It makes me so emotional that Nathan will get the opportunity to be the father he dreamed of being to James. He gets a chance to do that. He gets to be a father! And you just know he would have given anything to have been a part of James life he would have given him the world and now he gets to! All those little dreams he had for him and James will happen!

Putting him to bed.

Reading bedtime stories.

Holding James as he sleeps because he just cant help to stare at him and feeling him, and knowing it’s real.

Baby talk.

Making james smile and giggle by being silly.

James’ first day of school.

Coaching little league.

Teaching him to decoupage.

Going fishing.

Teasing James about girls once he reaches that age.

Teaching him to drive.

But above all he gets to hold his child. And love him. And tell him every day that he loves him. And know that he’s real and there and will never have a fear of losing him!

Nathan gets to have the family he dreamed of having with the woman he loves and that makes me so happy!