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I'm so with you on living in an AU world where Nate and Jo are super happy and still just being the best soulmate/friends as they can be. I have several WIP fics where they're just happy and cuddly? Cause I feel like they deserve that and I want them to have it. Nate gives me hope tho when he posts things like #sparksstillthere and Team NA was like old times and it felt like nothing changed with him and jo and I just bawled of course

YES GOOD I hope you finish those fics one day :) I have a dozen TBL!Jo fics that I want to finish up, since I feel extremely uncomfortable writing about the Habs lmao. Happy and cuddly boys is my jam yes. Every time I feel like Nate and Jo’s epic [b]romance is dead, they rekindle my faith :’)


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