Keep it or Leave it (Part 8)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol Poisoning, Swearing
*If you do feel triggered by something else, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 877

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

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When you arrived home Friday night the table was already set, as usual, except for that extra plate

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I've got another prompt for you, if you'd like! So, Tony and Steve are in a relationship pre-Winter soldier, but keep it secret and the Avengers think they're pining. Que Bucky showing up and flirting with them, them getting to know each other (again, for Steve) and them getting together, again keeping it secret. But the team thinks he's trying to steal one or the other and do everything they can to keep him away while trying to matchmake Tony and Steve. All three of them find it hilarius.

So I’m going to write this from Natasha’s point of view because she’s the embodiment of that “I just *clenches fist* really love my friends” post and she just wants these idiots to be happy. Look out for under the cut!

Natasha sighed and leaned her cheek on her hand as she watched Tony and Steve flirt. Tony was as suave as ever, and Steve—blushed and broke a plate in half. She rolled her eyes and sighed again as the blond fled the kitchen in embarrassment. Tony, looking guilty, scuttled after him.

She got up and grabbed the toast he had left behind. “What if I just locked them in a closet together?” She sat down to spread almond butter on the first piece, honey on the second, then made a sandwich of the two pieces.

“Steve would probably combust,” Bruce replied, not looking up from his crossword puzzle. “Or Tony would, from frustration.”

“Why are my friends so stupid?!” Natasha burst out, spraying crumbs across the table.

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Marvel Aesthetics: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) - requested by anonymous

“I’m sorry. Did I step on your moment?”


Preview: “Stay” chapter 22

              Hours slip away.  Steve stays right where he is.  Nat stays with him.  She’s either in the chair or on the hospital bed.  She’s as close as she can be, and she insists that he tries to sleep, that he needs the rest after last night and considering what may be coming. He does make an effort to, closing his eyes and listening to her hum or talk to Sam and try to keep up all their spirits.  Once or twice he gets close to deep slumber, drifting enough into it to get his mind to let go.  But his rest is too light to last.

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i kind of thought you’d change
in the years since we last met
but you still take your coffee black,
swing your right fist first,
left eye shut as you pull the trigger
remember me?
i’m gone
the ledger’s burned
and i’m sitting in the ashes
the nights are worse for me now
i’m choking on kindness and you 
- you hold me like i matter
—  my nightmares are memories and you. (l.p.)
Imagine being recruited by the Guardians of the Galaxy for the Infinity Wars...

“I Am Groot!”

“Really? I had no freaking idea!” You said to Groot, pissed that you couldn’t understand him. Currently you were on the Milano with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter lured you on here by telling you he wanted you to listen to this new mixtape you found. He’s been wanting to recruit you for weeks but you don’t like working with others, it’s not your style. You like working in the shadows, funny enough that’s your name, Shadow. The name was given to you by the citizens of Xandar and the Nova Corp.

“Quill, can we go back to Xandar? I’ve got work to do.” Peter didn’t answer you because he was listening to music and dancing. You heard him mumbling and then all of a sudden he started screaming the chorus of The Five Stairsteps O-o-h Child.

“Some day, yeah We’ll put it together and we’ll get it undone!! Some day When the world is much brighter!!”

You wanted to scream something at him but no, that wouldn’t work. So you asked Gamora if she could throw a knife a couple inches away from Peter’s head. Gamora agreed happily and threw the knife she had in her boot at Peter. Inevitably, he screamed and stopped singing. “Who the hell threw that?!”

“I did” Gamora said proudly.

“Why Gomara? I thought we were tight, also I thought we agreed that we wouldn’t kill each other.”

“We did but your singing was terrible and Y/N asked me to.” Peter went back and forth between you and Gamora with his eyes. Then he shrugged and said “Makes sense.”

“Great so are we going back to Xandar now?” You asked desperately.

“Nope I need you to stay with us” Quill said playing with the controls on the dashboard.

“Why do you need me? What’s so important that I need to stay?”

“Thanos.” Of course it was Thanos. That SOB made you kill thousands in order to save your family but he ended up killing them anyway.

“What’s he done this time?” You asked.

“Some infinity stone, gauntlet shit” said the raccoon named Rocket who was cleaning his blaster.

“Well whatever that is, I want to kill that bastard.”

“Do you want to kill Thanos as much as I do?” Draw asked you.

“If he killed your family too then hell yeah” You responded. After a couple of minutes of silence you spoke up “You guys do know that we can’t do this by ourselves right? We will need help.”

“Well there’s this group on Terra that might do the job. It looks like they’ve got a witch, this guy named iron man, a guy who turns into a giant green rage monster - that might be helpful -, A Russian ex-spy, another ex-spy who’s excellent with a bow and arrow, some guy named falcon, a robot who’s extremely intelligent, a God, an ant-man, an ironman, and…. Captain America?” Peter said in disbelief.

“That’s quite the lineup” you said.

“There’s more. We’ve got a man named Doctor Strange, the Winter Soldier, a Spider-Man, A guy named Black Panther, some guy named Daredevil, a Jessica Jones, Luke cage, and a that calls himself Iron Fist.”

“Damn” was all you could say. There were a lot of people we need to persuade. Hopefully force won’t be needed.

“No shit Sherlock” Rocket said.

“I thought her name was Y/N not Sherlock” Drax said in confusion. Everyone sighed and Peter said “It’s a metaphor Drax. Anyway, our next stop is Terra!” Peter yelled in excitement.

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civil war where everything is the same except team cap/team iron man are rivaling baseball teams!!! this was so fun to make like you guys don’t even KNOW, this was shamelessly inspired by sports animes

everyone gets along except steve and tony who take their rivalry too seriously


Clint: Natasha, we’ve know each other for 3 years.

Natasha: I know what I said.