Nathan Greno


Okay, to (hopefully) end the discussion once and for all, I asked Nathan Greno directly about where Corona is supposed to be.

Now, granted, he said the very interesting thing about not thinking about it as Corona, since they chose not to call it that in the movie, but… it’s the only name the kingdom’s ever had, and since they call it that in the series, what else are we going to call it?

But, even so, my point is that it is not Germany. It’s just a unique but generic fairytale kingdom that draws inspiration from several sources.

ghostlyfrog replied to your post “Eugene is actually 26 years old during “Tangled”, making the age gap…”

I wish people would realize the person who said he was 26 was just some crew member who THOUGHT he was that age. honestly the only thing we know is that he is in his early twenties.

Exactly! Nathan Greno told @forever-tangledup when she asked that he always thought of him as 24-25! He’s one of the directors, and he doesn’t a definitive age! They never decided on a canon age for Eugene! The end!