Being a military spouse we don’t get to celebrate many special days together, they’re usually spent through a loving email. So mock me all you want, but today marks 2 years ago that Lindsay gathered my friends and family from all over the country in Washington D.C for the National Epilepsy Walk and then dropped down to one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. This is my absolute favorite candid photo from that day because i tried to hide my tears and i obviously couldn’t. It was such an incredible moment and day. It will ALWAYS be one of my best memories, and i can’t thank everyone enough who was apart of it. #teambarclift #milso #noh8 #girlswholovegirls #engaged #married #mrsandmrs #easttowest #candidcamera

taking part in the National Walk for Epilepsy for this wonderful boy today. being Ben’s babysitter/neighbor is the best thing in the world, I’m so grateful that his family has been so close to mine and that they have given us the blessing that is being part of their lives. his smile that never fails to make my day a million times better 💜 #BensBunch #EpilepsyWalk by joeytaminez

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National Walk for Epilepsy 2015

National Walk for Epilepsy 2015 Today is the 9th National Walk for Epilepsy in the nation’s capital. 

M.A.R.C.H.H is HERE! Walking for Epilepsy, in support of those who put up the fight without NO Control!! National Walk for Epilepsy 2015‼️ What is epilepsy?
Epilepsy is a neurological condition, which means it affects the brain, the main part of the nervous system. Epilepsy may also be called a “seizure disorder.” People are usually diagnosed with epilepsy if:
They have had at least 1 seizure.
They are likely to have more seizures.
The seizure wasn’t provoked or caused by another treatable medical condition like an infection or diabetes.

What are seizures?
Seizures seen in epilepsy are temporary changes in behavior caused by problems with the electrical and chemical activity of the brain. Seizures may look and feel different from one person to the next. What happens during a seizure depends on the area of brain affected.
Epilepsy seizures may be caused by a number of things such as brain injury, infection, or a family (genetic) tendency. Most of the time, however, the cause is unknown.

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