Nathaniel Ratecliff - Pounds & Pounds

And it’s out of breath
And it’s spinning around,
In love with the sound of it’s own voice,
And it’s toughest skin has been stretched so thin, it’s invisible to us

And if I forget will your hand be soft and guide me through it?
And above all the rest I cant seem to pound my fist in deep enough…

There is no end without you

There is no end without you
There is no sun to keep us warm in the winter
Without you
I am… I am… I am… without you

I realised I have forgotten my hebrew :(

Attempt at the lyrics since I could find them nowhere else, they deserve to be on the interwebs. Really powerful performance especially when the second vocal kicks in


Nate Ratecliff - Shroud

’…I could go backwards forever
I could be boxed inside and living without,
well don’t blow my cover, it’s taken years to make a beautiful shroud…’


Nathaniel Rateliff.

Not only were this guy and his band absolutely charming in person, they completely won me over with their set at the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover. I fully intend going out to buy his music - not even just ripping it off YouTube. He seems like my kinda artist, even though I have not properly explored his music just yet. Maybe a little like the first Bon Iver album in style, which is always fine by me. For now though, take my word that he puts on a properly fantastic live performance, despite the fact that there was not much put into it production-wise.

At first I thought sitting through his performance would be like sitting through the support act at a really great gig. The kind that you listen and nod your head to, but forget by the time the main act take to the stage. I was proved wrong in the very best way. His music sounds like it has the roots of a good old fashioned folk musician, but with something extra that gives his music weight and presence that filled the stage. 

Forgive me for the incredulous hipster-esque obscure description.
You know what, don’t listen to me at all.

Instead, listed to THIS.



Last night, I was at the Borderline in London at the Nathaniel Ratecliff/Communion show… what a show!!!

Communion are good at bringing absolute gems to the ears and last night was no exception

An absolutely amazing night, a rare treat for a Thursday evening… and even Mumford and Sons came on stage for a little dity or too… probably over shadowed the night, but I’m sure that wasn’t the intention.

Photo’s above (sorry they’re shit. I managed to get the worst position in the venue and the majority of the night was me hugging a bollard.)


Nathaniel Ratecliff & The Night Sweats : S.O.B


Obsessed with this song…