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I saw Zooptopia last night and LOVED it.  All the designs were beautiful and funny, but Clawhauser was probably my favorite.  His design, and the animation paired with Nate Torrence’s performance was fantastic. Bravo to all who worked on this film. 

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When Zootopia came out in theaters, They gave out this phone number: 1 844-665-6764 on the internet for a voicemail promotional thing. But since Zootopia is no longer in theaters they got rid of this voicemail for good. But I was lucky enough to capture the full recording of the voicemail just for you guys to enjoy. 

 Clawhauser VoiceMail By Nate Torrence.

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Zootopia: Benjamin Clawhauser [ESFJ]


Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Clawhauser is the receptionist of the ZPD, and it is his job to put the visitors at ease, register their complaints, and reassure them. He has a warm, dynamic, friendly personality, always willing to insert himself into any social situation…to the point of sharing his love of Gazelle with the visitors! He is clearly upset at how everyone writes him off as a “flabby, donut-loving cop”, but never lets that get to him completely, and is able to hide it all with a smile on his face. Clawhauser is cheerful and optimistic, always willing to see the best in others, correcting himself when he wrongly stereotypes Judy as “cute”, and never in a bad mood, much to the irritation of Bogo.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Every day, Clawhauser does the same things: emotionally interact with the visitors, eat donuts, gush about Gazelle, etc. He is attentive to the details of his job, and is oriented towards the immediate needs of his visitors. Clawhauser loves donuts, because they give him inner comfort, and has loads of memorabilia of Gazelle, which he treasures as memories to remind him of his favorite pop star. Clawhauser is aware of the prejudice of the system, knowing that Judy will get mistreated because of it, and works within it to get things done.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Although Clawhauser doesn’t put much of his focus towards the future, he still has an optimistic view of it. Clawhauser loves sharing ideas with the visitors, in the hopes of making them feel better emotionally (Fe-Ne). Though he isn’t much of a theoretical type, he enjoys brainstorming with Judy, giving her random suggestions to help her solve the case. Clawhauser embraces others’ ideas freely, and can sometimes be so caught up in pursuing some fanciful notion or idea, that he neglects his duties, which displeases Bogo. He has no problem with change to the natural order of things, and encourages Judy to become a cop, even though others won’t.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Clawhauser isn’t a particularly logical type; he doesn’t have the fastest brain, despite being a cheetah. Clawhauser finds it difficult to be more logical and tough, because it means that he would have to be stern and mean, which are traits he doesn’t like. Still, Clawhauser is one of the few animals who believe that, no matter how tough a problem is, there’s always a solution that can solve it, and this belief encourages Judy to try harder than she ever did to achieve her dream.

Sam Winchester will get a blast from the past in “Supernatural’s” upcoming 11th season. The CW’s enduring horror series has cast Nate Torrence as Sully, Sam’s imaginary friend from childhood, Variety has learned exclusively.

Sully appears in episode 1108, titled “Just My Imagination,” because he needs Sam and Dean’s help. The episode will be directed by “Supernatural” alum Richard Speight Jr., who memorably played the angel Gabriel (and moonlighted as The Trickster) in various episodes between seasons two and nine.