Highlight from the Natasha Allegri and Fred Seibert AMA on Reddit - 

From dirtbub:

“Dear Natasha, What is your favorite anime?”

From natazilla:

“I have a few!

Sailor moon, RANMA, anything by Rumiko (her short stories are amazing!!)… umm… Galaxy express… so many… I have a weird nostalgia for these awkward… bible animes… I got into Junji Ito stuff recently!”

Read the whole thing here:

Whoa, look at this. It’s early “Bee and PuppyCat” art from Natasha. She included it in this email from November 5, 2011.

It’s kind of an idea of a girl named Bee and her pet Puppycat, who is a magical temp agent. Puppycat’s bell collar transports temp agency letters for jobs it has to be going to, but Puppycat is really lazy, so Bee goes with it to these job sites to actually do all the work (this way they split the money, even though she doesn’t know what Puppycat does with its half). When Bee opens the letter and signs Puppycat’s paw to the paper, they’re both transported to a kind of weird-world boring temp job, like filing paperwork for giants or reception at an undead lawfirm. Puppycat only keeps its temp job because it keeps hoping that they’ll be told to temp at a mermaid sushi joint. Usually Puppycat’s laziness gets them in trouble at work.

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