And here we have it! Not that happy with it but…HEYWHATEVS!

So that thought I made about them being hosts on Splatfest… my god… I just had to come up with themes. So here’s what I came up with!

  • Good vs. Evil ( Or Naughty vs. Nice, which was done in the original Splatoon.) 
  • Winter vs. Summer (I think Black Hat would prefer cold weather while White Hat loves hot weather)
  • Paperhats vs. Papercrowns (Just your normal innocent theme while becoming an inside joke at the same time loooool)
  • Piano vs. Violin (Black Hat would like pianos while White Hat would prefer violins)

Pitch in if you have any ideas of your own you would like to share or pick a side lmao.


Naughty or Nice

Finally had a little time for photos today. Tried on some new items I got recently, I will have a post about each o them soon!

I also added watermarks to the photos. Unfortunately there are several people out there that post photos without naming the source. I am always grateful that someone likes a photo, just wish they would keep the source. Oh well, at least I finally got around to designing a logo, i kinda like it!

Father Christmas owed Sherlock a favor

Although free food at Angelo’s was appreciated, and cufflinks and tie pins were…technically gifts… Sherlock much preferred Santa’s spoils. It was immediately obvious a small child’s testimony while snooping in the middle of the night was dubious at best, but to accuse jolly St. Nicolas himself of being indecent with said child’s mother was preposterous and obviously untrue. Sherlock had proven Mr. Claus to be innocent in less time than it took to snap a Christmas cracker, and although the child’s mother had a lot to answer for, things were peaceful again in the Kringle household, which was all that mattered.

Sherlock had been a very good boy, Santa proudly declared, and promised he’d have exactly what Sherlock had been dreaming of all year wrapped up under the tree for him on Christmas morning.

John just wished he knew he was at the top of Sherlock’s wishlist. For the record, he definitely thought Sherlock belonged on the naughty list instead.

(((Sorry I finally watched The All Together and I had to, I just HAD to.)))

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Britney’s Fantasy Collection

  • Fantasy (2005)
  • Midnight Fantasy (2006)
  • Hidden Fantasy (2009)
  • Circus Fantasy (2009)
  • Island Fantasy (2013)
  • Fantasy: Anniversary Edition (2013)
  • Fantasy: Stage Edition (2014)
  • Rocker Femme Fantasy (2014)
  • Fantasy Intimate Edition (2015)
  • Maui Fantasy (2016)
  • Fantasy In Bloom (2017)

Fantasy Twist (2012)
Fantasy: The Nice & Naughty Remix (2014)

[13 Days] Day 5: Naughty and Nice

Okay, well I have this Christmas!AU I just came up with the other day after sketching this, right? (No no no wait here me out, it’s kind of cool I promise)

So, I have this AU idea where Spain and Romano live in a little town called, Christmastown or Christmasville or what you want to call it. There are two sides of the town there, the Nice side and the Naughty side. The nice side consists of perfect, suburban, neat neighborhoods people might imagine with decorated lawns and a white picket fence; and the citizens are nice, joyful, and well spirited. The naughty side of town, however, is the exact opposite. Lots of crime and illegal acts run there and is sort of a run-down city with criminals of all kinds.

Antonio lives in the Nice neighborhoods and is a patrol officer in the “Naughty and Nice Brigade”. His job is to make sure terrorists from Naughty don’t come over to the Nice town, and bust the criminals that do.

Romano is part of Naughty. He’s one of the servants in the strip clubs and helps criminals get into Nice town for extra money.

Romano tries to cross over to Nice one night, but ends up getting busted by Antonio. Romano tries to make a deal with Antonio (whatever he desires) to get out of the situation and Antonio agrees (because he just can’t get enough of that Italian flare~)

Romano and Antonio start to hit it off really well, and…well, you can kind of see where this might be headed from there. A wild goose chase like Romeo and Juliet~


Joeck: Naughty & Nice Valentine’s Edits

I’ve made two Valentine’s mood boards/photosets for Joeck which are pretty (very) extra 😅😅😅

Please take them only in the light-hearted fun and strictly fictional way that was intended. I have made them mainly as a big old ‘thanks love’ to all my lovely followers and anyone who likes and reblogs my stuff ❤

They are scheduled to go up shortly after midnight whilst I am at work on a night shift. I hope you love them and thanks so much for following this blog, you lovely lot ❤