictures and signed a few autographs. Ten minutes later Harry’s phone went off, I’m assuming it was one of the other guys wonder where we are, Harry quickly apologized and said we will be there soon.

Paparazzi kept asking Harry and Niall who Madeline and I were, and they kept snapping pictures left and right. We all just remained quiet and continued walking.

As we approached the van, the others were waiting outside for us, and the paparazzi started having a field day, snapping pictures of all of us loading into the van.

Liam chuckled, “So this is why you guys were late.”

“Yeah mate, there were fans and we didn’t want to just run, so we took a few pictures. Then pap kept following us.” Niall explained.

“Oh well let’s go back to the hotel, you girls can join us in our suite and hang out.” Louis suggested as he held Eleanor in his lap.

- - - - - - - - 

The guys’ suite was down the hall from ours and it was twice the size of ours, with 2 bedrooms.

“Shit.” Harry said as he looked at his phone.

“What is it Harry?” Zayn asked as he took off his coat.

“Pictures are already every where.” He showed Zayn.

Everyone began to take out their phones and scroll through the internet.

“Y/N, oh my god!” Madeline exclaimed as she pulled me to her side.

“Oh, fuck me.” I said as I covered my mouth, looking down to see a picture of me and Harry kissing on the rooftop and saw the article titles. My head started to spin.

  • Who’s Harry Styles’ mystery girl? Is she the same girl from New York?
  • Harry Styles and his new fling Kissing in Italy!
  • Does Harry Styles’ have a new girlfriend?
  • What does Taylor and Kendall think of Harry Styles’ new girlfriend?

“What? What is it?! What’s wrong?” Everyone asked as they started coming towards us. Harry took Madeline’s phone from my hand.

“Damn it, Y/N! I’m so sorry.” He apologized as he scrolled through the articles, he looked frustrated.

“NICE KISS!” Louis started laughing.

“OOOOOOoooo…” Perre, Sophia, and Eleanor chanted as they looked at all the pictures.

“How come you’ve never kissed me like that Harry?” Louis joked.

“Shut up Lou.” Harry punched him lightly.

I covered my face in complete embarrassment. Harry took my hand and pulled me to the side.

“Y/N. I’m so sorry. I know this a lot for you… I’m so so sorry.”

“Harry it’s okay. Really. I just- How the heck did someone take that picture? We were on the roof!” I felt my face turning red.

“Well it seems like they were in the building across or something, because the picture looks zoomed in…” Liam said.

“Sorry Y/N,” Niall began, “Welcome to life with One Direction: constant paparazzi, crazy awesome fans, and weird rumors.”

“Well first off, you’re not just a fling, understand that. Two, I’m going to keep quiet and not say anything about you until…” Harry trailed off.

“Until we figure out what this is…” I whispered so no one else could hear. 

Harry nodded, “We can talk about it tomorrow, okay?” Harry kissed my forehead and guided me back in the living room.

“OKAY! Everyone! Phones on the table.Screw the media tonight. Whoever touches their phone first before the night is over is buying everyone dinner tomorrow.” Niall said as he put his phone on the table.

We all just wanted to have fun tonight, so we all put our phones on silent and placed them on the table.

“What if the manager comes looking for us?” Liam said as he placed his phone down.

“He is downstairs. If it’s that important he will come to us.” Zayn said nonchalantly.

The guys pulled out a case of beer, two bottles of vodka, and soda.

“I am the Master at Mario Kart.” I said as I looked through their game collection.

“WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! EXCUSE YOU?” All the guys said at the same time.

“She really is though, I bet money on it.” Madeline said proudly as she sat down next to me.

“I challenge you, right here, right now.” Niall put his finger down on the table.

“ME TOO.” Harry raised his hand in the air like a child.

“I am the best one out of all these guys… So…” Louis said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“WHATEVER! SHUT UP! I AM!” All the guys said and pushed Louis.

“I dare you guys to play drunk Mario Kart, that would definitely determine who’s champ.” Perrie joked as she took a sip of beer.

“DEAL.” All four of us said at the same time.

“Okay let’s play King’s cup!” Madeline suggested.

“What’s that?” They all asked.

“An american college drinking game, I need a deck of cards and everyone needs a drink in their hand,” then Madeline proceeded to explain the game.

After three rounds of King’s cup, the first which Louis lost, and second Niall, then last was Madeline, the girls all were tired, drunk, and wanted to go to bed, so they all headed back to their suites. 

Louis, Liam, and Zayn went to change so that they could join their girlfriends later.

“Okay let’s play before I head down to Eleanor’s room. I need to prove I am the king at Mario Kart,” Louis slurred.

“You wish!” I said as I passed out remotes to Harry and Niall. Madeline decided to head back to the room first.

After three intense games of Mario Kart, two that I won and one that Louis won. We all decided to turn in.

“Not bad Y/N. But you know you only won that last time because I’m drunk and tired…” Louis said.

“Oh excuses! You never stood a chance against me!” I hugged Louis from the side. “I’m really tired so I’m going to sleep now.” I told the guys.

Harry walked me down the hall to my room and kissed me good night, apologizing again for the paparazzi.

- - - - - - - -

After I went into the room, Madeline was laying in bed on her phone.

“So… I have something to tell you.” Madeline started.

“What? What’s up?” I asked as I changed out of my clothes.

“The guys all know about you Y/N.” Madeline sat up.

“What? What do you mean?" 

"You know that YouTuber that Niall was going on and on about?”

Shit, I immediately got nervous, “Yeah…?”

“Well it was you!” Madeline cheered.

“What? Did you tell him it was ME?!” I panicked.

“NO! Of course not, but apparently the guys all love your channel and they watch all your videos all the time. They love your covers.”

“Shut up." 

"Y/N… What do you expect? You have over 5 million subscribers. Half of them being One Directioners, of course some of their fans, including me, tweeted your videos to them!”

“YEAH BUT I DIDN’T THINK THEY WOULD WATCH!” I covered my face. “You sure Niall and them don’t know it’s me?”

“Of course not, that’s what Niall kept going on about, wanting to know who ‘sincerely_heartstrings’ was. Apparently the guys all love your covers and have been following you since you started. They ALL want to know who ‘the girl with the pink bow on her guitar is.”

“Shut up…” I stared at her in disbelief.

“They love all your covers of their songs. Seriously, you should tell Harry.” Madeline suggested.

“No way…”

“Why not Y/N? He obviously really likes you… I know you’re afraid of getting hurt again, but I don’t think Harry is anything like your ex.” Madeline took my hand in hers.

“But even if I do tell him, that’s not even ALL of who I am. It’s such a huge secret that only my parents and you really know who ‘sincerly_heartstrings’ is. Then there’s the thing with my parents.”

“Maybe it’s time for everyone else to know. You’re already so famous on YouTube, but no one even knows who you are because you just keep the camera angled at the guitar. You’re amazing and you should embrace it.” Madeline was so supportive and confident of me.

“What happens after I tell people who I am? My life would change." 

"Is that such a bad thing babe? You’re a genius and you’re amazingly talented, gifted and beautiful. Believe in yourself, let yourself shine. I’m not saying all this because I’m your best friend, I’m saying it because it’s true,” Madeline said as she laid back down and covered herself up with the blankets. “Just sleep on it okay?” Madeline turned off her lamp.

I turned off mine and settle into bed as well.

I don’t know what to do. Should I tell Harry?

- - - - - - - - - - - 


Hope you guys liked it! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! I was really nervous about this chapter.

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