Sky Edge

Unique. Armor built for air combat and lightning assault.
The main frame is a modified flying suit that includes several connections intended to hold protection plates still while preserving much of the movements possibility. The communicator is implanted in the left shoulder pad. Razor twin blades (hand blades) are designed for slashing rather than piercing and are reinforced with black composite iron. Gloves are equiped with railed blades (RB)

The helmet design is not final, but you get how it works ~

Kicking my own butt again ahah

(( Been awhile since Wild’s tangled with the law, so here he is having a good ol’ fashioned standoff with Nathariel of Princess Luna’s Night Vanguard! ))

(( Dunno if you guys know of the NightVanguard tumblr, but the owner is an extremely talented artist and storyteller who needs more attention. Their artwork and characters are beautifully crafted and illustrated. I’ve been an admirer of their work since they started: you should be too! ))

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Nathariel : The pain … yes … yes they are >: / … Anyway, 21 WP when cruising, and around 35 WP for a wind blow, I’m proud of my babies.


(( Inspired from SC’s tale - so this scene probably happened a looong time ago ))

(( The question, and this idea, were running into my mind/mailbox since almost the beginning of this blog, also my very first GIF of all time, kinda funny to make :o ))

Miss Sweet Cream


Nath : First off, our commanding officer, during our military service, was an earth pony, and no magic or air tricks could save us from getting our butts kicked … even after we got promoted Captains.
He personaly trained Goliath, to help him leash his strength.

Now, I’m not from Equestria, but as soon as I’ve learn to read pony, I’ve consult history volumes telling about the Dark Age, the “Before Equestria”, when ponies couldn’t get along, and increasing conflicts led to the loss of Ponylands.
Earth ponies knew that they would be the easiest target for the two other factions, so they quickly adapt and use their ingenuity and creativity to  build devices that would give them more than a chance to fight on equal terms with pegasus and unicorns alike.
From highly trained warriors to master engineers machinery and anti-magic specialists (Unicorn Hunters), earth ponies never backed down.
We apparently owe them some devices that we still use nowadays.

Finaly, even if it’s not an exemple that I would like to share, one of the main threats for the kingdom today comes from no one else than an Earth pony … WildCard …


Lilly : I tried to reproduce this bat syndrom, see if it can enhance the actual seal we’re using for night guards … it’s mostly a failure, subjects seem to be blinded by light, even if echolocation is hardly taking over, and they have a … serious obsession issue with apples at some point.

[ I tried so hard, and got so faaar, but in the end, I again fail at SC hair dammit ! >: / eheh. ]

The Bandit and the Rogue

Quick little picture :p, I was listing to this song and it reminded me of those two ~

“ Standing here
I realize you were just like me
Trying to make history
But who’s to judge
The right from wrong
When our guard is down
I think we’ll both agree
Violence breeds violence
But in the end it has to be this way

I’ve cut my own path
You’ve followed your wrath
But maybe we’re both the same
The world as turned
And so many have burned
But nobody is to blame
It’s tearing across this barren wasted land
I feel new life could be born
Beneath the blood stained sand