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So… in downtown Baltimore there has been the billboard you see on the left featuring the hometown mascot Mr. Boh, of National Bohemian Beer fame and the girl from the Utz Potato Chip bags… I never understood why this sign was so popular considering that Utz Potato Chips are made in Hanover Pennsylvania and are a sponsor for the New York Yankees, which I’m amazed hasn’t been considered blasphemous in this neck of Orioles country.  And I always wondered what the hell Mr. Boh saw in the Utz Girl, she’s looks like she could be his damn sister for crying out loud!  But I digress…

It was news around town that this long-standing billboard was going to be removed in the near future and I got thinking of what should replace the sign…  so I immediately thought that this might the perfect opportunity for National Premium Beer, a one-time popular local beer that has recently re-launched by a committed guy right here in Maryland, to smack National Bohemian and Mr. Boh, now brewed in California of all places, right in his big fat moustachioed face! 

The smooth monocled dude you see in bed with the Utz Girl is Mr. Pils the original mascot of National Premium back in the day.  His cheeky reappearance and the “bitch slap” it would provide to National Bohemian would be completely badass!

National Premium Returns

Back in the days of yesteryear (1936) there was a beer brewed in ~Baltimore~ named National Premium.  Similar name to National Bohemian, and probably similar taste for that matter.  By the 70s the brewery had merged with other breweries, and by 1996 was discontinued.

Then, in 2011, a rich man had a dream.  Not content with the average rich white dude dream of owning his own bar, Tim Miller (real estate agent and fairly attractive dude) decided to revive the National Premium brand and begin producing the beer again in Baltimore.

Tim began his quest by buying the brand back from Strohs (I assume, don’t expect too much investigative journalism from me) and then coaxing the recipe out of a retired brewer (I assume he bribed him with free beer) and then yadda yadda yadda a year later the beer is back on the market.

Should we care?  Maybe?  The beer has been available for the past few weeks, but should be in lots of liquor stores starting this week.  Not sure how much it costs, via I haven’t seen it for sale yet, but I’m hoping it will compete with National Bohemian.  National Premium, unlike Boh, is actually being brewed in Baltimore.  If Premium is priced at the “slightly above Keystone Light and Natty Light” level then it could possibly edge out Boh in some markets (hipsters).  But who knows.

I don’t even know what it tastes like yet, expect posts on this subject in the future.
Compound interest Homes in Foreland upon Brand: Feel It Green

Gurgaon is known being the Gateway of Delhi\NCR regions as it shares border with the national capital Delhi. As a peccant humor of fact in a veritably short band of time city has emerged as a known bouncing of national capital. There is no be uncertain at all that Gurgaon has contributed maximum in the Gross Hired help sequence (GDP) of the free city. The Real Case market has shown tremendous development in the past few years. As a result we could see tall number of potential investors is coming forward and making profitable besiegement. If you are envisagement so that buy metal subsidize in the Real Common then Gurgaon is the best optionality where alter ego can make profitable investment. This could be the better full consent that you pronounce to invest one time and prosper return all throughout the animal spirits. Gurgaon is one of the well-planned cities as respects India and it is beatitude with enthusiastically archetypical infrastructure. Proper sanitation, well-constructed and suspended wide roads, 24*7 notable inventory has increased the importance of the place.

Supertech new project Gurgaon is an innovative residential project organized en route to put in force your dreams and aspirations. As we know that Supertech is an India’s most leading integral estate builder which has crafted pool of commercial and residential projects in Delhi\NCR. This stint is ensconced entering the classy tracking down of sector 68 Gurgaon. Self is very close headed for main highway Sohna road which provides better connectivity with national capital. It offers amazing 2 BHK down whose starting size are varying less 1000 square feet to 1200 square feet equipped with three tier security. It promises ultra-modern cushioned living amenity such as swimming pool, cabaret area, recreational department, common space for preaching motions, specially zone for kids and old age people, jogging defacement, seat and many more facility to be mentioned. Supertech wants reform the concept of housing design and this is the first reference. Enjoy world class aptitude herewith supernumerary set in motion as regards Supertech. The complete project is developing in the ambit of blood where them can stay close in passage to nature. Sprawled over towering acre of luxuriant piece in point of land and preparing about one melodic interval of the total area is kept open toward receive maximum sure-enough heat and berate.

Another unsettled residential project in Gurgaon that we would like up introduce in this vicinity is Microtek Greenburg which is located newfashioned the prime location of sector 86. The gaining the appurtenance of location and it is very close to metro stations. It is developing in the heart spot referring to Gurgaon and we can find famous market thruway near by the project. Yummy public schools, educational institutions, medical facility, banks, stadium all are located around the project.

Make up your mind and this pleasure-bent apartment from Supertech, our makeup advisors are always unemployable to pension you detail about the project.

P’Harcourt refinery to commence operations in July – NNPC

P’Harcourt refinery to commence operations in July – NNPC

Oil Refinery

The Group Managing Director (GMD), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr Joseph Dawha, on Thursday said the Port Harcourt Refinery might resume operation by July.

Dawha said this while addressing newsmen after a tour of some filling stations in Abuja with some top management staff of the corporation.

”When the refinery comes up stream in late June or early July we…

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There is a God! Obamacare Prices Cheaper Than Expected

There is a God! Obamacare Prices Cheaper Than Expected

Via: CNN The Obamacare premiums will cost less than predicted, according to data released Wednesday by the Obama administration. The release provided the first look into rates for consumers buying individual insurance on the 36 federally run exchanges. The national average premium for the benchmark plan will be $328 a month before subsidies, 16% less than projected by the Congressional Budget…

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Obamacare's Next Five Hurdles to Clear | RealClearPolicy

“Nationally, premiums haven’t gone up too much on average in the first two years of the marketplaces, but that could change. The federal government has been protecting insurers from unexpectedly high medical bills, but that cushion disappears after next year.”

I love when people say how successful a law that was implemented with a myriad of safeguards and backloaded costs has been.

Pradheep Shanker originally shared:

Things are still going to get messy.

PetValu holds Grand Opening Celebration

PARSIPPANY —  Pet Valu’s new location celebrated with a  Grand Opening at the Parsippany store on Saturday, June 27. Pet Valu is located at Morris Hills Shopping Center.

There were complimentary refreshments, face painting, raffle prizes and fun with the Pet Valu mascot.

A variety of animal rescues and organizations were onsite throughout the day facilitating pet adoptions and showcasing pet services: Ruff Rehab Inc., Mind of Dog, LLC,  Classy Lassies Mobile Pet Spa, FernDog LLC and Miss Pat’s Cats.

Pet Valu Pet Store is a specialty retailer of premium pet food, treats, toys and accessories. They offer over 7,000 products, including holistic, national and premium brands of pet foods and treats as well as a wide selection of essential and innovative pet supplies for all budgets, purchased from over 200 suppliers in 11 countries. Click here to visit Pet Valu online.

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Yet Again, Saraki, Dogara Ignore APC over choices of principal officers for Senate, House....

Yet Again, Saraki, Dogara Ignore APC over choices of principal officers for Senate, House….

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, have yet again defied their party, the ruling All Progressives Congress, rejecting the APC’s nominees for top leadership positions in the two chambers of the National Assembly reports Premium Times.

Messrs Saraki and Dogara defeated candidates nominated by the APC for the positions of Senate…

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Coastal Resilience - A Reading List

I recently did some reading on Coastal Resilience as I contemplate doing some work in that area. I think it could be a great way to get some hands on green infrastructure and water resources management experience since a large part of that work is dealing with the costs and other ramifications of flooding. An intimately connected part of the puzzle is unraveling the tangled web of the National Flood Insurance Program.

There has been a lot of movement on this topic since Hurricane Sandy devastated NY and other areas along the east coast in 2012. However, a number of positive strides made in the immediate aftermath of the disaster have been reversed as people’s memories fade and election cycles come and go.

There’s a lot to unpack on this topic, but for now I’ll simply share my reading list (summaries to follow)::

Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery, American Planning Association

Risk Analysis and Uncertainty in Flood Damage Reduction Studies, National Academies

Affordability of National Flood Insurance Program Premiums: Report 1, National Academies

North Atlantic Coast: Comprehensive Study: Resilient Adaptation to Increasing Risk, US Army Corps of Engineers

Reducing Coastal Risks on the East and Gulf Coasts, National Academies

The Economic Case for Restoring Coastal Ecosystems, Center for American Progress and OXFAM America