National Beer

Libtards:“America was never great!”

Me: Hold my beer…

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Items found in Ted’s stolen Volkswagen

The following is a list of items seized from the orange Volkswagen after Ted last arrest in Florida.

Clothing Items :

  • One pair of white athletic socks with blue bands.
  • One pair of navy blue socks.
  • One pair solid white athletic socks.
  • One pair of white athletic socks  with green stripes.
  • One pair white tennis shorts “Court Casuals” size 32, double black stripes.
  • One white tee-shirt “J.C. Penny Towncraft”, size 38-40.
  • One yellow knit pullover shirt  “Hanes”, size Large.
  • Two pair jockey shorts, “Classic Brief”, size 32.
  • One bath towel, one hand towel, one wash cloth, gold, “Burlington House”.
  • One beach towel, one bath towel, one face towel, brown, “Burlington House”.
  • Three pair boxer type shorts, “Hanes”, size 32, blue, green, and yellow.
  • Two pair gym shorts, one red, one blue.
  • One shirt. Shirt is burgundy with gold, green and red stripes, with debris and ripped at the shoulder.
  • One pair of black socks with grey and red bands.
  • One black and navy belt.
  • One pair of brown socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with blue brand, price $2.35, “Super Sox” by SAI.
  • One pair blue terry-cloth stretch socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with green toe stripe.
  • Two pair white socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with green toe stripes and blue top bands.
  • One pair navy blue socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair black socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair brown socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair gray and charcoal socks with with red top bands.
  • One pair navy blue socks.
  • One pair of Levis Panatela sportwear jeans, size 32 x34.
  • One pair faded Levis blue jeans.
  • One pair racket ball gloves.
  • One Sears brand stopwatch.
  • One pair blue jockey shorts size 32.
  • One red nylon down filled vest.
  • One pair of work gloves.
  • One pair ski type gloves.
  • One blue with red and white trim jockey type bathing suit, size 32-34.
  • One multi-color plaid shirt “Norman”, size M.
  • One blue terrycloth bath robe.
  • One brown washcloth “Burlington House”.
  • One pair corduroy cut-off pants.
  • One dark blue shirt.
  • One sky-blue knit pullover shirt.
  • One faded navy « See Bee » shirt.
  • Six pair of jockey type shorts.
  • One blue cotton shirt and one red windbreaker.
  • One brown knot pullover shirt.

Manicure case  :

  • One Gillette disposable razor.
  • One can of Noxzema, shaving cream; one tube Revlon Shampoo, one Right Guard deodorant stick, one bottle Sea & Ski suntan oil, one bottle of Jovan musk oil after shave cologne, one small pair of scissors, one large and one small pair of fingernail clippers, one full pack of Dentyne chewing gum, one small tube of Crest toothpaste, one Gillette  Tract II razor, one packet of five razor blades refills, one Goodie plastic comb, one Pepsodent toothbrush, one metal nail file, one pair eyebrow tweezers, one hair brush, one soap dish with used bar of soap, and one metal mirror.

Various :

  • Part of a Pensacola journal newspaper, dated Tuesday February 14, 1978.
  • One “Velox” bicycle tube repair kit.
  • Three sealed cans of racket balls “Wilson” two balls per can; one racket ball can with one ball “Wilson”.
  • Two bottles of Vitamin C capsules.
  • One bottle of Solotron multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • One bottle of Vitamin E complex supplement.
  • One Exxon Florida road map.
  • One map of Tallahassee and Leon County.
  • One Polaroid Land Camera Supershooter Plus with carrying case, camera literature, and flash cubes.
  • One Ken-Tech digital clock AM/FM radio.
  • One bottle of Sudden-Tan bronzing lotion “Coppertone”, appears new.
  • One box of tobacco “Rum Cake” from Smokers’ World.
  • Five books : “Navigation the Easy Way” by Carl D. Lane & John Montgomery, “This is Sailing” by Richard Creagh-Osborn, “Let’s Get Well” by Adelle Davis, “Modern Marine Maintenance” by John Duffett, “Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling” by Chapman.
  • One magazine, Cruising World, Sailboat Manual.
  • Thirteen Heineken beer coasters.
  • One « National » radio and cassette player.
  • One Panasonic AM/FM radio.
  • One Panasonic LTD portable black and white television.
  • One grocery bag containing five cans Chicken of the Sea tuna, one 16 oz., can of Oceanspray Cranberry sauce, six cans Underwood sardines and two cans of Spirt of Norway sardines.
  • Two pipes, one pipe accessory kit, one Colibri gas cigarette lighter, one leather tobacco pouch with tobacco.
  • White and brown wrapping paper.
  • One sheet of imprinted letters.
  • Four « Megaphone » magazines.
  • One blue nylon tote bag.
  • One blue and orange sleeping bag.
  • One paper bag and one champagne bottle.
  • One pair of white shorts, half piece of chewing gum and white wrapping paper that items are wrapped in.
  • One jack and one screwdriver.
  • One note, one piece of paper, one match box.
  • One Underwood Letters 33 manual typewriter with carrying case.

Made it through my first day teaching Russian at Harvard!! Time to celebrate/recover by poisoning myself to Prokofiev…

I can’t recommend Baltika 9 beer to anyone who *isn’t* a weird russophile masochist…it’s 8% abv and tastes like slightly rancid whole wheat bread. But it’s a symbol of the Glorious Russian State’s conquest of land all the way to the Baltic sea, so…

Mladý Heinrich Himmler (drží vlajku) s jednotkami SA a Freikorps na barikáde pri ministerstve vojny počas tzv. “Pivného puču”, 9. novembra 1923 v Mníchove. Kompletná zostava zľava doprava: Paul Magnus Weickert, Kitzinger, Himmler (drží vlajku), Seidel-Dittmarsch a Ernst Röhm (s kožušinovým golierom na kabáte, jeho tvár čiastočne prekrýva barikáda).

Young Heinrich Himmler (holding the flag) with SA and Freikorps on the barricades at the Ministry of War during the “Beer Hall Putsch”, November 9, 1923 in Munich. Complete group from left to right: Paul Magnus Weickert, Kitzinger, Himmler (holding the flag), Seidel-Dittmarsch and Ernst Röhm (with fur collar on coat, his face is partially covered by the barricade).


A few months ago on a Friday night we went down to Hungry Andy’s in Fells Point for dinner. I parked the car a few blocks away and on our walk we passed a garbage can on the corner. There was a photo album sitting right on top of it, like someone had placed it there only minutes before. It wasn’t dirty at all, just a little beat up with the spine twisted. I opened it up real quick and looked inside to see it was full of photos. It seemed kind of sad someone would throw it away so I walked back and put it in the trunk of my car. It sat back there for weeks before I brought it inside. Then it sat on a shelf for another few months.

Tonight for whatever reason we remembered it’s existence and decided to open it up. A few photos have possible names written on them but not many. All of the smaller photos were taped to larger ones that seem kind of out of context to the rest, as if someone combined two unrelated photo albums together. However the small photos are the interesting ones.

From what I can gather it seems that a man named Will (probably William) who has photos of himself very young wearing a US Navy outfit, probably WWII, grew up and perhaps owned a local bar. I see a photo of the outside of a bar that says “Harry’s Miniature Bar” and another reference to “Dallas Pleasure Club” at 926 Gay Street. Can’t be sure if any of these photos are actually from inside those places though.

You can see plenty of Baltimore references all over the place. Gunther and National beer boxes stacked high. A sign on the ceiling mentions the name Art Donovan. Another photo features a display for Bromo Seltzer.

I can’t be sure all of these photos are from the same place. There are some photos in the album from the 1970s that look very much like the Canton or Highlandtown area. The roads have a bit of curve to them as well as arcitecture that matches that area. The one thing throwing me off is in the distance is one single tall building, it looks similar to an apartment building near Greenmount Cemetery. It is possible this place has been completely demolished and something new has been built on top of it.

I see references to the last name Wise but nothing in the album is written very clearly. There is a very faded photo on a card of some sort with what looks like William in his 70s or 80s with his grandchildren.

If any of this rings a bell to anyone let me know. Finding out where Harry’s Bar was may be the key.

Castiel Headcanons

1. What they smell like:
He has a strong smell of the cologne he uses. It’s a mix of wood and sage. He also has a faint scent of cigarette on his hair and clothes.

2. How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
He sleeps about midnight, right after his daily guitar practice. He sleeps like a rock and that’s the reason he’s always late to school, because he is too lazy to get up. He sleeps in a sheet less with a very hard and old pillow.

3. What music they enjoy:
Likes to listen to almost all kinds of rock and metal. His favorites are hard/grunge rock and industrial/thrash metal. He also has his songs on his cellphone, because he’s damn proud of them. Will sometimes say something isn’t real music.

4. How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
About 20 minutes, the amount of time needed to rinse, brush his teeth and to put gel and comb his hair.

5. Their favourite thing to collect:
He isn’t much of a hoarder; his room is pretty simple and minimalistic. However, he does like collecting the most diverse guitar picks he can find. He has about 50 now and tries to use all of them

6. Left or right-handed:

7. Religion (if any):
He describes himself as an atheist. He used to be one of those edgy 13-year-olds who posts nihilistic quotes on Facebook. But know he’s pretty chill about it and will only say anything if someone asks.

8. Favourite sport:
Basketball. He is on basketball team at school and is very good at it. He doesn’t really play any sport out of school.

9. Favourite touristy thing to do when travelling:
He likes to taste their local beer/national liquor. It doesn’t matter if he’s underage at the local law, he will find a way.

10. Favorite kind of weather:
Mild. Not too hot or cold, the perfect weather to stay at home and do nothing or to go out and play with Demon. His favorite season is Fall, but he doesn’t have any least favorite season. Anything is just fine with him.

11. A weird/obscure fear they have: 
Will deny it to the grave, but he’s afraid of being weak. That’s one of the reasons he sometimes try so hard to appear tough. Despite being almost 100% over it, Deborah left a scar on him. He still remembers how weak, pathetic and useless she made him feel and tries his best to never feel like that again.

12. The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:
He doesn’t like any kind of those games at all, but is good at anything that involves throwing a ball.