Sunset Photography Reflected on Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright

New York-based photographer Bing Wright creates alluring nature photography based on displaying the organic beauty with human intervention. His latest project is titled Broken Mirror/Evening Sky, a collection of sunset photographs seen through the shattered panes of a mirror. The images are similar to stained glass windows, yet the setup is more spontaneous and chaotic just as the colors are subtle.

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Welcome To Our World by Armstrong White

– An exploration of nature through the mechanized lens of Armstrong White.


Hilt Close-up by Andy Morffew  
A close-up of a female sword-billed hummingbird. Photographed at Guango Lodge, Ecuador!


Washed Away by the Waves

The ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves,
Beneath them there is none.

These lines by Nathaniel Hawthorne say something very similar to what Warren Keelan photographs depict. Keelan is an Australian seascape and ocean photographer who captures his perception of the ocean through his lens. Keelan has always been fascinated by nature; the ocean and its ever changing form, its unpredictable nature.

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Always stoked when that first drop of north atlantic rain hits the lens, watching through the viewfinder as nature swiftly adapts to the shift in conditions.
For a brief moment in time, the fog sits just above the landscape, eagerly awaiting it’s chance to engulf the entire scene below. This is the exact moment that you’ll hear a faint sound in the distance, a click as my camera shutter releases.
P.s. yeah, Iceland has trees too 🌲.
#ísland (at Iceland)

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“I have long enjoyed exploring the beauty of the natural world through a lens. I enjoy the challenge of working with the elements to capture the essence of an environment as I see and experience it. I always look to add my own sense of feeling and atmosphere to every photograph I take. By working with infrared I am able to capture an alternative perspective that presents us with a version of the world unseen by the human eye; a process that I find equally surprising and rewarding. I hope you enjoy my work!”

Anna is a fine art photographer specialising in landscape and infrared photography. She lives by the sea in Portsmouth, England. When she is not taking photographs, Anna spends her time teaching film making, art and photography to an awesome bunch of college students.

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