Nation of Gods and Earths


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The true wisdom of a master teacher is borne out in the students he produces. Don’t simply think you know; don’t half-know; know thyself fully, Black man and woman, for YOU ARE GODS, children of the Most High God.

Do you not wonder why, of the thousands of people spied on in U.S. history by his F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover declared the Honorable Elijah Muhammad “the most dangerous Black man in North America?" 

Knowledge of one’s identity, one’s self, community, nation, religion, and God, is the true meaning of resurrection, while ignorance of it signifies hell. ~ T.H.E.M.


Wise Intelligent - Leaders In Our Communities and Public & Charter Schools Failure

A God is Born...

Today, is the bornday of Allah a.k.a. The Father a.k.a. Clarence 13X, the founder of the 5% Nation of Gods & Earths (5 Percenters). He took the supreme wisdom of the Nation of Islam temples and the Messenger, Elijah Muhammad that was only available to registered Muslims and began to teach the disenfranchised ghetto youth of Harlem (Mecca) the knowledge of themselves and who the true and living God was. He taught them that they, the young black boys, that they were Gods, Kings, and the young black girls that they were Earths, Queens… He told them that they were more than this white supremacist system said they were, he told them that they were the true and living God, ALLAH. He raised their self esteem, educated them, and encouraged them to do for self and their people. He took all the gangs of New York, stopped them from killing each other, and turned them into the Gods and they began to build instead. He loved the babies and wanted to bring about peace throughout the world… An often unrecognized hero of Black people and all people really. PEACE TO THE GOD! 

eight shades of black. eight points of the original. the total degrees of all eight points is 360. it takes all 8 shads to build a complete cipher.

black is the color of the universe. black is the cosmos. the blackman is the cosmic man. the purusha. the cosmos. the universe. u and i and the verses of words we speak weaves the fabric of creation. in the beginning god said let there be light, and there was light. fiat lux. lux lucet in tenebris. 

7 is creation. 7 rays of light. 7 octaves. 7 notes of sound. aum. cymatic resonance is the aural foundation of the universe. the verse u and i weave. 7 is god manifest.

the crescent and star is islam, the science of everything. without beginning or end. science is understanding the wisdom of knowledge. everything is cipher…

cipher is zero. zero is empty yet infinite. empty inside. with infinite points in the circumference. zero holds the mystery. x is the mystery. in the emptiness of zero is pi. pi unfolded is infinite mathematical sequence. infinity in emptiness.

emptiness is sunyata. sunyata meaning zero-ness. sunyata is the flow of impermanence. the nothing the quantum flux manifests from. 

“God reigns above the nations, sitting on his holy throne. For God is the King over all the earth. Praise him with a psalm.”

 Psalms 47:7-8 New Living Translation
Hurricane Irma's forecasted to hit Mar-a-Lago and a bunch of other Trump properties
The president's many properties face bigly threats from Irma
By Marcus Gilmer

Mother Nature, please bowl a perfect strike through Trump’s properties

For those of faith, this will be the 3rd sign from God to #ImpeachTrump. The 1st was the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. The 2nd was Hurricane Harvey on  Aug. 25, 2017.

1. Personal estates

2. Golf Courses

  • Trump National Doral Miami
  • Trump International Golf Club
  • Trump National Jupiter Golf Club
  • Trump National Golf Club Charlotte

3. Real Estate

  • Trump Towers Sunny Isles Condos
  • Trump Grand
  • Trump Hollywood
  • Resorts and Clubs
  • Mar-a-Lago Club
  • Trump International Beach Resort

View all of Trump’s properties in the path of Hurricane Irma on Google Maps