Naughty Girl

Series: Tom Holland Imagine

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Tom cause s/o that’s jealous can be hot asf sometimes

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Word Count: 3k

[Reader’s POV]

     Dragging the doe foot applicator against your lips, the lipstick colors your lips. The deep red spread against your lips making them look sultry. Music played in the room so you’d know your cue. Picking up your mascara, you untwist the tube taking out the wand. Brushing it through the false lashes you were wearing. A couple of strokes to each lash and you were set.

   Sitting down in your chair you look at yourself in the mirror. The lights illuminating the room making your highlight pop. Turning your head to the side, the glitter reflects make you grin. The sound of your phone dinging has you look over. Picking it up you smile at the notification on the phone.

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Friends With Some Benefits

Pairing: Reader x Tom Holland

Rating: PG-13

A/N: I advise you you to read this first for background information before diving in: You are famous for whatever, I left that up to you ( a singer, an actress, etc.) You knew Tom before he was cast in all those movies and you two are best friends, along with Harrison. You visited Tom on the set of Chaos Walking. This story is based of of SwooZie and iiSuperwomanii’s video, “Friends WITH NO Benefits.”

This is my first imagine…with like real life people.

This isn’t my best work which is why I posted the above information here instead of figuring out a creative way to weave it into the story. Also some stuff are supposed to be italicized but I can’t figure out to do that on Tumblr and I have to go to bed now so I will figure it out in the morning.

Last time he was home, Tom had stolen his Wii, which Paddy wasn’t too happy to find out about and in retrospect, he could’ve just bought another one. They weren’t that expensive to buy now as it wouldn’t have left so much as a dent on his affluent movie star income. But he had promised to make it up to his little brother whenever he got home. And besides, if he and Harrison hadn’t set it up to his trailer TV you three would be dying of boredom right about now.
He also brought WiiSports, a couple of Legend of Zelda games, JustDance, and of course, always a party favorite, Mario Kart.
You were glad too because Mario Kart was your shit and you were kicking his ass at the moment. You were in first place while he had been stuck in sixth for the last two laps.
“Remind me not to let you pick Rainbow Road ever again,” Tom said, eyes glued to the screen and furiously turning the Wii steering wheel.
“You’re not too bad,” you almost panted. “Doing better than most of the CPUs.”
“You just lapped me!”
“Yeah, I lap everybody. Get fucking used to it, Stanley.”
Okay. Now he was angry. He hated when you called him Stanley. Granite, he hated when anyone called him Stanley and he regretted even telling you his middle name in the first place.
Harrison looked up from his phone where he was sitting at the table. “I warned ya, mate.”
“Shut up.” The actor spat out.
Harrison laughed.
You passed the finish line the fifth time, revealing that you had won the race. Tom groaned, clsoing his eyes. “You suck……”
“Acutally, I think you are the one who sucks considering that you lost,” you smirked.
Tom elbowed you in your shoulder and you droned out a mocking, “Ow!” before elbowing him back and he smiled. You bit your lip because you didn’t want him to see you smiling too.
“You guys are adorable,” Harrison said nonchalantly, “no wonder your fans think you’re dating.”
“I don’t know why, they’ve never seen us act like this.” Tom shrugged.
“Uh yeah but dude, the amount of Snapchats and Insta-stories you post together is enough to kind of get me suspicious. And I know you!” Harrison exclaimed incredulously, throwing his hands up at the last part.
“Exactly,” you piped up. “You know him. It would be nice to have an alibi to tell people we’re not together.” You were busy picking another course on the game to join their conversation fully.
Tom eyed his best friend, one brow cocked and a hand on his hip.
Harrison turned back to his phone, ignoring his best friend’s expectant glare and acting like he didn’t hear you. “Look, all I’m saying is people ship you guys like FedEx and they know you’re at least friends with benefits.”
You stopped.
“No, no! Not with benefits. Just… friends.” Tom’s throat was dry, you could tell by the way he was stammering. He was freaking out just upon hearing that phrase.
“Some benefits?”
“No!” He was blushing.
“Well, your ship name is even all over my Twitter.”
It was all over your Twitter too. And your Instagram. And you barely checked your Facebook but you were pretty sure it was on there too. It was all over Tom’s social media but he just shook it off. You, secretly, didn’t. You frequently scrolled through your millions and millions of comments and DMs, some of them saying how beautiful you were but mostly how lucky Tom was to have you. And you him. You let it get to you. Not in a bad way, of course, it was never mean but… ever since this whole ship thing between you two had started you couldn’t stop thinking about it but the way Tom just kind of shrugged it off made you kind of mad.
And you would never tell Tom this, or anyone, but once a Tom Holland fan account on Instagram led you to this thing called an ‘Imagine’ they had proudly written and you dared yourself to read it. It was probably fine for just his fans to enjoy but to you, it was visibly scarring and you immediately stopped once it got too much. You thought of deleting the Instagram app, saying to your fans that you’d only be using Twitter from now on but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. That night, you felt heat rise within you and an urge down there present and you realized how much you wanted Tom’s lips on yours.
His soft, kiss-able lips on yours, as described in the Imagine. Suddenly, you were blushing too but your head was still directed to the TV screen so no one noticed.
“What do you want us to do about it?” Tom asked, looking hollowed.
“I don’t know. Make-out a little on camera so then people will know you’re not dating.”
That came as a fucking surprise. “WHAT?!?” Tom and you both screamed, turning toward him. There was no hiding your blushes now. Both of your faces were as red as Spider-Man’s suit!
“How would THAT tell people we’re not dating?” Tom said, voice cracking.
You found it so funny. In those Imagines (okay, so you read more than one) his fans wrote your friend as a suave masterful sex god who knew what you wanted at all times… (not that you would know, you stopped when it got too naughty) but really Tom was just as awkward as a middle schooler asking his first crush to a dance when it came to that sort of stuff. He was, quite literally, Peter Parker.
“Well then it would be like you kissing another actor, you know? If you’re willing to fully make-out on camera, then maybe everyone will see that it’s meaningless and move on, hopefully.” He added that last part under his breath.
There was silence for a couple of seconds as Tom looked back at you, then Harrison, almost like he was considering this. He was actually considering this.
“You can’t seriously be considering this.” You said, on the outside looking like it was a ridiculous plan but on the inside your heart was racing and your body was burning.
“Alright,” Tom almost whispered after another bout of silence. “I’m sick of this.” He rounded the couch as fast as he could and you followed him with your whole body, still sitting on the couch, wide-eyed.
Harrison stumbled out of his chair to slide into a good angle across the couch and hit the ‘Record’ button on his phone. You could hear the sound. And you swallowed hard; no way to hide your steaming blush this time. You slid off the couch to get away from his shot but he quickly found a better one and you were thinking fuck.
With one swipe of his arm, Tom knocked everything off the brown coffee table: the Chaos Walking script, a couple of water bottles, and your game controllers, and then pointed to it almost innocently. “Table?”
“No.” You said. He sat back, “Look, Tom. We’ve been friends for a really long time -”
“-Ever since before you got famous. So I think if something was gonna happen between us, it would’ve already happened.”
“I mean all your fangirls think you are to die for but if you ask me, I-” All of a sudden, his hands placed themselves right in the pockets of your knees and before you had time to think, he pulled you closer. You braced a hand on his shoulder because fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.
Maybe he was as suave as all the Imagines said.
Then his hands moved up your thighs. Fuck. And you lowered youself to the ground in a futile attempt to get away from his incoming face. “Maybe the fans are right, though. I mean, they’ve seen you wear my shirts a couple of times.” He said aS IF HE WASN’T LEANING IN CLOSER TO YOU HOLY SHIT.
“Okay, Tom, you’re literally not helping this sutation at all. Just because I wear a random guy’s shirt does not mean we’re dating.”
“Random guy?” he quipped but with a devious smile. Still. Coming Closer. To. You.
“Well, no, I didn’t mean it like that just…’re my best friend. I don’t think we’re couple-worthy. We disagree on too many things.”
“Your favorite superhero is Batman so I don’t really think we’d get along there,” he said as he perfectly meshed his mouth with yours. Apparently, you’d get along in other ways. You breathed into the kiss and Tom tilted his head so he could slowly introduce his tongue into your mouth.
Boy, slow down. You didn’t want him to slow down.
His gracious hand stayed at the place on your waist and you slung one arm around his neck. If Harrison was making any noise, you couldn’t hear it because you were too focused on the way Tom moaned into you, feeling your body mold into his. You never quite believed in heaven until Tom kissed lower to your neck and then you instantly knew it existed because bitch you were there.
You were there until your felt Tom’s hand on your stomach, his thumb circling your belly button and your shirt was rising up. You finally remembered that Harrison was not only watching, but recording this. And you did not want your shirt coming off on camera so you freaked out and pushed Tom away. You couldn’t stop panting and he couldn’t stop staring breathlessly at you, looking like a deer in the head lights. Back to awkward Peter Parker Tom.
You could still feel the heat of contact of Tom’s hand on your skin, like he had left a handprint there. He had never touched you like that before.
The two of you slowly turned to Harrison, who sat there with an open mouth and pressed the 'Stop’ button absentmindedly. “Holy shit, guys.”

Letter to Cbeebies

Dear Cbeebies,

Please can you ask Tom Hiddleston to come and read the bedtime story. Can he be wearing the Cardigan of doom (no need for t-shirt under), his glasses, and nice tight jeans and have grown back his beard.

To complete the look please allow him to bring along the adorably cute Bobby, who Tom can tell to sit down and listen with the children, then comment to as he reads. If he’s a naughty Bobby, Tom can simply pick him up for a cuddle, tell him to be a good boy in a hushed tone and settle him down on his lap.

The story could be about some cute animal, so he can tell everyone about the time he met a leopard and show pictures.

Thank you


Well girls am I right?

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Twisted Truth or Dare & ?

There’s a surprise :,) xx

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MOCA and the Tom of Finland Foundation wish you a Merry Christmas. The Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland show at MOCA PDC in West Hollywood is closed today but open on Christmas Eve.

Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991)
Untitled, 1987
Color pencil on paper
ToFF #87.27
© 1987 Tom of Finland Foundation