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Happy National Pi Day!

Math lovers around the world have a reason to celebrate today; March 13th (3.14) is national Pi Day. Not a math lover? Well then today is a great excuse to eat a slice (or maybe two) of pie. Many offices around the country are using today as an excuse to have a small party at work, and the White House is no exception. Today, the White House Twitter page wished everyone a “Happy Pi Day”, while sharing a picture of President Barack Obama and a kid with a face full of pie.

The quote below the Flickr picture quoted President Barack Obama:

“Anyone want to try a piece of my strawberry pie,’ the President asked those at adjacent tables during a stop for lunch at Kozy Corners restaurant in Oak Harbor, Ohio. A young boy said yes and came over for a big bite of pie.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


on national pie day, we get pi jokes…
on national pi day, we get pie jokes…

anyway. heres the footage of when Olivia Munn jumped into a giant pie wearing a sexy french maid outfit. aww yes…i remember it like it was five years ago. i miss AOTS. actually, i miss G4 in general…they were so terrible at everything haha 13 hour HEROES marathon? hahaha