Ocellate river stingray or motoro ray.

We so often envision stingrays as saltwater animals, that it can be rough for many to imagine that there are freshwater stingrays like the motoro. This doesn’t mean the home hobbyist should go out and snatch one up for their own tank. Freshwater rays can be just as sensitive and large growing as their saltwater cousins, and they also come equipped with a stinging barb.


Jellie Invasion Pattern 3 & 4, respectively - by Susie So

More proof that I illustrate things other than flowers and food :) I started off with the digital patterns (in earlier posts) just to get a feel for what I could do and to experiment, but my original intention was to develop a hand-drawn (painted) pattern. These were inspired by the moon jellyfish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. 

Maybe it’s because of all this snow, but they’re starting to remind me of unique little snowflakes…