We shot two or three days in the Sept. Jonathan Pryce is a lot of fun; I’ve enjoyed working with him this season. I was also with Finn Jones, who plays Loras, all that time. It was very moving and fitting that Finn and I should be together for those last three days and the brother and sister should go to their fate together, because you see the brother and sister relationship so beautifully over the years. They go to their deaths physically holding each other.
- Natalie Dormer for Harper’s Bazaar, June 2016.


Do you think you’ll be hanging up your corset for good? [Laughs] For a while. I really do love my history, so I’ll never say never to getting back into the corset for the right role. I said that I wouldn’t for a while and then I read The Scandalous Lady W and found myself in a corset much earlier again than I had anticipated. It really depends on the script, but my next handful of movies are contemporary based so at least for the immediate future there will be some jeans and a t-shirt. – Natalie Dormer


Margaery was so pure and had good intentions I loved her character and was up there with my favourites; a person of her calibre didn’t deserve such a horrifying death but that is GoT for you. She fully knew how to play the Game of Thrones, and tried her best to counteract against Cersei but was unfairly intercepted. Here lie her final moments.

Rest in peace Margaery.


The women are the strong ones, truly.