Just finished Man of Steel. It was good. (Spoiler alert)

But all I can think about is the cost it will take to rebuild Metropolis. Billions of dollars. At least 20 high rise buildings (also most of a particular Kansas town) were completely decimated. People’s entire careers, destroyed as Alien One punched Alien Two THROUGH 5 buildings… Hundreds of jobs are now gone because there is no more buildings to put them in. This alien drama was worse than all the major hurricanes of the past few years combined.
Cinematically, It’s visually effective but… The whole metropolitan area is gone from this city. How would the world come back from that happily?

Superman DID create a demand for -people who can remove train engines from 7elevens- and -people who can remove a semi from the 25th floor of the charred skeleton of a skyscraper.- so that’s good…