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Can you do a one shot of what is going on in Riley's head and her inner thoughts while Lucas chooses her?

I have wanted to do a first person story for a while so I’m glad I got this pompt. I’m not sure how I feel about it.. I basically just wanted to use smiley face emojis because I imagine thats whats going on in her sweet little brain hahah!

Riley’s POV;

Sat in the bay window, I lean over to look at the trees. I think Fall may be my new favourite season. The leaves, the air. At least mother nature is easier to understand than human nature. 

Footsteps approaching call my attention. I follow Lucas with my eyes as he nears and sits by me in the bay window with a foot tucked underneath him. He’s ready to talk. This is it. He chose Maya… I brace myself.

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does tony wear mascara or are his eye lashes just naturally like that

Clint: He says it natural but I’m calling bullshit.

Tony: You need to just deal with the fact I’m naturally a 10.

Empty Building at Sunset, Las Vegas, 2013

In October, the husband, the bulldog, and I packed up and went on a road trip to Las Vegas and beyond to finish up Nature Calls (a landscape project on disguised cell phone towers I’ve been working on for a few years).  It wound up being one of the more frustrating photographic experiences I’ve had, but I’ll get into that more later when I post some of the new images from the project.  This is a picture I took in the middle of nowhere Las Vegas, at the end of a tiring day.  It was across the street from a cell phone tower I was attempting to photograph but couldn’t find the right angle.  I remember feeling so annoyed with photography and with my 4x5 set up that I almost didn’t take this picture, but I talked myself into it, and I’m glad I did.