askadragonite  asked:

Navel: Omg bruh, ground bros. Dood, wanna take over the world? Join me and my minions and soon us ground types will reign above the surface, or below, iduhno. Either way it's cool and stuff, bein a minion is totes awesome bruh.

Ooooh tough luck, honey dew, but my alliance doesn’t run solely with ground type folk!  Heck, I’m just happy to help out whoever’s the most pleasant n’ cordial!  

Tell ya what, though!  A big sweetie cakes like you is gonna have a rough time blendin’ into the environment outside the desert.  I will submit to ya, but only to help provide a bit of a sandstorm in the event that this whole “Rule the World”  plan goes south, or if you’ve the need for a dramatic exit/entrance.  Don’t mean to brag, but I can whip up a flurry big enough to blow even a tall “dood” like you away!