Melon releases 2012 Year End Chart Rankings!

Melon, one of Korea’s top and biggest music site has released their year-end music charts for 2012. The sales data calculated are from February 1st until December 24th of 2012. 

Overall TOP 50 Ranking Chart:

  1. PSY - Gangnam Style
  2. Sistar - Alone
  3. Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending
  4. Sistar - Loving U
  5. BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby
  6. 2NE1 - I Love You
  7. Busker Busker - If Your Really Love Me
  8. Ailee - Heaven
  9. Seo In Guk & Euji - All For Your
  10. Busker Busker - First Love
  11. IU - Every End Of The Day
  12. T-ara - Lovey Dovey
  13. SNSD TTS - Twinkle
  14. Huh Gak - The Person Who Once Loved Me
  15. Naul - Memories of The Wind
  16. Busker Busker - Yeosu Night Sea
  17. BIGBANG - Monster
  18. BIGBANG - Blue
  19. Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger
  20. Huh Gak ft. Zia - I Need You
  21. Baek Ji Young - Voice
  22. Wonder Girls - Like This
  23. IU - You & I
  24. Lee Jong Hyun - My Love
  25. Lyn - Back In Time
  26. Verbal Jint - You Are Pretty Enough
  27. K.Will - Please Don’t
  28. Lee Hyun - My Heartache
  29. T-ara - Day by Day
  30. PSY ft. Lena Park - What Would Have Been
  31. 10cm - Sorrow
  32. f(x) - Electric Shock
  33. PSY ft. Sung Si Kyung - Passionate Goodbye
  34. Juniel - Illa Illa
  35. Lee Ha Yi - 1234
  36. Roy Kim & Jung Joon Young - Become Dust
  37. Ailee - I Will Show You
  38. Busker Busker - It’s Hard To Face You
  39. GD - Crayon
  40. Troublemaker - Troublemaker
  41. Ga In - Bloom
  42. Busker Busker - The Flowers
  43. BoA - Only One
  44. Orange Caramel - Lipstick
  45. Ulala Session - Beautiful Night
  46. Huh Gak - One Person
  47. 10cm - Good Morning
  48. Maroon 5 - Payphone
  49. Dynamic Duo - Without You
  50. GD ft. Kim Yoona - Missing You
Streaming Chart (Most Streamed Songs):
  1. PSY - Gangnam Style
  2. Sistar - Alone
  3. Sistar - Loving U
  4. Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Endings
  5. 2NE1 - I Love You
  6. BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby
  7. Busker Busker - If You Really Love Me
  8. Seo In Guk & Eunji - All For You
  9. Ailee - Heaven
  10. Naul - Wind Memories

Download Chart (Most Downloaded Songs):

  1. Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Endings
  2. Sistar - Alone
  3. BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby
  4. T-Ara - Lovey Dovey
  5. Ailee - Heaven
  6. PSY - Gangnam Style
  7. BIGBANG - Blue
  8. Lyn - Back In Time
  9. IU - Every End Of The Day
  10. Busker Busker - First Love

Album Chart:

  1. Busker Busker - Busker Busker 1st Album
  2. PSY - The Best 6th (Part 1)
  3. BIGBANG - 5th Mini Album: ALIVE
  4. GD - 1st Mini Album: One Of A Kind
  5. Busker Busker - 1st Wrap Up Album
  6. BIGBANG - 5th Mini Album (Repackaged): STILL ALIVE
  7. Naul - Principle of My Soul
  8. Various Artists - Superstar K4 TOP 12 (Part 1)
  9. Primary - Primary & The Messengers
  10. Epik High - 99

Source: Melon

[LYRICS] Tablo - Airbag (Feat. Naul)

I need an airbag before I crash into the colossal sadness that is coming my way.

On nights I don’t want to go home, the taxi driver will purposely avoid the fastest paths. The chatty DJ on the radio won’t bring in guests that make me laugh or turn on songs that make me smile, conversations just get longer. I’d normally not want to listen to it and ask for the channel to be changed, but I don’t have a song in particular I want to listen to either. Keep talking and drown out the thoughts in my head. People laugh at words I can’t understand, and seeing as how the taxi driver, who normally has an expressionless face, is laughing along, it must be a popular punch line. Maybe I’m the only lonely island. In the end, a song requested by a listener is introduced. It’s a sad song that I once loved. Is that person alone, too, at a place where a long day falls into slumber?

I need an airbag before I crash into the colossal sadness that is coming my way.
I need an airbag. It’s too late to avoid it.

I have so many things I need to take care of; it’s hard for me to get drunk anymore. But it’s not like I’m avoiding the drinks, maybe it’s because I don’t want to be left alone. Is it just because I want to catch someone’s attention by being alone? Loneliness is so definite to me. If someone was to be by my side, would there be enough of me to share? It’s a question mark I don’t want to include. At that moment, I hear a voice through his call. The promise to meet up for drinks must have been canceled. He hangs up and grumbles, and my gaze becomes fixed to the family picture sloppily hanging by the meter. Do people lose themselves because they don’t have a home or a path to walk down? Or is it because even though they have many places to go, there is not one person waiting for them there?

I guess I’m all alone again.
I guess I’m all alone again.
I guess I’m all alone again.
Once again.

I’m dangerous right now.
I’m dangerous right now.
Don’t come to me.

I don’t know when it began to fall, but I look out the window and see the rain fall collect into puddles on the streets. Over the puddles, I see the reflection of an electronic display alerting drivers of a car accident. Why, why at this moment, do I suddenly tear as I’m reminded of you, you who’s probably living happily… Next to the term ‘death’ is the number one… Why does that number look so lonely.

It’s a night where I miss you dearly, and my heart slips with the rain.
I need you, yes I need you, my airbag.



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Tablo’s lyric notebook revealed

Tablo‘s lyric notebook was revealed recently and it has been gaining attention from netizens.

Tablo’s new song “Airbag” has been performing well on the various digital charts after being released on October 14th. With the release of the song, Tablo’s notebook, which he has used in preparation for this new album, was revealed. The notebook contains the traces of his past 2 years and seems to indicate just how much meaning the new album holds for Tablo.

Before signing with YG Entertainment, Tablo prepared for his new album alone while going through the scandal where he was accused of lying about graduating from Stanford. The tough times he must have endured as well as the hard work he put into the album preparation are evident in his notebook. One page of the notebook is filled with lyrics that seem to be have been erased and rewritten several times, as if he had turned to music to escape from the difficult times.

“Airbag” features Tablo’s deep, insightful rap lyrics offset by an acoustic sound in the background, and features the haunting voice of Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul.

  • Nina:Her life just keeps getting more and more complicated day by day. Everyone around her starts dropping like flies. But for some reason she’s still in love with him, I think. I still don’t know why-
  • Paul:What do you mean?! Come on! She doesn’t know why?! I thought we had an understanding here.
  • Nina:I don’t know why. Elena may know why. I’m just trying to figure it out. I- to be honest- wouldn’t put up with- with either of you two!
  • Paul:But don’t you see how much I love you?
Do people lose themselves because they don’t have a home or a path to walk down? Or is it because even though they have many places to go, there is not one person waiting for them there? I need an airbag before I crash into the colossal sadness that is coming my way.
—  Airbag by Tablo (Ft. Naul)
Airbag (Feat. Naul/나얼)
  • Airbag (Feat. Naul/나얼)
  • Tablo (타블로 of Epik High)
  • Fever's End (열꽃), Pt. 1 EP

Artist: Tablo (타블로 of Epik High)
Song: Airbag (Feat. Naul/나얼)
Album: Fever’s End (열꽃), Pt. 1 EP

Tablo originally debuted under Epik High as its rapper and lyric writer. Since then, he has collaborated with many other artists such as Park Bom, Taeyang, and Jinsil. This time around, he joined forces with Naul, creating a eerie yet beautiful track that’ll hit your soul.

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