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A little stucky comic i did for @inediblesushi‘s stucky artbook back in summer. I was thinking about if they go on a nice fancy dinner date, and they totally act like those embarrassing couple that makes other people uncomfortable. At the same time Nat and Sam go undercover to spy on them hahaha 😂😂😂👌💕


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all your faves are ace part 1


(A/N): this is so pure and sweet an I just cannot

Request:I was just thinking… what if the reader is a new avenger but is deaf. They can read lips pretty well but sill has some issues keeping up with the team. This frustrates them and sort of isolates themself from the team. Natasha notices and gets Clint to teach her sign language to help them and she goes and suprises them:)

Warnings: none

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   Nat felt an immediate pull to (Y/N) as soon as they entered the floor. She didn’t know what it was, maybe maternal instincts or something but as soon as (Y/N) gave a shy little wave to all the Avengers she knew that she wanted to be friends with them. (Y/N) approached the Avengers hesitantly, a nervous smile upon their face. Tony gave them a wide smile as he oh so casually slung his arm around their waist. 

    “Everyone this is (Y/N), Avenger in training.” The team nodded, all giving (Y/N) welcoming smiles. “But uh-” Tony hesitated as he looked down at (Y/N), biting his lip in thought. “They can’t hear all too well so just try to speak a little louder and clearer or just make sure they can read your lips, yeah?” The team all murmured a slew of yeahs, nodding in unison. “So uh- introduce yourselves I guess,” Tony shrugs his shoulders, letting his hand fall from (Y/N)’s hip. Clint stepped up first, a small smile upon his lips.   

   The team watched in awe and slight adoration as Clint signed a number of things to (Y/N), their eyes alighting with excitement. Then they were signing back to Clint and he was smiling widely and a few chuckles were falling from his lips. 

   Nat watched the two fondly, smiling when (Y/N) would smile as well. Hopefully, (Y/N) would feel accepted here just as Clint had before them. And for the first few weeks that seemed to be true, everyone was very respectful of (Y/N), making sure to enunciate their words and speak a little louder in their presence but Nat could tell (Y/N) wasn’t grasping it. She remembered Tony saying that (Y/N) could read lips pretty well so Nat worked on that, making sure that were lips portrayed each word she spoke. When Nat would talk to (Y/N) she’d always make sure to move her lips correctly, making it easier for them to read them. 

   (Y/N) nearly sighed in relief as they finally were able to understand someone for once, the only other person (Y/N) had to talk to was Clint and they sure as hell didnt want to annoy him by staing glued to his hip 24/7 so it was a bit of a relief when they could finally understand Nat, albeit with some difficulty. 

    But everyone began to grow a bit sloppy in their actions, making it difficult to keep up on any conversation ever. In fact the team seemed to have forgotten about (Y/N) altogether, they hardly ever addressed them or started conversations with them, they were all acting as though (Y/N) didn’t even exist. It hurt to say the least to once again feel like the odd one out, especially on a team full of “odd ones”. (Y/N) began to think that maybe they were a bit clingy and annoying, maybe their lack of hearing was a burden? Whatever their reasoning was (Y/N) didn’t like feeling like this so instead they resorted to their old ways; hiding away and avoiding everyone. 

   Nat immediately noticed (Y/N)’s reclusive attitude, after all she was always keeping her eye on them no matter what. So of course she’s notice if (Y/N) was acting a little differently. She also didn’t even have to ask what was wrong, she could practically feel it in the air whenever (Y/N) was around; they were insecure of being deaf. Nat’s heart ached at the thought of (Y/N) feeling excluded on a team of people who had been excluded their entire lives and she was bound and determined to fix it. 

    (Y/N) thought no one would their absence and if they did they’d be glad to have (Y/N) off their backs but as days progressed (Y/N) began to see a change within some of the Avengers. Both Clint and Nat kept trying to include (Y/N) In training sessions and debriefings, even though they weren’t technically an Avengers yet. And without (Y/N)’s knowledge Clint was starting to teach Nat sign language. 

   Nat was thankfully a fast learner and she had mastered the art in under a week, now all there was left to do was surprise (Y/N) with it. 

    (Y/N) had been sitting at their kitchen counter, sipping away at their coffee as their eyes scanned over the news article they were reading. It was then Nat plopped down beside them, a bright smile upon her face. (Y/N) smiled softly as they turned to look at Nat, their expression akin to that of a confused puppy. With an even wider smile Nat began to sign, watching (Y/N)’s eyes twinkle in surprise and happiness.

    ‘Surprise’, Nat signed all the while smiling proudly inspite of herself. 

   'Where’d you learn?’ (Y/N) signs back just as proud if not more than Nat. 

   'Clint taught me, I didn’t want you feeling left out,’ Nat swears she can tears within (Y/N)’s eyes but before she can look further into it (Y/N) has wrapped Nat up in a tight hug, burying their damn near ecstatic looking face in the crook of her neck. 

   Nat smiles fondly as she wraps her arms around (Y/N)’s frame, just appreciating the feeling of them being so happy. After a few moments of hugging (Y/N) pulls back and this time Nat does note the tears welling within their eyes. With shaking eyes and a watery smile (Y/N) signs,

    'Thank you Nat,’

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Clint/Natasha, 29: Where did you find that?

“What the fuck, Nat?”

Natasha looks up from the Alfred Hitchcock movie she’s engrossed in watching and grimaces when she sees what Clint is holding. “Where did you find that?”

He was napping in her bed, but now he’s standing in the doorway of the living room glaring accusatory daggers at her. “In your goddamn sock drawer.”

“What were you doing in my sock drawer?”

“What do you think? My feet were cold, I was looking for socks.”

“I don’t have any socks that fit you.” If he’s stretched out her favorite hand-knit fair isles with his big, smelly man feet there’s going to be hell to pay.

“I thought I might have left some here—and don’t change the subject. Why do you have my lucky rabbit’s foot in your fucking sock drawer?”

“I have no idea,” Natasha lies. “Maybe you left it here.”

Clint crosses his arms across his chest and juts out his chin to let her know how much he is not buying what she’s selling. “I didn’t leave it here because I’d never even been to this place when my rabbit’s foot went missing three years ago.”

Natasha shrugs. “I don’t know what to tell you,” she says, and turns back to the television, where Kim Novak is about to fall from the bell tower. She loves this part.

“You could try admitting that you stole it,” Clint grumbles.

“Okay, I stole it,” Natasha says without looking at him. “Feel better?”

No! I wanna know why you stole it. I searched for this thing for months, you know. Months!”

She smiles faintly. “I remember.”

“And you just let me go on thinking I’d lost it, when the whole time you had it.”

“That’s accurate.”

What the fuck?

She looks back over at him finally, arching an eyebrow. “Are you asking why I took it?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m asking.”

“You were too attached to it,” she tells him.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Superstition makes you weak. Your irrational belief in the protective powers of that mangy wad of fur were an impediment you’re better off without.”

“I broke my goddamn leg on my next mission because I didn’t have it!”

“No, you broke your leg because you misjudged the distance between two buildings.”

“Which I wouldn’t have done if I’d had my lucky rabbit’s foot.”

Natasha sighs in irritation. “See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Blaming your own failures and successes on some mystical force prevents you from owning your choices and learning from them.”

“You’re saying you did me a favor?”

She nods her head. “That’s what I’m saying.”

His eyes narrow. “Okay, assuming I buy that—which I don’t—but even if you’re right, why did you hang onto it?”

“Hmmm?” Natasha says, pretending to return her attention to the movie again.

“Why keep it?” Clint persists. “Why not just throw it away if this was about teaching me not to be superstitious?”

“I guess I forgot,” she says vaguely.

He leans against the doorframe, his expression unbearably smug. “Maybe you kept it because you wanted to keep it.”

Natasha glares at him, affronted. “I did not want that disgusting animal paw.”

“I carried that thing with me since I was a kid. I used to take it out and hold in my palm whenever things got bad, remember? You used to watch me do it.”


“So maybe you kept it because you wanted to have a piece of me to hold onto.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she snaps.

His smug look only gets smugger. “Admit it, Nat. I may be superstitious, but you’re sentimental.”

Her eyes flash dangerously. “You take that back.”

Natasha has silenced heads of state, war criminals, super-powered superheroes, and an actual god with a flash of her eyes, but Clint Barton is not the least bit intimidated. “You love me.”

She purses her lips and turns back to the television. “Whatever.”

Clint comes over behind the couch. His hands land on her shoulders, and he leans down to press his lips against her ear. “It’s okay,” he whispers, nuzzling her hair with his nose. “I love you, too.”

She turns her head and captures his lips with hers. His hands tangle in her hair, tilting her head back as he deepens the kiss. Natasha will never tell him this, because his ego would be insufferable, but he is a spectacular kisser. Kissing him is one of her greatest pleasures, and if she has to steal every two-bit talisman he latches onto, then she will, in order to make sure he keeps kissing her just like this.

“Wait—” He pulls back, frowning at her. “Did you take my St. Christopher’s medal, too?”

She smiles. “Maybe.”

“Goddammit, Natasha, that belonged to my grandmother! Is it stashed around here someplace too?”

“I’ll never tell.”

“Woman, it is a damn good thing I love you.”

“Mmmm,” she hums, kissing him again. “Good thing.”

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Out of all your ships, can you say you have a "mostest favorite" ? If you can, what is it, and why do you love it so much?

Ohhhh yes, I can. ;) It’s definitely Romanogers, far and away. I’m going to try to keep this explanation short because I could do a reallllly long meta but I shouldn’t right now.

First of all, it was just really unexpected. I never went into Winter Soldier expecting to see the Black Widow and Captain America not only working together but becoming good friends. It was a brilliant and surprisingly moving combination, the spy with “no moral compass” and the soldier who’s American’s golden boy. I’ve always loved both characters because of their emotional depth. Steve because he’s so much sadder and more afraid and lonelier than he ever lets on, and Natasha because she is struggling so hard against a past that she didn’t choose.

You can almost always hook me with a “friends to lovers” ship, but with this combination? They’re both so damaged but neither of them show it, they’re both really selfless (which I didn’t really realize Natasha was until Winter Soldier), and they’re both very perceptive.

Steve was the first Avenger besides Clint to trust her completely without talk of her “owing” him anything. The trust between them makes me really happy because Steve needed someone in this century to be his friend without seeing Captain America, and right from the start (in Avengers), she teases him and sasses him and acts like he’s not so different from everyone else, if only because she’s used to superheroes and isn’t impressed by them anymore.

Which of course the SASS between them is everything, and the saving each other’s lives, and of course we all know that Steve is a sucker for badass ladies.

I love them as friends, but they are my biggest OTP and I really feel like it would be one of the only ships in the MCU that could work anymore.


Anyway, I said this explanation would be short, but it wasn’t, but that’s my opinion on these babies. :)

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Halloween, Skulls, & Friendship

A slight twist on Natasha’s conversation with Steve Rogers, only this time, it’s with Tony.

“I don’t do hot chocolate.”

“I know,” he replies, unbothered by her rejection. “But they have it all the time on TV, so there must be something to it. But don’t worry,” he adds quickly before she has a chance to cut him off. “I have a little extra something to make this more appealing for one cranky Russian spy.” He disappears indoors and returns not a few seconds later, hands cupped around whatever it is that is supposed to make the particular activity a more enjoyable one.

Miniature vodka bottles, she sees as he sets his find on the table. In the shape of skulls.

“Edgy,” she remarks, rubbing her thumb over the hand-blown Borosilicate glass.

“I know, right?”

“I’d rather just take the vodka straight.”

“Be a good sport, Romanoff,” he says, grabbing the bottle from her hand. “I spent five minutes of my life making this comfort drink for you. A little appreciation would be, well,” he pauses. “Appreciated.”

She rolls her eyes and watches as he pours the entire amount – 50ml to be exact – into the matte finish mug. When the bottle has been emptied of its last drop, he sets the drink before her.

“No more objections, I hope,” he says as he proceeds to spike his own beverage.

“Other than the hot chocolate, none.”

She takes a long sip from the concoction. It isn’t half-bad, she admits grudgingly. A couple more mouthfuls, and a comfortable warmth spreads through her body, which had been starting to feel the sting of chilly night air. She sets her drink down, and the red hourglass, the one that appears only when the thermochromic mug contains hot liquid, snags her attention.

“You couldn’t have picked another mug?”

“Too narcissistic for your taste, I take it.”

She snorts. “Don’t psychoanalyze me, Stark. You can’t handle it.”

“Is that a challenge? You know I can’t resist challenges,” he quips, ignoring her warning look. “Besides, I think it’s only fair that I get to do a profile on you since you got to do one on me.”

“I was only doing my job,” she replies. “And trust me, you wanna leave this one alone.”

“Hard to trust someone when I don’t know who that someone is.”

“Well, that’s an easy fix.” She leans forward, tip of nose nearly brushing his, voice taking on a sultry tone, “Who do you want me to be?”

He stares back, unflinching, wide brown eyes connecting with green ones. “How about a friend?”

Tires screech on the roads, a symphony of horns in the distance.

She settles back in the chair, eyes lowered to the empty vodka bottle before her, and traces the bumps of the glass skull’s teeth, its edges smooth against her skin. “Well,” she says, lips twisting into a smile. “There’s a chance you just might be in the wrong business, Stark.”

Lazy Day (Natasha x Reader)

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Fandom: Marvel

Character: Natasha Romanoff

Persona: Female

Word Count: 278

Request: can you do a natashaXlesbian reader please thanks i love your blog 

A/N - Sorry it’s short, I thought it was cute like this. Enjoy <3

Your head lay peacefully in the crook of her neck, the bedroom window was open and it allowed a cool breeze to drift into the room along with the sounds of the busy street outside. It was moments like this that you really appreciated; when you could really relax with you girlfriend without a care in the world. Moments like this were rare and hard to find these days.

The red-head’s hand caressed your back lightly as you lay entwined on her bed, a particularly cold breeze made its way through the room and you involuntarily shivered. Natasha smiled. Her free hand crept across her stomach and made it’s way onto your arm, “If you’re too cold I can close the window”. You snuggled in closer to the Black Widow, “You’re hot temperature wise and appearance, I’ll be okay”. You pressed a gentle kiss to her collar bone.

Natasha giggled and a reminisce expression formed on her face, “You know I wonder what I did to deserve someone like you”, she confessed idly sketching patterns into your lower back as her hand glided across your exposed skin.

“I could ask the same question”, you smiled pressing your face further in the crook of her neck, Natasha couldn’t help the warm, fuzzy feeling that made her heart leap.

“I love you (Y/N)”, she suddenly blurted out. The assassin had never felt more exposed or more vulnerable while she waited for a response. She was almost worried. Your head lifted up and your (E/C) eyes locked on with her green ones. “I love you too Nat”, leaning down you pressed a kiss to her lips that was filled with love. 

American Punchline Ch 55

A TJ Hammond/Steve Rogers Crossover

You can find the previous chapters here (or on AO3).

Chapter 55

“Are you sure it’s supposed to look like this?” TJ stared at the casserole dish as he pulled it out of the oven.

“Considering I’ve never made it before I have no idea, but we followed all the directions to the letter.” Steve shrugged, inhaling the aroma from the dish. “It smells delicious.”

“I think we probably could have made a smaller batch. I don’t think even you are going to manage to eat all this in one sitting.” TJ checked is tablet, making sure he had the right steps to finish up the recipe so they could eat. His stomach was begging for food after smelling their dinner for the last few hours.

“True, but from the recipe it sounds like it reheats well too.”

“Is that dinner I smell?” Clint’s voice interrupted their discussion. “Please tell me it’s dinner.”

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“For fuck sake, Natasha, just shut up!” You scream at your girlfriend.

She tilts her head and looks overly confused, sweet concern on her face. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Shut up!”

“Y/N, please sweetheart, just tell me-”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!”

You stand in front of her, panting in frustration, and silence falls between you. You dig the balls of your hands into your eyes just so you don’t have to look at her. “Stop it. Stop being the ‘perfect’ girlfriend. The girlfriend who’s always sickly sweet and gushes over me and compliments me all the time!” You lower your hands and see that Natasha looks more serious now. 

The spy clears her throat and looks at the floor. “I just wanted you to be happy with me.”

“But it wasn’t you, it’s not who you are. It’s a game, an act. I don’t want to play games, I don’t want a pretend girlfriend. I want you.”


In Civil War when Natasha tells T’Challa she knows someone who knows where Steve, Bucky, and Sam are, who does she mean?

Because the scene cuts straight to Sharon getting out of her car under the overpass (nice license plate reference btw, “CW 616″).

Did Sharon tell Natasha Natasha employ a little spy vs. spy and figure out where Sharon was going with Steve and Sam’s equipment?

Also, in apparently the same amount of time it takes for Natasha to convince T’Challa to join them in the airport battle arrest, Tony managed to get to Queens (from Germany) with that fancy ass orange car, woo Aunt May, and kidnap convince Peter to join the airport skirmish too. Tony apparently travels faster than Natasha can descend stairs (unless the Nat & T’Challa scene happens before Tony gets to Queens, but sequentially the filmmakers put it afterward).  

Letters :2

@kaunis-sielu here it is… Your turn.

The sky looks amazing from where you were standing on the balcony. You had been there for hours now standing in thought after reading the letter your best friend had sent you. Squawk’s ,your best friends bird, brought you the letter and waited patiently by your side as you stood there contemplating. You are very unsure of how to react. You miss your best friend of course, but your pride made it difficult to cave into your feelings. At least that was what you thought right after you read the letter, but now the void in your heart outweighed your pride. How could you let this happen? Your best friend always stood by your side and had your back, but this silly war turned you against each other and now you didn’t know what words to use to fix this mess. You sigh and walk to the table where the letter was sitting. You took the pen and wrote everything on your mind.

Hi Tori,
You have no idea how sorry I am. I know you think I am pissed at you, but I could never be pissed at you. I’m honestly more upset that we let it get this far. This thing between Tony and Steve should have never gotten between us. Tony might have not been right about Bucky, and I see that now, but I still think it is best to sign the accords. I know you don’t agree with me, but you haven’t seen the things I have. There’s a lingering darkness here. I used to pretend it didn’t exist when you were still here. Now that you are gone I feel it in the air. I feel it in my heart lingering and leaving its mark on me.

I miss you so damn much! I honestly didn’t remember Tommy Miller (I did laugh btw). I’ve never known a life without you, and God does it hurt. It never crossed my mind that I would ever have to live without you by my side. It hurt so much when you left. I felt the world crumbling at my feet, and nothing Tony did could help. He almost called Steve you know, but he couldn’t. I couldn’t let him sacrifice his beliefs for me. I love him too much to let him do that.
I understand how you feel about this, and I know these people are human. Do you know how much loss and pain I’ve seen. Families have crumbles into nothing, and there is not a thing in this world that we can do to help them. The destruction the Avengers caused made this happen. You have your beliefs and these are mine, Tor. You can understand that, right? Bucky deserved better, yes that is true, and I can see why he would be crushed. Tony also deserved better
don’t you think? Everything he went through has affected him too, and still he’s seen as a bad guy. Tony did what he thought was right. He’s been through so much, and he’s not the same Tony we met once upon a time ago. He has nightmares too, his screams resonate and break my heart every time. I hold him at night and he clutches onto me afraid that one day I might disappear. I feel so alone. Everyone in the team gone and now I have no one, but an immensely hurt Tony. This is stupid and I am sorry. I don’t know where to go from here. We had everything. Do you remember what it was like? To not be afraid and alone? I don’t anymore, it constantly fades and all that lingers is a tension in the air.
An extremely lost,

You jump as you feel a hand rest on your shoulder, but relax as soon as you realize it is Tony. You smile softly at him and grab his hand. You bring it closer to you and kiss it softly. You feel a tear slide down your cheek, and Tony gently wipes it away. You turn back to the letter you just wrote and put into an envelope.
“Squawk’s come.” you say calling the bird to you. You tie the letter to her leg and let her fly away.
“Everything will be okay.” Tony says to you.
“But will everything stay the same as it was before?” you question the man.
“Time will tell.” He says.
You nod at him and lead him inside. You lay down on the couch and he lies with you clutching you tightly. You kiss his forehead and breathe out. One thing was certain, Tony would always be by your side filling your heart with love. Oh how you loved him, and you would continue to love him until your final breath.

Good Golly Miss Molly: End

A/N: language

The plan is simple, Vision and Wanda know what gate and where the plane is and are in contact with Steve. Bucky and Steve will take you to where you can see the trade off, to affirm it’s Ron. Clint and Nat will act as the couple that he’s hired to bring you Molly. Scott, Tony and Hope are bringing all information about what happened to the police in California and Thor is going to watch the parameter to make sure that there isn’t a back up plan to Ron’s original plan.
“Hi mama!” Molly squeals when she sees you. The woman with her looks stunned, but keeps a firm grip on Molly’s hand.
“Let her go.” You growl and the woman surprisingly does. Molly runs to you and you scoop her into your arms, holding back the tears so you don’t scare her. You breathe her in and are so fucking relieved you’re surprised you’re still standing.
“He-he told me that her mother was dead. That he was getting her out of an abusive home.” The woman stutters, her eyes wide in fear when she sees your companions. The police cuff her and lead the crying woman away. You feel a twinge of pity for her, Ron was always good a manipulating people to do what he wanted or needed them to do.
“Steve.” You say softly and he only needs to look at your face for a second to know what you’re thinking.
“You’re kidding right? You actually feel bad for her?”
“Ron can be very manipulative.” You say over Molly’s shoulder. “Hey Moll. Wanna go with Auntie Nat and Uncle Clint for a little bit. I need to help Steve and Bucky for a while. You can tell them about the plane ride.”
“Okay.” You watch as she walks off with the two master assassins your heart clenches a tiny bit.
“They’ve got her. Nothing is gonna happen.” Steve mutters softly to you and you sigh.
“I know. I just got her back so watching her walk away again is more than a little hard.”
“Let’s follow them.” Bucky says moving away from the two of you and melting into the crowd. For such a big man he really can disappear.
“Come on.” Steve says wrapping his fingers through yours. Holy shit. You’re holding hands with Captain America. Your heart is racing, it’s been four years since you’ve seen him, it hadn’t ended well. Clearly.
You see him then and your grip on Steve’s hand turns to a death-like one.
“Where is he?”
“Brunette, green shirt, black jacket.”
“Nat, brunette, green shirt, black jacket your 8 o'clock.” Steve mutters into his comm unit.
“Thank you so much.” You hear him say through the earpiece Steve passes you and your skin crawls. He reaches for Molly but Natasha pushes her behind her and Clint.
“What the hell?”
“Money first.” You see Bucky closing in from behind Ron.
“Oh right.” He passes her an envelope while Clint bends down and whispers something to Molly. She nods then sprints past him and into Bucky’s waiting arms. Ron watches her go in confusion before turning to follow. Natasha stops him with a hand on his arm. “What the hell? Who the fuck is that guy?” Ron demands.
“That would be Molly’s Uncle Bucky Barnes. Also known as The Winter Solider.”
“Wha-what?” Ron stammers and for once you get to see the fear flit across his face.
“You picked the wrong kid to take asshole.”
“She’s my daughter!” He cries and you can’t stand there and watch from a distance any longer. You storm up to him and his face changes almost instantly to one of smug pride. “Well well if it isn’t my bitch of an ex. I didn’t know you were such an Avengers whore.”
“You human piece of trash.” You snarl, “You are nothing to her. Nothing. These people are more to her than you will ever be.”
“Because you stole her from me!” He roars.
“To protect us both from you!” You snap back. You’re done being afraid of him. “To protect us from your temper and your abuse and control!” He goes to grab you but Steve is too fast for him and catches Ron’s arm twisting it behind his back.
“You. Bother her or her child again and I won’t hold back.” He growls, low and menacing.
“Fuck you.” Ron sneers and Steve pulls tighter on his arm.
“I’m sorry I think I misheard you.”
“Fine! Fine!” Ron winces and Steve let’s him go.
“You two wanna do the honors of dropping this scumbag off at the police station?” He asks looking at Clint and Nat.
“With pleasure.” Clint says wrapping a hand around Ron’s arm.
“You’re gonna be someone’s bitch now.” Natasha taunts and you have to bite back the smile. Bucky passes you back Molly and Steve ushers you away with a hand on your back.
“Who was that Mama?” Molly asks from your arms.
“Nobody important baby. I’ll tell you when you’re older.” You give her a kiss on her cheek as your little group moves back to the jet. Bucky flies again while Molly plays with Nat and Clint on the floor before with a big yawn she crawls into your lap. You lean back into the seat and she lays against your torso, her head resting just below your chin. You rub her back gently and slowly until she falls asleep. You feel yourself start to drift not long after, your head slowly moves toward Steve’s shoulder. It touches down there and he doesn’t move, at least not until he thinks you’re actually asleep. Then he presses his lips to your temple, and rests his cheek against the top of your head.
“I got you. Always.” You hear him murmur. You surprise him by weaving your fingers through his.
“I know.” You mutter back. “Thank you.”