Die Gorch Fock is a tall ship of the German Navy (Deutsche Marine). She is the second ship of that name as a sister ship of the Gorch Fock built in 1933. Both are named in honor of the German writer Johann Kinau who wrote under the pseudonym “Gorch Fock” and died in the battle of Jutland/Skagerrak in 1916. The modern-day Gorch Fock was built in 1958 and had undertaken 146 cruises by 2006, including a tour around the world in 1988. She is under the command of the Naval Academy in Flensburg-Mürwik.

Don't Try This at Home*

*Unless it’s just the once for the laughs.

My sister’s boyfriend is visiting us for Christmas. He was tired because he took her out on a very romantic date earlier, and was asleep on the couch.

He is a midshipman at the naval academy. My dad is a former marine. My dad told my little brother to go over to him and shout “ATTENTION ON DECK!”

He shot up and was almost on his feet before he remembered where he was. Everyone who was watching this from the kitchen started laughing their heads off.

It was mean, but hilarious.

Being lonely most of the time sucks, not being able to hold and kiss him for months at a time sucks… but knowing I’ll see him, counting down on my calender make it so worth it. The reasons for the butterflies in my stomach, the reason for my headaches, but its because only he has so much of an impact on my life. He’s my rock, my best friend, and one of my biggest inspirations.  These few moments I spend with him are worth the numerous moments I go without him. I’m in love with this guy.. besides, what’s 4 years to a lifetime?


I remember watching this video and having it further solidify my desire to go to the academy….