so i got a job doing face paint at an art fair this weekend, the first day was really busy, today not so much, me and my friend got bored.

we saw this crazy cat on a kid’s shirt and she was like “i have to paint that” (she named him earnest) and i watched her do it and i was like “huh inverse colors and i could paint bendy” so i did lmao

naturally  on the way home he got fucked up

also, i painted a skull and crossbones on my face. coz i asked my friend what i should put on my face and that was her demand. we were very bored

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Holly, how was the process of becoming friends with the one who was once your kidnapper? How was this shift of your perception of Artemis? Do you think who you are today could be friends with who Artemis was in the past? Thank you for being the best LEP officer in the world.

Thank you for the high praise, mind if I quote you to Internal Affairs the next time they try to get me fired?

Anyway, on to your question, becoming friends with Artemis was hard, but almost… natural, in a way. Natural in that we weren’t forced to become friends. We could have only been reluctant allies, or, if I had my way, he wouldn’t have known about us at all after the first… incident. And I admit, trusting him is the hardest part for me. It’s not hard to trust him with my life, weirdly— maybe because so often our lives are tied together— but it’s difficult to trust him emotionally. It helps that he’s wanted to be friends ever since the Bwa Kel Rebellion, and though he’s made some mistakes (some we will never, EVER mention again), he’s always recognized and taken responsibility for his actions. It’s a lot easier to be friends with a person when you don’t have to simultaneously police their actions (Frond knows I do enough policing).
Would my present self be friends with his past self? I think so. I think it’d be easier, actually. Artemis has opened my mind when it comes to humans (never tell him I admitted that). And besides, I’ve met little Arty during that run-in with the Extinctionists, and he had some good in him, even then. Maybe if I’d met him earlier, some of the— tragedy in his life could have been averted.

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Hi! Can you do Coco, Velvet and Yang with a usually very confident,flirty and cocky s/o but when it comes to affection(kissing,holding hands,cuddling) they get super embarrassed, a blushing mess and sometimes tend to run away?


-she loves your confident nature and the way you can keep up with her flirting.

-coco likes to kiss you in public and other ways of PDA just to tease you and see you blush.

-she knows exactly what buttons to push in order to make you a blushing mess.


-she is pretty much the same way when it comes to affection.

-that being said she may kiss you randomly to see you blush cause she finds it super adorable.

-will be there to reassure you if you get the urge to run away.


-she is no better than coco.

-yang loves PDA so seeing you get embarrassed and blushing is just a bonus for her.

-she knows your limit and will always stop before you get the urge to run. 

HEADCANON: Death & Funerary Traditions

Mushfolk are very closely tied to nature. Thus, they’re just as tied to the death of it as they’re tied to the life of it.

When someone dies within the community, a ceremony is held known as Reditus - “the Return.” This involves putting the body to rest and a communal banquet or celebration of the departed’s life, whatever they or the family has deemed fit. At any given time, a portion of the community’s outlying fields is reserved for Reditus, and bodies aren’t placed underground. Instead, they’re placed upon beds of leaves, flowers and soft plants, and decorated with the same. The corpse decays naturally this way, exposed to elements, bugs, animals and, of course, the earth itself.

The community will only usually farm one patch of field at a time, rotating along the outskirts every year to give the soil both time to rest, and to give it time to soeak up nutrients from the dead. Thus, those who have passed enrich the rest of the community by making the soil healthy and good for growing crops in.


top ten underrated anime series | (as voted by my followers)

# 7 : hyouka (2012)

“When you think “high school life,” the word “rose-colored” comes to mind. And when you think “rose-colored,” “high school life” comes to mind. It’s natural to think that way, since society expects high school life to be rose-colored. Nevertheless, I don’t think that all high school students desire a rose-colored life. Surely there must be people who aren’t interested in studying, sports, or romance. Surely there must be students who want a “gray” life, so to speak.

The most basic and the most important task of any technician in both music and theatre production is simply wrapping a cable. It may sound basic, but *how* you wrap a cable can actually determine how long it lasts.  Now, most professional for-profit productions do list cable as “consumables”, meaning that they are designed to be thrown out and purchased or manufactured anew if they develop an issue.  But you will catch hell by any Foreperson, TD or SM for wrapping cable in a way that damages it.

There is a correct technique accepted by both IATSE and Teamsters production houses, and that is called the “Over/Under” technique. Trying to describe it in words is maddening, and even I have a hard time trying to tell someone what has become a reflex to me over 20 years.  But, this video by the London School of Sound perfectly shows the way I learned how to wrap cable.

Now, I know what you are saying if this is a new thing to you, or if you’ve been too embarrassed to ask because some asshole stagehand called you out for not knowing such a “basic” thing (And, if any tech does pull that, they are a bad person and shouldn’t be on the gig, FYI)

“But, WHY?!??! Why do Techs gotta make EVERYTHING so hard and, well, dramatic!!??”

Excellent Question!

It all comes down to how the cable is constructed.  The cable itself is actually made up of various different wires (which is why we don’t call a cable a “wire” on a show, because they technically mean two different things).  The wires in a cable, such as a balanced XLR cable, are actually wrapped around one another, like this:

Now you see that the wires are actually wrapped AROUND one another! This means that the cable, once covered in shielding, it going to want to twist a certain way, because the cable is tensioned around one another (usually counter-clockwise).  This means if you try to wrap it like your extension cord you use for your Christmas lights, it is going to get kinked up, and the wires inside will start binding against one another because by just wrapping it over your arm like a garden hose is going to force those cables to bind and twist in a way that is unnatural. 

In short: You end up forcing them against one another until they simply break.

Yep. Wire itself is just thin bits of copper (anywhere from 22 to 10 gauge thick, with the bigger the number being the thinner the wire), and it doesn’t take much to bend them out. Just like when you shove your earbuds in your pocket without making sure they are coiled up nicely. 

So, when you wrap Over/Under, you are actually alternating the coil of the cable to match the natural way the cable wants to go (this is called the “lay” of the cable). When you get the over/under technique down, you will feel that the cable naturally wants to coil that way, and it takes no effort.  When you wrap a coil just one over the other like a home extension cord, you can feel the cable actually twist and want to fight you.

Also, to know if you got it right, all you have to do is take one end of the cable, and then throw the rest of it out away from your body. If you did it right the cable will FLY out of your hands and land straight and true right on the deck, making you look like a badass stage ninja!

It may take a lot of practice, but eventually you will literally do it in your sleep.  Just like any motor action, it just takes practice! And, you will find that many professional houses still have people who cannot coil cable correctly (these tend to also be the know-it-alls who will give new techs trouble, ironically).  Master fast, accurate cable wrapping and you will save the band or the venue a TON of money in cable costs, and it will make you more attractive too!  Trust me.

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good thoughts on things that Definitely happened during The Summer of Mutual Pining: makkachin was obviously trained using commands in russian, so victor has to teach yuuri those commands like if he ever wants/needs to tell makka to do something. victor adores the way yuuri's tongue curls around the russian words


Imagine the tremendous cardiac stress test that is teaching Yuuri Russian commands while he carefully and seriously repeats after you. He has such beautiful intonation. Maybe he’s practiced Russian before. Or maybe he’s just naturally good at languages, the way he’s naturally good at back-bends and temple-massages and holding himself against a pole with his frankly miraculous thighs.

(Yuuri, who has been practicing how to say “My name is Yuuri Katsuki and it was an honor to skate with you today” since he was fifteen, thinks his intonation sounds very childish and sloppy. It sounds nothing like the actual hundreds of hours of Victor Nikiforov interviews he has watched on YouTube.)

But anyway. As it turns out. All of this is nothing compared to actually seeing Yuuri run through Makkachin’s entire retinue of commands in Russian as Makkachin gets more and more excited about the high-value treat that is surely at the end of this adventure and Victor stands in the corner trying not to choke on air.

As Makkachin complies with the last command (”shake”) they do that devastating maneuver where Yuuri gasps in delight and Makkachin does the universally-recognized ‘please get on the floor so I can give you face-kisses’ dance.

“The best girl,” Yuuri says in his halting Russian. She yips happily and sets about drowning him in kisses. “The smartest and best girl.”

Fuuuuuuck,” Victor somehow does not say.


First off, right in the first few minutes of the episode, Seungkwan finds out he’s switching from the generally lighthearted dongsaeng team to the hyung team where absolute power has corrupted absolutely. It’s a dramatic change in dynamic, especially so since Seungkwan will immediately become the youngest member and likely made to do lots of menial grunt work. It demonstrates, however, that the hyung team really wants Seungkwan’s ability to be humorous and fun on the team, and that they believe he can turn the atmosphere into a more amusing one. From the start, they value Seungkwan’s ability to sense atmosphere and mood and help turn it to good. 

Also in this episode, a little after, is the big “Seventeen Fight” on One Fine Day in Japan. Throughout the entire tense situation, Seungkwan stays very quiet but you can tell he’s super uncomfortable. He’s the last one of the hyung team to leave the room, looking back and forth as if he really wants to say something. He also tells Wonwoo, Jun and Woozi that he thinks Hoshi was much, much more upset than he was letting on and that he actually understands Hoshi’s point of view. But then Woozi says that Coups is probably angry too. Seungkwan knows that he’s new in this team, as well as the youngest, and that he can’t go up to Coups and say that he wants them to work it out. But you can tell he’s very unsettled by the entire situation. Luckily, Joshua and Jeonghan talk Coups around to the idea of talking it out with Hoshi and resolving the feelings instead of leaving them the way they were. Seungkwan stays quiet during that meeting, but as it progresses his body language starts to become more relaxed, looking around instead of staring blankly ahead and nodding in agreement and even cheering along at the end, and as the night progresses he eats snacks with the others and laughs and makes jokes as well. In this situation, Seungkwan demonstrated his emotional intuitiveness. He could tell Hoshi was actually much more angry than he seemed, and he was uncomfortable with the situation and even felt empathy over the “opposing” side’s anger. However, he also sensed the mood and atmosphere of the hyung team and immediately began to acclimate to his new position in the group. He knew he couldn’t take it to Coups right away, but I’ll bet if a day had passed or a few hours longer he would’ve taken some action, such as going to Jeonghan and asking Jeonghan to help bring Coups around.

Fast forward to the next morning! Jun has been chosen as the new leader, and he’s very uncertain of himself. He needs to wake the members up. We see Seungkwan with him, and either he woke Seungkwan first, or Seungkwan woke up and saw his uncertainty and decided to help. The first scenario would demonstrate Jun’s trust in Seungkwan to be able to ease his situation by helping him along the way and laughing at his jokes and offering encouragement, and the second scenario would demonstrate Seungkwan’s emotional intuition again. Either way, Seungkwan naturally falls in and starts subtly helping Jun along, making suggestions of what he should do. Then, as they get in the car, Coups makes a bit of a joking remark about Jun’s authority (”now that you’re captain you think you’re all that) which of course would’ve been humorous with any of the other captains who were playfully dictators. However, Seungkwan knows Jun’s uncertainty surrounding his leader-ly duties and immediately starts to reassure him (”you are all that, Jun. You’ve got this”) which is just passed off as Seungkwan flattering Jun but I think was a very sincere gesture to encourage and defend his spirits. 

AND THEN, to top it off if that wasn’t enough, when Vernon wants to ride the snowboard instead of skis he immediately offers to switch with him even though originally he was one of the first to suggest they pick boards and raise his hands to vote and then even to jump up and down when they got boards. And even after making the sacrifice and he has a hard time skiing, he never once says that he wished he had done boarding instead. Even as much as starting to yell and cheer for DK when DK has to have help coming down and telling him that he’s doing a good job facing his fears so he isn’t distressed that he isn’t doing well. 

Seungkwan in this episode demonstrates that he’s constantly paying attention to the mood of the members and doing whatever he can to help it. Sometimes that means letting Coups burn off his steam instead of going right away. Sometimes that means subtly giving Jun orders when Jun is the leader to help him feel like he isn’t lost and worthless. And sometimes it means direct sacrifice when he has something that both he and Vernon wants. Being in-tune emotionally to those around you is hard and tiring. It very often ends up becoming depressed and resentful towards yourself when you can’t resolve a situation and lift a mood and anxious because you feel like everyone else’s enjoyment of things has become your personal responsibility and if someone is in a bad mood it’s all your fault for not doing anything to stop them. However, Seungkwan manages his well and he works so, so hard to appreciate and love and help the other members when he can and knowing when he can’t and accepting that for what it is. Seungkwan’s personality is so important to the dynamic of Seventeen, to the kind spirit they maintain between members, to the harmony and enjoyment and humor of the group. But this episode also demonstrates that the members realize that, Jun accepts the help and maybe even asks Seungkwan for it and Coups and the other hyung members decide they want Seungkwan on their team because they can feel the gap his absence has made. 

TL;DR, Seungkwan is a freakin gift and a sweetheart who always wants to help his members and his members are realizing this and you all should too and appreciate his big heart for everyone around him.

Growing Pains

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Hello, everyone! I’ve decided to start writing again. This will be a three-part series as of right now so I hope you enjoy the first installment. 

A special shout out to @hcrrystvles for editing this, I love you bb.

dad!harry + teacher!harry

warnings: mentions death, nostalgia, fluff. loads of fluff.

word count: 3,648

summary: the one where Harry’s a school teacher who finds himself teaching the daughter of his first love

Every day that students walked into room 202, they were instantly greeted by the sweet smell of cinnamon buns and vanilla (an air freshener Harry always kept plugged into the wall when he first started working there because it smelt too much like wood). Fairy lights hung above the perimeter of the room, pictures students have drawn covered the wall behind the metallic desk which was covered in magnets. The whole classroom just felt warm. Stepping into Mr. Styles’ year 3 classroom felt like a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in years. It was a safe space for both little ones and teachers alike, no one ever left the room without a bright smile on their face. That was Harry’s specialty.

Harry had taken his job as a teacher very seriously as he took it upon himself to teach the younger generations the most valuable lessons. Not multiplication and cursive writing like the other teachers would say, but things like positivity, acceptance, and kindness. Harry took pride in knowing that when each and every one of his students left his classroom at the end of the year, they carried his teachings with them for the rest of their lives.

Tonight was back to school night and Harry felt himself getting a little nervous as he looked at the time. Parents could be brutal and all he wanted was to be on their good side. He had a feeling this year was about to be little easier though. This year the parents of his students were most likely his age and it brought a strange sense of comfort to him. He could tell because the kids were a lot more open minded and though he wouldn’t admit it, he had a few favorites. Like Harper. The little girl made him feel nostalgic in the strangest way. Maybe it was because she was quite witty for a 7-year-old or that she had an interest in joining his after school choir, but it was something else about her that he couldn’t quite put a finger on.

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