Princely Tiger Moth, Chrysocale principalis by Ian & Kate Bruce
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A beautiful daytime moth with Iridescent wings. We sighted the Princely Tiger Moth high in the Mil Combres mountains in the Highlands of Mexico. They are found in Guatemala and Mexico and this one was on Ageratum flowers, Whiteweed in the USA, a genus of 40-60 flowering annuals and perennials native to Central America and Mexico with four species found in the USA.

National Hug Day!

I always want to brighten somone day so why not do it on the day of hugs?! Send hugs to! @toggy001 @omgaflyingpig @thepunnygirl112 @albatronic1987 @impossiblycleverdreamer @wraithvine @wolfoftonight @raspberry-may @artistdove @pochik @thealfanator @loser-who-draws-bad-art @efs-enderfireshadow @sprintflames1 @anonymousbathtub @amazingmewtwo @drawinintherain @allofmyfollowersandfriends!

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Anglesey Abbey by David Biggins


Our host told us about this amazing trail in a nearby town. We spent the day hiking and exploring off path, where we found eerie caves and wax candles all along the ridge of the peak. The landscape was amazing, I felt as though I was in Middle-earth. 

Photography by Victoria Robidoux

The Finnish flag has come a long way since the first Finnish proto-flag was introduced in 1848. This picture introduces nine selected flag designs from over the years but in reality there are many more proposals and unofficial flag designs out there that are not featured in this picture. When Finland declared independence in 6th December in 1917 the blue-white cross became the official national flag the following year.

Speak out against the Muslim Ban

If you have already called your representatives about Trump’s executive order banning people from 7 predominately Muslim countries from entering the US (with exceptions for Christians, of course), here’s some additional comment lines to try.  I haven’t called these numbers myself yet, but they seem like a good starting point:

  • DOJ comment line (comments may be directed to the new pro-ban Acting Attorney General, Dana Boente, who replaced Sara Yates after she was fired for “betraying” the DOJ by refusing to defend the ban): 202-353-1555
  • DOJ main switchboard: 202-514-2000
  • DOJ Office of Communications and Legislative Affairs (contact point for the Executive Office for Immigration Review): 703-305-0289
  • Customs and Border Security Info Center: 1-877-227-5511 / 202-325-8000
  • TSA Customer Service Contact Center: 866-289-9673

Ellwood House at Christmas by Kenchy
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Stourhead by Antony Spencer