Natasha’s Exclusive Fionna & Cake Cover for San Diego Comic-Con

Good luck getting this Fionna & Cake comic at Comic-Con next month. There will be more than 100,000 attendees at the Con, and only 500 of these issue #1s with the exclusive Natasha Allegri cover available.

Next on our to-do list? Talking BOOM! Studios and Natasha into a “Bee and PuppyCat” comic.

Thanks to the folks at Comics Alliance for the sneak.

Highlight from the Natasha Allegri and Fred Seibert AMA on Reddit - 

From dirtbub:

“Dear Natasha, What is your favorite anime?”

From natazilla:

“I have a few!

Sailor moon, RANMA, anything by Rumiko (her short stories are amazing!!)… umm… Galaxy express… so many… I have a weird nostalgia for these awkward… bible animes… I got into Junji Ito stuff recently!”

Read the whole thing here: