You know how every fandom needs a Gratuitous Beach Outing? 

You know that scene in Cap 2 where Nat is like “First rule of going on the run is don’t run, walk” and then Steve is like “If I run in these shoes they’re gonna fall off”??

You know how Bucky is just generally a fucking gigantic clumsy human disaster???? 

You know that falil-walk dogs do when you put shoes on them??????

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Same exact thing happens when you put flip-flops on super soldiers.

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Steve discovers they are, in fact, still doing the Olympics

“Wait, the Olympics are still around?”

Clint cocks his head to the side. “Yeah, every four years. Or two, because there’s winter and summer.”

Steve’s eyes light up. “Are all the sports still the same?”

Natasha nudges him with the popcorn. “You should see how far women’s gymnastics has come, Steve. Some of these girls would’ve beat me hands down in the Red Room if they used those skills.”

Steve grabs a fistful of popcorn. “They still have swimming right?”

“You should see this one guy, Steve. I swear he’s Aquaman and tricking all of us,” Tony flops on the chair. 

“I always wanted to be able to do the things they did,” Steve says wistfully and Clint snorts.

“No offense, buddy, but pretty sure now you can.”

Bruce groans. “Don’t tell him that, Clint. Now he’s gonna try every stunt they do.”

Steve has a gleam in his eyes that suggests he’s about to do exactly that.

Steve: Lady and the Tramp

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Clint: Tangled

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Bucky: Zootopia

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Tony: Aladdin

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Sam: The Little Mermaid

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Wanda: The Fox and the Hound

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Pietro: Hercules

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Thor: Lilo and Stitch

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Natasha: Dumbo

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Bruce: The Lion King

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Vision: Big Hero 6

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So I’m attempting an IronWidow fic. It’s been days since I’ve worked on it, but here’s a snippet if anyone craves a little TonyNat. It’s post-CW when the issue between them hasn’t been sorted out, and Natasha is dealing with consequences from a mission that went badly.

Nothing has been betaed yet so, you have been warned.

The second night rolls around, and without company to distract her from the endless void, the nibbling thoughts pull her down into a spiralling descent. To a hell piled with men pleading for death and babies with dead, unseeing eyes. Cold metal, bloodied wrists, and wooden bed frames. Dark rooms, echoing screams, and young, adolescent voices reciting torture methods like clockwork.

Freezing air. Numb limbs. The hot throbbing of her heart, rapid and fearful. 

Gasping for air.



She jerks, head whipping around.

Only darkness.

“It’s Tony.”

A ring of familiarity through chaotic memories.

Tony Stark.

But it’s not real. These people aren’t real. The darkness is real.

A sudden burst of panic blooms in her chest. Her head collides with the concrete wall. Pain. Pain is good. But not the cold against her bare feet. She curls her toes. Her throat works, and she pinches the flesh on her forearms to keep silent. Twisting. Pulling. They don’t like sounds. They don’t like signs of weakness. Weakness is failure. Failure means punishment. Punishment means more days in the cell, where it’d be dark, and she wouldn’t be able to move, and—

“You’re safe, Nat.”

There is no place safe.

The lightest touch. Cautious. Gentle.

Nothing in the Red Room was gentle.

“No one’s gonna hurt you.”

The touch evolves to a slow stroking on her finger – once, twice, three times. She concentrates on the sensation of his skin on hers and lets his rambling words wash over her. Something about armour, structural integrity, and the cells’ relation to specialized bacteria. The impulse to reach out and grab a hold of his hand, to feel the warmth of his palm against hers, is strong, coursing through her. She hates that she craves it. She never needed physical comfort to survive. They made sure of that. To give in to that need would be to create an opening for a weakness.

She pulls away from his touch and sags against the wall, letting out her breath in a barely audible sigh.


She nods once and hears rustling. The next thing she knows, he’s tugging her up.

“I know you heal at a higher-than-average rate, Romanoff, but you’re not exactly super-human. What were you doing out of bed?”

“Testing my navigation skills.”

“You’re lucky you didn’t break your other arm falling down the stairs,” he remarks gruffly. “What were you thinking?”

The edge of the bed bumps the back of her thighs. She sits with a sigh. “I was thinking that maybe I should call Matt to get some tips on dealing with the whole blindness issue, then I remembered my other senses weren’t enhanced during the fall.”