“aHAHAHAHA YEAH err I’m part bat pony on my Uh MY mother’s…brothers..cousin’s sideOH MY HEAVENS LOOK AT THE TIME I GOTTA RUN”

So how am I doing?


Featuring AskSweetCream’s namesake OC and nightvanguard’s Nathariel asdfads although there’s many more names recently that I’ve been flattered as the dickens to see so thank youuuuuu


Sky Edge

Unique. Armor built for air combat and lightning assault.
The main frame is a modified flying suit that includes several connections intended to hold protection plates still while preserving much of the movements possibility. The communicator is implanted in the left shoulder pad. Razor twin blades (hand blades) are designed for slashing rather than piercing and are reinforced with black composite iron. Gloves are equiped with railed blades (RB)

The helmet design is not final, but you get how it works ~

Kicking my own butt again ahah


Nathariel :  Captain

Join the army at 16, as a rookie, deny the pegasus training for a earth pony one. Makes a 2 years mandatory formation in the air force, minimum required to be a pegasus captain, as a night flyer.
Multi-role in the team depending of the mission, extrem close combat and blade master ( armor&blade freak… )

Alessio Ingano (Fudge) : 2nd in Command
Special talent : Illusion.

Join the army at 16. Master in mesmerism and sharp shooting. Follow a classic unicorn training then specialise in magic and classic marksmanship and infiltration.
Sniper, infiltration, intelligence and assassination. He uses a prototype weapon called “Hydra” allowing the manipulation of 6 rope&blade connections with the minimum magic flux required.

Full Hammer (Goliath) : Shield
Special talent : Overwhelming strength.

Join the army at 19. Follow a regular earth pony training and then specialise in heavy melee weapons and shields.
Shieldwall when defending a ViP or heavy bruiser in other situations. One hit on a foe is generaly extremly punishing.

Morning Run (Lilly) : Scientist
Special talent : Area control

Join the Vanguard with the commandations of the High Canterlot Magical Institut ( Some months before S1 Ep1 ~ ) to investigate on the “Overseer”. Fudge ensures her combat formation.
Scientist, engineer, medic and against all odds, heavy artillery. Posseses heavy magical abilities and is declared as an Arcane breaker.

[No linearts and speedpainting test, it was fun and interesting ! :D]


Lilly : I tried to reproduce this bat syndrom, see if it can enhance the actual seal we’re using for night guards … it’s mostly a failure, subjects seem to be blinded by light, even if echolocation is hardly taking over, and they have a … serious obsession issue with apples at some point.

[ I tried so hard, and got so faaar, but in the end, I again fail at SC hair dammit ! >: / eheh. ]

The Bandit and the Rogue

Quick little picture :p, I was listing to this song and it reminded me of those two ~

“ Standing here
I realize you were just like me
Trying to make history
But who’s to judge
The right from wrong
When our guard is down
I think we’ll both agree
Violence breeds violence
But in the end it has to be this way

I’ve cut my own path
You’ve followed your wrath
But maybe we’re both the same
The world as turned
And so many have burned
But nobody is to blame
It’s tearing across this barren wasted land
I feel new life could be born
Beneath the blood stained sand