Natalie Martinez

nickjonas: Kingdom was an unforgettable journey. I was able to grow as a man and as an actor. Playing Nate was an absolute honor. My cast mates are some of the greatest people I know, and truly remarkable actors. The creative team was the kind you only dream about. Watched the series finale episode with all of them tonight and I’m so grateful to close this 4 years chapter of my life the same way it started. Long live @kingdomaudience keep fighting people. Thanks to all our amazing fans. Love you all. More to come @frankgrillo1 @jonathanmtucker @mattlauria @joannagoing @byronbalasco @juliettejackson5 @sidside @kacehughes @padregrande @jarchmma @joedaddystevenson1982 @iamnataliemartinez

read please

okay, i was scrolling through the apb tag
looking for some promos for the season finale when i realized how many people are hating on apb.

yes, i realize that the premise of the show sounds completely batshit from a current events stand point. a billionaire buys a police precinct and uses his money to teach the cops to be better cops? that kind of sounds like a nightmare, to be honest, but that’s not at all what the show is like. so here is my list of five reasons why you should watch apb:

1. yes, gideon the billionaire thinks money can solve everything, but he’s constantly (and quite harshly) learning that he’s wrong. the last episode was total proof of this point, when murphy put him in his place and he realized that there are boundaries of what he can and can’t do.
2. speaking of teresa murphy, this show has a latina female lead who isn’t overly sexualized, played as an idiot, or stereotyped into oblivion. murphy gets right into the action and isn’t afraid to tell gideon, who is essentially her boss, when he’s wrong. she’s also not a total bitch either- another stereotype that i, as a latina, hate. (also natalie martinez is beautiful)
3. we have a queer woman of color who isn’t just there as a diversity hire! we had no idea goss is gay until, what, the sixth episode? the issue is quietly brought up, then quietly put to rest. i’m sure it’ll come up again (please give voss a girlfriend, please give voss a girlfriend), but my point is that she’s not there for the writers to say ‘oh look at us! we’re so great, we have one gay character! that’s all she’s going to be though, gay.’ goss as a character is just as utilized as her white, straight partner, and that’s wonderful.
4. the show deals with topics that are kinda hard to talk about. racism? check. the growing threat of a total police state? check. domestic abuse, homophobia, gang violence? check, check, and check. these writers obviously don’t mind getting down and dirty with it, and for that i applaud them.
5. caitlin stasey. need i say more?

thank you , and good night.