More Steve & Natasha

I want more of Steve protecting Nat with his shield

I want more of Steve hugging Natasha

I want more of Steve & Natasha fighting together against evil

I want more of Natasha on Steve’s lap

I want more of Steve & Natasha being close and cute

To summarize, I want more Romanogers in the movies @marvel  and Russo brothers


“You think [Crossbones] dies, don’t you? Did you see the body? What did you see? That happened last time. I’m not saying anything except that…you didn’t see a body.” (x)

That is to say: this entire scene was a slightly-more-than-obvious hint that something about Brock’s physiology was changed. Something, perhaps, that could have allowed him to survive even a detonated bomb vest.

Oh This? It’s Fine

Pairing: The Avengers x Reader

Summary: ‘Could you write an avengers fic where the reader goes on a mission and gets shot but they manage to deal with the pain and get on with the mission but end up losing a lot of blood and when they get back to the quinjet everyone gets really worried about how bloody they are and the reader just goes ‘oh this? I’m fine.’ And collapses.’ – requested by anon

Word Count: 417

Warning: none

A/N: ok so i tried to include as many characters as i could but yeah idk,, once again not my best ://

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Steve X Reader

Scene: Nat tries to get Steve admitting who he likes… 

 A/N: sorry for being inactive! make sure to send in requests! 

 Nat has created a chatroom.

 Nat has invited Steve, Sam, Bucky, Tony, and Clint. 

 Nat: You know Steve… Ever since we exposed Hydra at Washington, you never answered my question. 

 Bucky: What question? 

 Nat: Are you ever going to get a girlfriend? 

Tony: Wait…does that make him a 90 year old virgin?  

Steve: Shut up, Stark.

Tony: Look at me I’m Captain Steve

Nat: Are you seriously quoting Grease? 

Steve: What’s Grease?

 Clint: Lousy with virginity

 Bucky: I’m so confused

 Sam: Won’t go to bed until I’m legally wed

 Steve: Sam not you too… 

 Tony: I can’t! I’m Captain Steve! 

 Steve: That’s enough

 Steve: I’m just…waiting for the right person. 


Steve: That doesn’t necessarily-

 Nat: Is it Sharon? 

 Steve: No but-

 Bucky: I bet it’s Y/N!

 Sam: For this time and this time only, I agree with Bucky.

 Bucky: Did birdman actually just agree with me?

 Sam: Don’t make me take it back.

 Bucky: Sorry no take backs!

Clint: I think it’s Y/N too 

 Tony: He has been nervous around them a lot.

 Steve: I don’t like Y/N. What are you talking about? We’re just really good friends… Who hang out a lot.

 Nat: It’s Y/N. 

 Tony: Ah I can’t wait to tell them!

 Clint: Everyone we’re witnessing something magical. Get your cameras ready. 

Nat has added Y/N to the chat.

 Steve has cleared the chat.

 Y/N: What’s up guys?


 Steve: Clint… 

 Y/N: Tell me what?

 Clint: HE LIKES-

 Clint has disconnected from the chat.

 Y/N: Steve likes who?

 Tony: What birdman was trying to say was STEVE LIKES- 

 Tony has disconnected from the chat.

 Sam: Don’t break my phone too Steve! I’ll leave! 

 Sam has left the chat.

 Y/N: Steve why are you breaking their phones?

 Steve: The phones looked like they needed a hug…with my hand.

 Bucky: Smooth 

 Bucky: What they were trying to say was…


 Bucky has disconnected from the chat. 

 Y/N: Y-who? 

 Nat: Y/N it’s you.

 Nat: Don’t you dare break my phone Steve. I will bring out my ninja skills.

 Tony has joined the chat.

 Tony: IM BACK 


Y/N: Steve? 

Steve: Yeah…it’s true.

 Y/N: Aw that’s so sweet! I like you too! 

Steve: Really?

Tony: I am now the official leader of the Y/N and Steve club.

Nat: Dibs on co-leader. 

 Tony has invited Thor and Wanda.

Wanda: Aw you two will make a great couple! 

Thor: What do you call this again? When you pair two people together?

Nat: A ship. 

Thor: I ship it. 

Steve: Do you want to, maybe get pizza later? 

Y/N: Of course! 

Steve: Great! I’ll pick you up in 15!

Steve has left the chat. 

Nat: Aw look Steve’s smiling so much. 

Y/N: I should get ready.

Y/N: And guys don’t even THINK about coming along. 

Y/N has left the chat. 

Tony: We should come along.

Nat: Caps and sunglasses? 

Tony: Check.

Nat: We’re good to go

 Nat has left the chat. 

Tony has left the chat. 

Wanda has left the chat. 

 Thor: wait what’s a sunglasses? 

 Thor: Are they glasses with suns on them? 

 Thor: Anyone? Fine. I shall find out myself. 

 Thor has left the chat. 

 Thor has joined the chat.


 Thor has disconnected from the chat.

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16 & 25 with Natasha please❤️❤️👌🏻💕

16. Are you… are you flirting with me? | 25. Don’t laugh. I said don’t laugh! Prompt idea list here

You walked into the room in one of your best outfits to impress Natasha. You practiced what you were going to say the night before. “Hey Nat, do you have a band-aid?” you said with a straight face.

“I might,” she said seriously. “What for?”

“Because I’m going to need one after falling for you,” you winked.

Nat just blinked. “What?”

You grinned, trying to keep up your confidence.“I might as well call you ‘Google’ since you’re everything I’m searching for.”

Are you… are you flirting with me?” She snickered. “Those are some of the worst pickup lines I’ve ever heard!”

The tip of your ears turned pink and your smile faltered. “Don’t laugh!” you said, but she laughed anyways. “I said don’t laugh! I was trying to be romantic.”

Nat smiled, shaking her head. “I think we should both agree that I’m the romantic one in this relationship, (y/n).”