National Strawberry Day

Today is National Strawberry Day! To celebrate, we’ve uncovered 5 interesting facts about this popular fruit from an article in The Oxford Companion to Food:

  1. The strawberry is a symbol of the Virgin Mary.
  2. The English word ‘strawberry’ is due to the ‘straying’ erratic habit of the plant.
  3. In France and Italy a common accompaniment to strawberries is red wine.
  4. The strawberry is technically known as a ‘false’ or ‘accessory fruit’ because its seeds are the true fruits of the plant. The fleshy ‘berry’ to which they are attached is an enlarged, softened receptacle.
  5. The strawberry’s cluster of dry fruit seeds is described as an ‘etaerio of achenes’.

Image: Strawberry tart, by Hiroyuki Takeda. CC-BY-ND-2.0 via Flickr.

National Chocolate & Strawberry Day

July 7th is National Strawberry Day. It’s also National Chocolate Day.

This inspired us to have a contest. To win a 12 pack of our Flavor Wave condoms, which includes a chocolate covered strawberry flavored condom, our followers had to create a poem combining chocolate, strawberries & our condoms.

We received some amazing poems but our Twitter favorite & winner is below:

Today is National Strawberry Day
What a Day I must say.
Sweet, red, tender,
Gets me thinking of someone’s member.
But as I remember…

Today is also National Chocolate Day
Another  day I must say.
Dark, milk, bittersweet
Again the thought of someone’s meat.
Oh what a treat…

Take the red tender,
Dip the dark member
Serve with the number One contender
The round one, the sound one
A Condom
Won’t get none without one

We think she did a fantastic job and can’t wait to see what is created by our facebook fans. What do you think of the poem?