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hate to break it to you, but humans have been eating meat since our very beginnings, and we have the omnivore's teeth to prove it. if veganism is our healthiest and wisest option, why are we not naturally that way?

Raaaawr! I am the Flesh Tearing Blood Slurping Human Beeeeeast! My teeth are so deadly that when I forgot to floss one night my tooth began to hurt so much I could only eat warm applesauce like a tiny soft little baby until the tooth died and fell out. Fear meeeeee!  

Ken rambles about attention, streaming, and stream ideas
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Ramble for September 27, 2016

So, today is easily the worst day of work ever.  Turns out, despite it being 8 years since this last happened, my knees will still dislocate almost at random.  So that’s super cool.  I had to go to the hospital, and they’re recommending physical therapy.  I do not disagree.

The real thing that kills me is that the doctor basically confirmed why this happened now after all this time.  I was exercising.  I got a step machine, and the way it works the legs, it strengthens the outer leg, but not the inner.  I did not know there would be that distinction, since I figured the machine was the same as walking.  Apparently it is not.  So the muscles on the outer leg are way stronger now, and pull the knee outward.  Having suffered dislocations in my youth, apparently that primes you for more in the future as well.  So I am a whole mess of fucked.  I just find it oddly hilarious that the instant I decide to try doing some basic daily exercise, it messes up my knees even worse than before.

Posting it early cuz this weekend and next week should make me super busy. 


Week 1: Who’s your favorite Villain? 

Lord Scrapperton!

This guy is a sweetheart with a heart of corruptible steel. Steampunk pink and purple robot? What’s not to love? I loved how he just so casually told Chiro that he just chopped off his body parts cuz they were just obsolete after his first accident. “Hey, this leg works better than the one I was born with….ah hell, I’ll chop it off too! And…maybe the rest of me. SURE WHY NOT?” He has this odd good natured way of talking and is polite despite trying to destroy the hyperforce a couple of times. Though one has to wonder if he was only wanting to destroy them only because the Skeleton King corrupted his system to do so, or if he just wanted to for taking trying to take back the magnets and stuff. I personally think he was just a junker steam punker before he even got his hands on “Coggy” that minded his own bizz. I only wish he had more than two episodes. 

For what he would do for Halloween, I can see him throwing a strange little robotic Haunted House Party where he makes creepy critters chase you around and what not. Then you can relax if you survive at the parlor for tea and to talk about collectables. 

For a Costume…I think he might make himself a new body like he did with the Ape New World Episode. I would love him to look like that one person’s rendering of him as a hyperforce monkey cuz it is SO DAMN CUTE Links: Here and HERE 

daastrit It’s 2016, we need better magic texts and…

There is nothing wrong with magic for specific situations, for that is the magic that works for that. If you eliminate THAT then you can’t have magic that works for minorities/trans etc… only so much magic works universally.

Actually there is plenty of magic that works universally! I’m not sure why you think it doesn’t. Oh, maybe it’s because… pretty much all magic texts exclude these groups and only write for the favored demographics! :O

It’s pretty simple for me, a trans bi man, to do most magic that’s out there! The magic that I don’t do is often religious in nature in a way I decide not to do, or I simply don’t need to do it or find a way that’s more fun for me and fits my practice best. My problem is reading a magical text that tells me the fundamental way that magic should be done is to focus on the power of my penis, because the world itself was created through high ideals that are based around the male with penis and woman with vagina dichotomy, thus hetero penis in vagina sex enforces the natural order of the universe, something that sounds pretty outlandish when I just say it frankly but has been stated to me in many fundamental magic texts. It’s not necessary to believe this shit to do magic. It’s not necessary to practice it. It’s really not necessary to make people read it.

I realize this is a surprise but you really don’t have to go out of your way to include PoC in your magic and in fact, the racist texts I am referring to actually go out of their way to exclude them and that is the real problem!

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Do you know anything about the relationship between OTMAA and their uncle Mikhail? He seems to feature in quite a few pictures, and since they had such a great relationship with aunt Olga, maybe they were close to Mikhail too, as their youngest uncle?

OTMAA adored their uncle Misha! His every visit is usually mentioned in their letters and diaries with joy. And from what I read, Misha was fond of children and had a natural way with them too. Of course the relationship was “put on hold” during Mikhail´s years of exile when, because of his morganatic marriage, he drifted away from pretty much the whole family. 

When he was called to say goodbye to his brother before the family was moved to Tobolsk, Mikhail pleaded to be allowed to see his nieces and nephew, but this was, sadly, not allowed.

the other day I watched a tiny snek slither under a chair right outside my front door and get caught in a spider’s web. then I watched the spider make its move!!

(probably mute it; the sound may be loud and it’s just wind. also sorry if it’s a little dizzying!! I had shaky hands that day)

I feel a lil bad not helping out bc the snake is so small and cute and harmless but I didn’t have anything on hand to move the spider with so mother nature had her way 🐍🍴

pockets of emptiness

standing apart from

 bar stools

seeing the wanting

I am here 

standing around feeling lost I stare at the ground

the earth its mud

 its colors are lost in each other

just life giving way

to the easiest way as nature

  a soft spot 

  a bruised apple can heal

we all need to heal the time must be made

those alone and looking for promises

have found the store out of control

those lunatics ran the place

the asylums have become the streets

 the police doctors the doctors the police

into the opening in the wall

I fell ill and want to go home

this place doesn’t agree with me

get us a place to hide

 help us float off       away from this reality

Chris Bones Amey               27*09*16

Because 1/3 of the world can’t see the Milky Way due to light pollution, time-lapse artists crowdfunded an astrophotography project called SKYGLOW and created this video of Dry Tortugas National Park, one of the darkest places in the US, so you can experience the night sky for yourself. Source Source 2