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And generally in that order! I know Rocket would act like he was super embarrassed to be wearing it, but we all know he’s the Founder of the Groot Superfan Club. This design is a new one in our shop for everyone enjoying the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie! If you haven’t seen it check it out, it’s really fun and awesome! Design is available in 2 colors, Safari Brown and Sagestone Green with dark brown ink, $18 in our Etsy Shop.

Colored Mavis for the zervis fans!

Thanks to everyone who liked and reblogged my last post, especially the new followers. I do appreciate the notes especially since I haven’t posted very recently.

UPDATE: Please keep sending suggestions to my ask over what I should draw next,I do read the suggestions and take them into account. Especially as an artist it gets me motivated and inspired to draw more art work for you all. With one less free class in college I currently have too much free time and will be working on suggested drawings more again.

As always hope you all have a wonderful week either way!


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anonymous asked:

Out of all the blondes in Hetalia, is there one that you think isn't a natural blonde?

Bro I don’t know XD

Ummm, maybe England since his eyebrows are a different color and he went through a punk phase

I can see him bleaching his hair cuz he’s “so bad ass”

GAINS BRAH!  Cheffu Ignisu-san’s meal prep for this week, complete!  Got a bag full of 3 lbs chicken breast baked for the week + 4 oz of steak, 4 oz of chicken breast, 100g of mashed sweet potatoes, and 83g green beans for tomorrow’s lunch. 

               435 cals  •  33g carbs • 13g fat • 46g protein  

Gonna cut like a beeyotch and go 50% protein, 30% fat, and 20% carbs on the daily, yo.  Getting most of my carbs in for lunch since I have long days.  Trying out Tripharm’s protein powder–it’s aight but good for the price.  I prefer my Optimum Nutrition since it tastes a bit more… natural? 

big-bro-gladio GET ON MY LEVEL BRAH where you at tho

"Boys like girls that look natural"

bro last month I dyed my hair a brighter purple and my boyfriend didn’t even notice until I pointed it out to him and he was like ‘ohhhh, that’s what’s different’. You think I dye my hair for a motherfucker that can’t even tell the difference between 'Ultra Violet’ and 'Pure Purple’????? Erm no, I dye it for myself.