Nate Richards

Young Avengers
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, David Alleyne
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:Teddy Altman, Tommy Shepherd, Eli Bradley
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll:Billy Kaplan, Jonas
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you:America Chavez, Noh-Varr
  • the sinnamon rolls:Nate Richards, Loki Laufeyson

“According to the Bugle, we’re the Young Avengers.”
“Okay, before we call her, we have to come up with a better name.”

The Signs as Young Avengers

 Aries: América Chavéz | Miss America {Full of action, anger, & energy, sensual, ambitious, independent, “in your face”, confident, arrogant, explosive, dynamic}

Taurus: Nate Richards | Iron Lad {Reliable, responsible, stable, materialistic, extravagant, argumentative, task-oriented, stubborn}

Gemini: Noh-Varr | Marvel Boy {Values love, beauty, & music, lively, youthful, quick-witted, sociable, engaging, versatile, restless, can be vain, superficial, insensitive}

Cancer: Jonas | Vision {Loves family/team and home, can be deeply emotional, hates being incorrect, easily expresses opinions, likes to keep strong ties to the past, intensely loyal to their partner and other loved ones}

Leo: Kate Bishop | Hawkeye {Extroverted, flamboyant, warm, caring, likes to be appreciated, charismatic, magnetic, intellectual, honorable, dominant, proud, natural leader}

Virgo: Billy Kaplan | Wiccan {Analytical, observant, desire to please loved ones, caring, thorough, anxious, angsty, melancholic if left alone, reins emotions in, sarcastic, cynical, has a very fragile ego but will never let you see it, calm outward appearance hides a storm, can be frightening or dangerous when angered or pushed too far}

Libra: Cassie Lang | Stature {Values justice, truth, freedom, creativity, & equality, sociable, poised, desires peace, is the heart and soul, brings others together, charming, compassionate}

Scorpio: Tommy Shepherd | Speed {Strong-willed, bold, courageous, competitive, resourceful, mysterious, destructive, sarcastic, industrious, free-spirited, secretive, independent, can be manipulative, controlling, or cruel}

Sagittarius: Loki Laufeyson | Kid/Teen Loki {Child-like personality, thinks deeply about the big picture, seeker of knowledge, well-read on many subjects, judgmental, outspoken, exaggerator, graceful, full of energy}

Capricorn: Eli Bradley | Patriot {Disciplined, hardworking, inner strength, idolizes power, respect, & authority, leadership potential, can be rigid, prudent, & stubborn}

Aquarius: David Alleyne | Prodigy {Unconventional thinker, idealistic, seeks out change, artistic, creative, intelligent, quick, fun, flawed, more of a thinker than a doer, but is very capable, sometimes can have trouble coming to terms with sense of person-hood}

Pisces: Teddy Altman | Hulkling {Patient, perceptive, peace-loving, charitable, easily influenced, vulnerable, emotional, caring, personable, easygoing, charming, can fly into a rage where loved ones are concerned}


I did a Young Avengers Dream Cast thing.

Colton Haynes as Nate Richards

Alex Ludwig as Teddy Altman

Crystal Reed as Kate Bishop

Katheryn Newton as Cassie Lang

Connor McLain as Tommy Shepherd

Alexander Vlahos as Kid loki and Teen Loki


Logan Lerman as Billy Kaplan

Since we’re talking about reasons to want a Young Avengers show again...
  • The comparison of Nate going from wannabe hero to unintentional villain, and Loki going from wannabe villain to unintentional hero.
    • This also leads into Jonas and Kid Loki, because Jonas was a copy of Nate that split off, and Kid Loki was a version of Loki that got integrated into the whole.
  • Noh-Varr as a positive or at least vaguely neutral representation of Kree, since what we’ve had so far is Ronan and the guys on AoS.
    • And because his story is beautiful and tragic and also because FIRE and IDK if they’d do the “FUCK YOU” fires but I hope they do something. Maybe crop circles made of fire?
    • Also just so that there’s more male fanservice because YO THOSE ABS.
  • America Chavez??? As the introduction to the multiverse?
  • Kate Bishop??? As the random ‘what are you even doing here you don’t have powers HOLY SHIT THIS PERSON HAS A SKILL’
  • Cassie Lang??? As the already existing legacy character?
  • IDK what more you could want these superladies are wonderful
  • ELI. BRADLEY. and all the criticism of racism and revisionist history he brings with him.
    • Also he’s just an interesting character? Like, I hope they change his storyline because it’s basically drug abuse, but like his entire personality and his attitude towards legacy heros and Steve Rogers and his maturity and focus is just… he’s a really deep character, okay.
  • David as like, the hacker friend or something I just want the series to have the most intelligent character be a black guy because there isn’t enough of that in Hollywood and for YA it is CANON.
    • And his snark is beautiful. We need that too.
    • I mean he’s a mutant, so he belongs to Fox, but STILL. I’M SURE YOU CAN DO SOMETHING WITH HIM. YOU MANAGED IT WITH THE MAXIMOFFS.
    • Seriously, though, I love David, give me more.
  • Which reminds me, canon gay couple HELLO.
    • HAPPY canon gay couple.
    • IDK how they’re going to do Teddy when Sony still has the rights to the Skrulls as F4 villains, but I’m sure they’ll work something out.
    • Also Billy means more Wanda.
  • (I’m pretty much the only person hoping they somehow work in Sylvie Lushton from Dark Reign… but I totally hope they somehow work in Sylvie Lushton from Dark Reign.)
Young Avengers (Part 2)

part 1 (kate, billy, david, america, tommy)

lean mean hugging machine

  • his earrings say punk rock, but his varsity jacket says gay jock
  • “let me slip into something a little more…comfortable” [shapeshifts into captain america]
  • takes the term “illegal alien” to a whole new level
  • chair butt
  • intellectual bruiser
  • either listens to taylor swift or heavy metal, possibly both, but absolutely nothing in between
  • two modes: holding his friends in a group hug after tragedy strikes, or seconds from scooping a man’s eyeball out with his claw
  • “what are your qualifications” [takes out 500-paged pokemon binder]
  • the face that launched a thousand intergalatic ships
  • goes from 0 to 10,000,000 real fuckin quick when his friends are in danger: Berserker Mom Friend - Premium Edition
  • bro is a PRINCE and could inherit an ALIEN EMPIRE that’s WILD
  • but homeboy stays his ass on earth?? what?!?!?
  • gold with a heart of gold
  • definitely don’t fight teddy: not only will you feel bad because this kid has a million problems and didn’t even cause ONE of them, but also, he will throw you into a skyscraper and utterly shatter every bone in your body

eLIEjah bradley

  • just wants to make his grandpa proud
  • daddy figure issues
  • most heartbreaking power origin twist in the comic (compare to: billy and tommy’s - most heartwarming; teddy’s - most disastrous)
  • scalp brighter than his attitude
  • so sexy, a cosmic horror jacked his style
  • honestly just look at the sun SHINING OFF HIS HEAD
  • what does he do, windex that shit
  • BOSS, michelle obama, arms so heavy throwin ninja stars..
  • don’t do drugs kids (unless it’s part of your character development)
  • arguably the coolest costume out of all his friends
  • the bronx

kevin jonas

  • young avengers presents: and you guys thought tommy was forgotten by the fandom a lot
  • failsafe
  • “billy, tommy….i am your father”
  • to which, the twins replied: “holy fuck and we just finished our family tree project! hold on give us a moment…where’s the whiteout..”
  • billy killed him because jonas threatened to replace his position on the team as the talking gps/teammate tracker 

ants just wanna have fun

  • the young avengers wouldn’t let her join so she stepped on them
  • you know that chuck e. cheese game called spider stomp?
  • that’s new york city for her
  • would def unironically make friendship bracelets for everyone on the team
  • “who’s picking you up from school today sweetie?” either s.h.i.e.l.d., iron man, captain america, or all 700 avengers at once
  • i can’t even count on one hand the amount of times i’ve spoiled this one for somebody oops haha

kang the high schooler

  • if you could gaze into the future (future, future))
  • you might think would be a breeze (life is a breeze)
  • seeing trouble from a distance (yeah, go nate)
  • but its’s not that easyyyy (oh no)
  • I try to save the situation, then I end up misbehaving
  • (sorry about that timeline)
  • (not really tho)

dj starship

  • tommy: who are you?
  • noh: i’m you, but appreciated by marvel writers
  • the reason the young avengers can officially say they’ve road-tripped with an alien
  • that boy you just called cocky? he’s actually a cockroach. you racist sonnuva bitch.
  • has two dicks, by word of god
  • thinks teddy is wasting his shapeshifting abilities (see: chair butt, or rather, a disappointing lack-thereof)
  • had a beard once. we don’t talk about it.
  • honorary spice girls member
  • voted most likely in kree military training to systematically destroy planets. or was he voted most likely to meet beyonce? kree language is so hard to translate, it could honestly be either one of those categories.
  • the nightwing of the young avengers, in both his fighting style, the cut of his costume, and his writers’ fledgling aspirations to make him a sex symbol for the female gaze
  • fact: his relationship with a woman by the alias of Exterminatrix is underestimated as a valuable resource for nsfw headcanons
  • frat boy with a ray gun. be afraid.
should you fight this young avenger?
  • kate:200% fight kate. she probably blew up something that day and knows it. what a poop. fight kate. fight kate all the way. if you don't fight kate, chances are she'll try to fight you. fight her.
  • eli:well you could. you'll probably hurt his feelings but you could. also he might lecture you in the middle of the fight so if you're into that. But make sure to have a good reason. If no then there are better people to target.
  • cassie:wtf? why? isn't she like actually 12 now? Who fights twelve year olds? Don't fight twelve year olds. Don't fight cassie. Don't touch cassie. what's wrong with you?
  • billy:sweet gullible little child. why would you fight him? no. answer me. do you just get off on punching people who have done zero things to deserve it in their lifetime? How can you make him sad? he's just trying to be a good cookie. let him be a good cookie. (also he inherited mommy's flaring temper and magic powers so even if you're a monster who will fight small children it's probably not a good idea to fight billy)
  • america:no see, you have no say in this. if she fights you, then you're fighting her whether your punk ass wants to or not. You'll lose but it'll at least be a good show.
  • teddy:no. he's just already trying his best. what more do you want from him? what more can you take? he'll probably sit you down and ask you why you're doing this and then be supportive and stuff. really. why fight this nerd?
  • tommy:do not even touch. he doesn't deserve it. you may WANT to fight him and I'm here to alert you that that's kinda normal. but I'm telling you to resist because this small baby has had enough shit in his life and needs to be kept away from fights. no fighting. leave him be. also he blows things up and you probably couldn't catch him anyways.
  • noh varr:just. do. it. why not? might as well. he most likely has done something. and if not, he probably won't even mind. he'll think it's a cool trend or something.
  • david:fight david. what a nerd. push into a locker. he knows like 20 different ways out anyways, he's fine.
  • loki:fight loki. fight loki for no reason. fight loki for shitty reasons. there's always a reason to fight loki. relentlessly fight loki. laugh and fight loki. invite your friends and fight him together. hell, invite loki and fight loki.
  • jonas:why would you even?
  • nate:fight him. do it. he'll cry. you'll feel kinda bad but then you'll REMEMBER and then feel much less bad. fight.

Dream Team: Young Avengers

Tommy Shepherd | Speed    Cassie Lang | Stature

Eli Bradley | Patriot                Kamala Khan | Ms Marvel

Jonas | Vision                         America Chavez | Miss America

Nate Richards | Iron Lad        Kate Bishop | Hawkeye

David Alleyne | Prodigy          Sooraya Qadir | Dust


Young Avengers

hey yo when i said i’m gonna draw chibis of ALL of them, i meant ALL of them, even the sinnamon rolls. full view for maximum cuteness.

their little description thingies are from the vol. 2 character lists plus i just made some up (because that cute lil billy doesn’t look really angsty to me tbh). and yep i used old designs based on personal preference. voila. i am tired. i am staying away from chibis for the next few days.

//edit: just changin’ the background of the group photo

Hello comic fans and budding voice actors!

Official Announcement

Young Avengers Live is looking for actors of all experience to participate in this project. Young Avengers Live is a skit podcast that will bring adventure and comedy featuring your favorite teen heroes. We will also be bringing the podcast live at select future cons! The podcast is set to debut in early 2015 so we need your help! There are many characters available that need their voices. Send in an audition! You never know what talent you have until you try, right? This is a great way to bust your acting chops or just have fun with your character.

If you’re attending any cons this year be sure to look for live audition panels!

Can’t participate as a main cast member? Don’t worry! There are other characters that will be available periodically for casting when the scripts calls for them. 

Any questions or concerned can be directed to the inbox! Please share this if you know other’s that would be interested in participating. 


Tommy and Billy are the MICU team consisting of one Paramedic and one EMT who are seriously overworked due to recent budget cuts. They take most of the calls in the area since everyone else are usually on conveniently timed transfers. Contrary to popular belief, Tommy is the Paramedic and Billy is the EMT.

Kate is the charge nurse of literally every night shift because of course they’re understaffed. America is another charge nurse who practically lives at the hospital since she doesn’t have a family or partner. She hangs around during Kate’s shifts to give her bad news and snapchat pictures of Kate’s face when she gets the bad news. Its a favorite pass time of hers.

Teddy is a nursing assistant who also works the night shift. His ass was voted best ass since he recently started working at the hospital- much to the dethroned champion, Kate’s, ire. He flirts with Billy every time the man brings in a patient, and helps him change the sheets on the litter as Tommy gives report to the nurses.

Eli is the grumpy ER doctor who never actually thought he would be stuck as an ER doctor. He perpetually smells like strong coffee and Old Spice. Even though he has a gruff nature he is a favorite of the patients- especially the elderly frequent flyers.

Jonas is an EMT intern working on the only other running ambulance in the city- which is a BLS ambulance. He’s freshly graduated and looking for employment but wants a little bit of experience first. No one mentions that he looks a lot like a certain pair of twins.

Cassie is the EMT on the BLS ambulance. She is outstanding on patient care and always get thank you cards from the people she has helped. She will not hesitate to restrain a combative patient, however. She keeps a framed selfie of the time she picked Tommy up from a bar and had to restrain him on the stretcher after he started arguing with her on the treatments he was supposed to be given after his bar fight. 

Noh is also an EMT on the BLS unit but mostly he likes to drive. He tries not to take many calls, mostly because he hates the paperwork he has to do. He is an advantage to get college girls concede to going with them to get their stomachs pumped however. 

Nate is a patient from the psych ward who just keeps wandering down to the ER. No one is sure how he keeps getting in. He’s good at talking to the other patient’s though, so they usually let him stay down and drink their terrible coffee until the nurses on the third floor realize he’s gone missing again.

David is a nurses technician. Not a secretary, thank you very much, Tommy. If you are loitering around his ER he will put you to work, whether that is making copies, running charts, or assisting with lifting patient’s. He’s known as the child genius of the hospital, and plays online chess while doing his work. They try not to question him. 

Loki is Dr. Thor’s bother. The surgeon has custody of him after a dispute with their parents, but since the surgeon works weird hours he home schools the boy and brings him in to hang out in the hospital. Loki has a hilarious crush on Billy and trails after the older boy whenever he’s in the ER. He has also been known to play pranks- mainly on Teddy. They backfire occasionally though, because who knew that Teddy looked so good in pastel pink and purple?