types of people as environments

sea: wild hair, iced coffee, probably listens to billie eilish, great instagram, wears bracelets/anklets, was that kid that thought they had some authority on greek mythology bc they read the percy jackson books, seems like they have their life together but actually are lowkey falling apart, can vibe w/ anyone

forest: hot coffee, guitar/indie/folk music, runs an aesthetic blog, doesn’t tell anyone what their favorite songs are bc that’s Too Personal, absolutely has to put fairy lights everywhere, loves their friends and makes sure they know it, if you hurt them they won’t do anything back they’ll just leave without a word or a trace

desert: long road trips, retro diners at 2am, also eats a lot of fast food, nothing fazes them, drunk declarations of love, their hair is their personality, thrives during nighttime, bored eater, acts chill and will say they’re Fine as they lay face down on the floor but also will tell their life story after 10pm

mountains: hot chocolate, gorgeous hair, adrenaline junkie, has a lot of secrets/emotional depth, morning person, will go insane if they’re cooped up indoors for too long, complete 180 from the person their 12-year-old self thought they would be but thank god for that

meadow: softie, henna tattoos, puts flowers in their hair, sparkling water, pastels, likes taylor swift, barely knows how to drive, good at drawing/painting, doesn’t hide their feelings, ppl think their openness can be taken advantage of but they see your motives and Know What You’re Trying To Do

tundra: flawless eyebrows, wears lots of dark colors, thick skin, intense as hell but it’s cool, eyes that stare into your fricken soul, seems emotionally unavailable but actually secretly loves a lot of people and is scared of losing them but will never show it

lake: iced tea, lives at chipotle, hands and feet are always cold, completely screwed up spotify algorithm, hates days when they can’t see the sun, loves spring/summer, really just wants to Calm Down, niche humor, has been saying they’re dead inside since 2014