Nate Richards


I did a Young Avengers Dream Cast thing.

Colton Haynes as Nate Richards

Alex Ludwig as Teddy Altman

Crystal Reed as Kate Bishop

Katheryn Newton as Cassie Lang

Connor McLain as Tommy Shepherd

Alexander Vlahos as Kid loki and Teen Loki


Logan Lerman as Billy Kaplan


There’s been some discussion about the Young Avengers conceptual notes by Allen Heinberg going around lately! I’d been meaning to scan them for a while, so here they are, for your reading pleasure. I will also post the concept art in another entry. And here it is!

It’s impressive to see how much things changed between the concept proposal to the actual comic!

Jessica Jones: …Iron Lad is Kang the Conqueror?
Nate: No! Well, not yet. It’s hard to explain.
Steve: Try.
Nate: I’m supposed to become Kang. In the future.
Jessica: Is this a time travel thing? ‘Cause I hate time travel things.
Tony: If it’s Kang, it’s a time travel thing.
Jessica: See, that’s why I hate Kang.

Young Avengers #2 by Allan Heinberg, art by Andrea DiVito