National Pet Month


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France

May is National Pet Month, so curl up with your favorite furry friend and enjoy these purrfectly delightful selections.


When a Forever Home is a Home: 3 Inspiring Farm Animal Adoption Tales 

When people visit Farm Sanctuary shelters and get to know the cows, pigs, chickens, and other rescued residents up close, it’s easy to make the connection between these animals’ rich, unique personalities and those of their dog and cat friends at home. 

Some farm animal advocates have graciously gone a step further by adopting farm animals and welcoming them into their homes and families. We’re pleased to share the stories of three compassionate families and the adopted farm animals with whom they share their lives.

Each is a member of our Farm Animal Adoption Network (FAAN), a nationwide registry of animal advocates who have opened their homes to farm animals in need. Over Farm Sanctuary’s 30-year history, FAAN members have made it possible for us to get thousands of farm animals into safe, loving forever homes. 

“Adopting animals is truly the most enriching, rewarding thing one can do,” says Meagan Frederick, who joined FAAN in the aftermath of our Hudson Valley rescue of more than 170 animals from a backyard butcher last October

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In honor of National Pet Month, I want to remind you all that not all animals you can adopt from the shelter are fuzzy, and sometimes the unique faces need love, too!

So here are some of those Unique babies, and what shelter you can find them at!

Zumba in Evansville, IN

Monty in Cincinnati, OH

Sherman in Ann Arbor, MI 

Trio of Trees in Spokane, WA

And last but not least:

Harry in Culver City, CA

And of course remember PetFinder is always an amazing place to find exoti’s and “Normal” pets in your area! Happy National Pet Month!

National Pet Month is coming to the end, and coincidentally we’re saying goodbye to our resident pets: the crabs in “Zoodram 5 (Recollection).” This is your LAST CHANCE to view these amazing creatures in an unusual setting.

Zoodram 5 (Recollection),” 2011, by Pierre Huyghe (Courtesy of the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York)


One of my all-time favorite cartoons. Even though I know how it ends, and even though it’s freaking hilarious, when Marc Anthony thinks Pussyfoot is dead and bawls his eyes out, it makes me pretty emotional. (That’s not true. I cry.)

6 Cool Fish Tanks We're Obsessed With


If you’re a fish person, chances are you like to keep things low key. Fish are self-sufficient – give them a little food and a clean tank and they’re happy as a clam. Whether you’re raising a low or high maintenance fish, we found the coolest little homes – some requiring little to no maintenance – for your pet. Check out our anything-but-boring fish tank favorites.

1. Cup holder upgrade – Bring a little joy to your desk with this all-in-one fish tank powered by a USB drive.  An undergravel filtration system facilitates biological filtering which keeps the tank clean and your fish happy. Plus, the fishquarium doubles as a pencil holder, clock, and lamp. ($39.99 at

2. Fancy fish – Crazy about your fish? If money isn’t a factor, buy him a state-of-the-art 8-gallon tank  from biOrb – manitaining it requires very little work on your part. Undergravel filtration cleans the tank and an LED intelligent light keeps your fish on a natural light schedule. Fishy is worth it! ($359.99 at

3. Wall décor – Fish tanks for home décor? Brilliant! KAZE Home’s bubble fish tank gets pinned to the wall taking up zero space on tables and mantels. Add an LED light in red, blue, or white to light up his – and your – home.  ($24.95 at  

4. No cleaning required – Using the laws of physics –  yes, that class you took in high school – this aquarium is self-cleaning! The copper spigot flushes out dirty water when a  clean cup of water is poured through the top. There’s no need to ever remove your fish from his new home and filters are obsolete.  ($70 at

5. Mountain climber – Can fish climb mountains? If he lives in this modern, handmade glass bowl, yes! Unlike any fish bowl out there, this one is artistic and adds a touch of intrigue to your home. ($97.00 at

6. Economical Bettas – Betta fish don’t need an extravagant tank, they enjoy small spaces. Complete with a plastic, mountable aquarium, gravel, and all the essentials for a happy betta home, the Hagen Marina aquarium is a great addition to your home’s décor. ($19.99 at

Is your fish high-maintenance?