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this kid is going places

So I’m ran a tiny campaign for my little brother to try and get him interested, and it went… interestingly. First, after explaining the rules, he rolled the d20 for an investigation check, his first ever dice roll… and rolled a nat 20. Then, after defeating a party of bandits, he goes to check out their poor victim.

Me: Okay, so you aren’t sure whether this guy is hurt. What are you gonna do?

Him: I’m gonna poke him to see where it hurts.


Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader


How about a Whacky Bucky x F!Reader chatroom? Bucky and Y/N have been secretly dating from the team, but when they try setting up Y/N with someone, will Bucky explode or keep it cool? Then when the couple spills the beans Tony and Clint get protectiv            

Bucky has created a chatroom: stevie i know u want to join but don’t. we are already in another chat there is no need for u to join this one too k thank

Bucky has added Y/N.

You: Are you even trying, Barnes?

Bucky: What? He won’t join.

You: He is most definitely going to join.

Bucky: No, he won’t. Trust me, love.

You: Yes, he will. If he wasn’t already suspicious he is now.

Bucky: Don’t worry, I have him distracted with cute puppy pictures in our other chat.

You: I want to be apart of that chat.

Bucky: So, I was thinking, dinner at your place, or mine? Or do you want to go out?

You: Out. I do not want to explain to Nat why you were hiding in my bathroom again, or have to hide every time Steve randomly shows up at your place.

Steve has joined the chat.

Y/N has cleared the chat.

Bucky has cleared the chat.

Steve: Why did you clear the chat? I don’t mind, really. You don’t have to hide. It’s okay. Just tell me the truth.

You: Really, Steve? You mean that?

Steve: Yeah. It does hurt, though. Finding out your friends are making plans BEHIND YOUR BACK BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO JOIN THEM YOU SNAKES

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Water & Ice: Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanoff x Reader (Part 1)

A/N: So this is Part 1 of probably two to three total parts to this little mini series thing, I just got typing and it ended up being VERY long. If this part goes well I will post more of it :) This is kind of like an intro.

Request: hello so could you write a fic where you’re still in high school and shield finds you because of your powers over ice and water and when you move in with the team nat and steve start acting like over protective moms because you’re so young

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A Man Worth Fighting For- 3

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1649
Warnings: Language, as always.
Tags at the end.

AN: I’m back! Tech week was hell, but we open tonight and I have some free time again. Hooray! Have a chapter.

Part 2    Masterlist

Originally posted by buckycurtis

You were pacing. Back and forth, from the living room all the way to the end of the hall to your bedroom door. It was nerve wracking and you felt like a sitting duck, but Steve had told you explicitly not to leave your house, to wait for him to call you and set up somewhere safe to meet. Whatever was happening, Steve was on edge. Something was going on inside Shield, something bad, and the longer you were kept in the dark about what, the worse you felt about it. Shield was your home, once, before you retired- and now someone, or many someones, were tearing it apart. You were fuming, casting glances at the flash drive you’d left on the coffee table.

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How I Began Shipping Romanogers
  • Me(After watching TWS): Huh... this is interesting. I don't ship it yet, but I'm interested to see where it goes.
  • Me(After watching AoU): Wha...What happened? Where'd it go? Why is she suddenly with Bruce? *mind f*ck*
  • Me(After rewatching AoU): Steve and Nat had more chemistry in two lines of dialogue than Nat and Bruce did the entire movie.
  • Me(After watching CW): Is...Is it back? I'm not sure anymore... I mean, Sharon's cool and all, but she's still Peggy's niece and that's a little weird...
  • Me(After rewatching CW): It's official... I ship Romanogers... Hopefully I'm not alone.
  • Me(After looking through Fanfiction): OKAY. Definitely not alone.

Context: Me and a couple of good friends from school were playing a really short 5 hr game. One of my friends was a human cleric. We were almost done with the entire campain - we had gotten to the end boss with thirty minutes to spare. The human Cleric’s name was Bob, and i will be cutting some parts out for story.

DM: As you walk into the large room, filled with water, your amulets start to glow with inscription you did not previously see in the dark.

[I, a druid, read them aloud in foreign tongue.]

DM: Just as you finish reading… a presence is felt. [Skipping player dialouge] You see a monster - a true monster - it is a gigantic worm, so much you can’t see where it ends in the now-lit room. It has hundreds of eyes atleast, and more mouths thast you can count. Roll for initiative.

[We all roll. Bob goes first. Let me tell you, he’s done this with ever mini-boss in the game and failed each and ever time.]

Bob: Can I make him my butler? [Laughter]

DM: Sure, sure. Roll persuasion. You’ve gotta get a twenty or-

[Nat 20]

DM: Oh my god. [The entire crew goes crazy.]

End: Our Cleric made the endboss his bulter. We went back to the one town we had found, in which everyone was disrespected, and demolished it. We rode the endboss the entire time.

A Misunderstanding

Sam stares at the frighteningly earnest face of Vision, an innocent anticipation in his unblinking eye contact that makes the question about fifty times more unsettling. “Um…”

“Please be assured,” Vision’s hands raise, swooping up and to the side as he talks, becoming a real pro at utilizing body language while talking, something Sam should be proud of but can’t bring himself to care about at the moment, instead hanging on whatever comes next, “it is no different than our usual Friday activities.”

Ah, and there it is, confirmation that someone put him up to this, at least that’s what Sam hopes. This puts him on more solid ground, shoulders relaxing as he shines a megawatt smile at the man in front of him. “You asked everyone else about it yet?”

“You were the closest in proximity when I determined to initiate a bonding experience.”

Sam’s smile broadens as he places a congenial hand on the man’s shoulder, “Good. You should probably talk to Nat next, she’s always super busy you know.”  The understanding and obedient nod from Vision cements his plan. “Also, ask Wanda last.”

“I did not realize there should be an order.”

A nonchalant shrug slides the comment away, suggesting it’s something that everyone should already know, which means Vision won’t inquire further, “Listen man, as the social organizer, I promise, that’s the best order.”

Vision gives him one more serious nod and phases away. Immediately Sam pulls out his phone, fingers flying across the screen as he tries his best to get the message out before Vision finds her.

Sam: V is about to ask you a question. Play along and then hit me up.

Natasha: Roger that.

Ten minutes pass before his phone buzzes again, kickstarting his body with a jolt as his hands eagerly reach for the device.

Nat: I thought we agreed no more pranking Vision, he doesn’t know better.

Sam: Hey, mandroid came up with it himself, I’m just being opportunistic.

The ellipsis of Natasha formulating her response comes and goes, the three dots popping up and then disappearing until they finally stay.

Nat: We betting on the outcome?

Sam: Does Steve wear star spangled boxers?

Nat: $30 Rhodes says yes and then rushes to me.

Sam: I’ll take it, but he’s going to talk to me, not you.

Nat: Hope you’re ready to go broke.

Sam shoves the phone in his pocket, grabs a water bottle and begins wandering the common room, investigating each spot to determine where he can be most visible for when Rhodes comes walking into the room, face shell-shocked and voice cracking slightly.  Sure enough, footfalls echo down the hall, slow and plodding, a hesitation and horror clear in the “What just happened?” that seems to be his mantra for the day. ‘

“Hey man.”

Rhodes stops and stares at Sam, mouth agape and eyes unfocused as he forms his question. “Has Vision asked you…”


“Do you think he’s serious?”

An amused smile forms on Sam’s lips as he shakes his head, “No way he has any idea what it means.”

A hesitant shrug goes along with Rhodes’ comment, “Maybe it’s his thing.” His tone develops a mildly defensive air at Sam’s eye roll. “What? He’s odd and we’re a freakishly attractive group, can’t fault the guy.”

“Don’t go lumping yourself in with my sex appeal,” Sam wags a finger towards the man in mock anger. “But seriously, no way he knows.”

“Let’s hope.”

Rhodes walks into the kitchen, still shaking his head, and Sam takes this as his opportunity to brag, turning to snap a picture of the confused and slightly dejected Rhodes and sending it to Natasha.

Sam: I’ll take your $$$.

Nat: I feel betrayed.

He starts to type a reply but stops as the ellipsis pops up.

Nat: $50 bucks Steve is just as clueless.

Sam: No way, we’ve taught him better than that.

Nat: You’re cute Sam, stupid, but cute. What about Wanda?

Sam: $70 she explains it to him, all sweet and gentle, before they get here.

Nat: Oh no, she’s joining him. $150 she’s all moon-eyed and giggly until she sees us.

Sam contemplates both options, he rarely wins against Nat, but he already bagged thirty bucks and he feels like he has a better handle on the social side of team dynamics.

Sam: $150 it is. Can’t wait to be rich.

That night Sam lounges on the couch, feet up on the table, arms out along the back cushion, and grins. “So are we just going to sit here in terrified silence?”

The scoff to his side belongs to Natasha, her legs crossed and a magazine in her hands, “I’d say anticipation of the upcoming shit show of embarrassment more so than terrified.”

“Speak for yourself,” Rhodes leans forward, elbows pressed into his knees as he glances back towards the dark hallway, “I wasn’t going to come but you two insisted.”

Lonely footfalls resound in the metal hallway, Steve’s broad shoulders lifting as he smiles at the group. “Hey guys.” He’s met with a chorus of Hellos as he sits between Sam and Natasha on the couch, hands clapping against his knees. “Really great of Vision to plan this, I’m glad he’s finally taking some social initiative.”

Sam groans a “Yeah, super proud,” as Natasha reaches behind Steve, mockingly rubbing her thumb against her index and middle fingers as she celebrates her first victory.

The conversation doesn’t continue, the voices floating down the hall arresting their attention. The gentle, polite intonations of Vision telling a story are met with, Sam frowns, uncharacteristically giddy giggles. Wanda is never shy to entertain Vision, even at his most weird and inhuman moments, but she’s not one for giggling. Natasha levels a pointed and victorious stare at him but Sam refuses to give in just yet. When they arrive in the room he raises an eyebrow at how Wanda’s hands are wrapped around Vision’s bicep, her body pressed firmly into his sweater clad chest as she looks up at him with a sickeningly sweet and hungry smile.

Natasha throws one more celebratory smile at him and loudly declares, “You two are late.”

That’s when Wanda freezes, smile faltering as she takes in the rest of the team and suddenly her cheeks are beet red, eyes turning up to the man next to her with a plaintive and confused “Vizh?”

Vision simply smiles and pulls her the rest of the way to the common space. “Thank you all for coming.”

Even though it’s juvenile, Sam can’t stop from tittering at the comment, confused lines forming around Vision’s gem as he looks between Sam and the intensifying blush on Wanda’s face.  She turns towards the synthetic man gently brushing his arm with her fingers as she prepares to sully his beautiful, endearing innocence. “Um Vizh?”

“Yes, Wanda?”

She glances back at the varying degrees of amusement on the their teammates’ faces, minus Steve who also has the blissful gleam of ignorance. “You do know what Netflix and Chill means, right?”

“Of course,” which is said with less confidence than usual, his ability to pick up on nonverbal cues getting more fine tuned each day, “it simply means to watch Netflix while,” he raises his fingers to utilize air quotes, “‘ chilling ,’ or relaxing on the couch.”

Sam glances at Natasha and finds that even she appears close to breaking, lips held tightly shut as her face reddens slightly from the effort to remain neutral. Wanda sighs, an internal fight that manifests in her fingers waving with red when Sam releases another laugh. “Actually it, um,” only now does she seem to realize how the whole situation looks, a nervous, wide-eyed glance behind her as she tries to figure out if everyone else pieced together her intentions towards Vision. Sam gives a helpful wink and a thumbs up, mouthing Get it girl , and she ducks her head to hide another blush before addressing Vision again. “It means to,” her fingers lift awkwardly as she air quotes, “ watch Netflix but you actually, um fool around.”

Sam adds a gleefully helpful, “She means have sex!”

The confusion on Vision’s face fades slowly into intrigue, a brief, slightly heated questioning turn of his irises when he looks at Wanda that quickly dissolves into embarrassment as he takes in the smirks around the room. “I see.”

“Wait,” Steve studies the faces around him, “seriously?”  Natasha gives his shoulder a soft, reassuring pat.

Despite the clearly awkward atmosphere, Vision raises a finger, eyes squinting as his mind works through the revelations. “I am a bit confused by the concept.” Everyone sits in rapt anticipation as he formulates his inquiry, the paths of Vision’s mind a fascinating and often unpredictable journey. “The enjoyment of Netflix is to consume entertainment, yet the very foundation of the,” now that they’ve defined the phrase it takes on a proper air, the same one he uses for talking about scientific terms, “Netflix and Chill is to forgo watching the entertainment. How is it possible to keep track of plots when otherwise occupied?”

“Um well,” the concern in his voice is so genuine that its effect on Wanda  is immediate, her lips lifting at the edges as she brings a hand to rest on his forearm. Sam wonders if he can get some of his money back because Wanda did gently and sweetly explain it, just not before being thoroughly embarrassed. “You can always just watch something you’ve already seen or something that doesn’t require your attention.”

This seems to solve everything, Vision grinning in understanding as he adds, “Fascinating, so would it be fair to say we often HGTV and Chill?”

Natasha finally cracks, her sniggering mingling with Sam’s own laughter at the fact they all can feel the heat coming off of Wanda’s cheeks as she mumbles, “I think I’m going to call it a night,” and walks from the room.

Hope you enjoyed! 

I Thought You Were Different (Part 17/?) (Avengers x reader)

I have to babysit my little buddy all weekend so I might not be around much.  So, I took this part and ran long to hold you guys till I can get more done.  :)

Part 16

“You do look really great tonight, Nat,” Clint smiled as he drove back towards the training facility, having just finished their first official date.  She would glance over to him now and again, watching the colors of his knuckles changing as he gripped the steering wheel, listening for the changes in his breathing and the pounding of his heart that he hadn’t realized she could hear.  “Any regrets?”

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Ticking Time Bomb Ch.5

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Smut, fighting

** Russian Terms
Malyutka (Little One)
Moya lyubov’ (My Love)
Grubyy (Rude)
Beda (Trouble)


Steve and Reader aren’t close to being the same, she’s a ticking time bomb with an attitude to match her wild hair. A spy and a history with Nat, she isn’t open to many if anyone.  But going under cover with Mr. America could change everything for her, who knows what lies under all that anger, hostility, cold attitude and brightly colored hair.

Originally posted by james-nat

“Nat and Buck should be back any minute, I have to go into the company and fill Mark in on what happened with you.” Steve walks into the living room where he had set you up including a pair of his sweatpants over your shorts, pillows, and blankets with the remote to the TV. He’s wearing light wash jeans and a black T-shirt with his black leather jacket, he looks God like in something so simple. If anything was going to make you have an aneurysm it was going to be him.

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i know a lot of people are upset with civil war ii (fuck, i’m upset too). but idk, if i see this differently…i honestly can’t completely complain with this event, because i know what will come out of this: lots and lots of fanfictions. fuck yeah.

i’m sorry, but just, imagine all the fics, you guys; the fix-it fics, the not fix-it fics, the missing scene fics, the canon compliant fics, the soulmate au fics, the aftermath fics, the tie-ins fics etc. like, give me the fics where peter quill being very protective of tony (ugh, i’m a total sucker for starkquill!) he kicks ass, and saying something like “if you can’t treat him right, then i will i swear to god i will i can take him away to space you know you just watch me captain fucking america” to steve. or a stuckony-soulmate au where tony’s just heartbroken and resigned, because even after everything, he has to fight his soulmate again, but this time it’s not just steve but bucky too (idc if it’s done multiple times before, and i’m sure we’re going to have many stuckony fics after ca:cw, there’s just never enough of this trope). give me buckynat fics where nat goes “we have to protect the future, james” while bucky goes “no, natalia, we have to change it” and then they’re fighting to the death with what their future will be if they just don’t try to protect/change it looming in their minds. fucking give me spideypool fics where wade finally finds out peter parker is actually spider-man (assuming he still hasn’t known by the time civil war ii arrives), and now they’re on opposite sides in this civil war mess, what would wade do; keep trying to kill peter or doing his best not to cross paths with peter so he can protect him? give me tony-carol-rhodey fics, like, what if this time it’s tony who dies? what then? what will happen? how the two closest friends of tony’s will cope with his death?

just, the fics, you guys. all the civil war ii fics. gimmegimmegimme.


Request: Can I request a fic where the reader controls the elements and she’s dating Steve. She has a terrible day after she goes on a mission with Clint and Nat and has a concussion. Steve gets super protective and won’t let her do anything so she just breaks down and he comforts her. Lots of fluff and maybe smut?

(A/N): I added some stuff because I wanted to. There are a few plot twists also I left out the smut just because a) I’m not sure if I’m good at it and b) she has a recent concussion, I didn’t think one would want to have sex that soon. Oh well hope you enjoy! And yes there is a part two.

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

“Steve, babe?” you yell as you walk out of your shared bedroom and into the living room. “You home?”

“Yeah I’m in the kitchen what’s up doll?” Steve called back at you. “I’m making spaghetti tonight I was thinking just the two of us since training didn’t go to hot.”

“Haha puny, yes because I set the gym on fire.” You sighed and Steve turned to face you.

“You leaving?” He asked, looking like a sad puppy.

“Yeah I got called out with spidey and the bird. Should be back late tonight it’s just a simple recon downtown.” You walked over and kissed Steve on the cheek.

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Under the Mistletoe

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader

Summary: This is part of mine and @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s Christmas Drabble Party. Request: Natasha Romanoff + Mistletoe. This was requested by anon! Read the other Christmas drabbles here

Words: 982

Warnings: Fluff and making out ayeeeeeeee

A/N: I’m more of a Wanda girl but my god Nat is just… my god she’s s e x y as all hell 

Originally posted by sebbarhx

You’re staring.“ Wanda nudged you with her elbow when you didn’t so much as blink at her remark. Your attention was completely captured by Romanoff. 

You were shamelessly staring at her across the room. The dress she had on molded to her form so perfectly, like it was made for her and only her. She looked downright sinful. She had her back to you and was having an animated conversation with Sam and Steve. You watched the long, pale and smooth column of her throat work as she took her last swig of the wine she’d been nursing for the past fifteen minutes.  

”[Y/N]! You look like you’re undressing her with your mind!“ Wanda’s higher than normal voice got you to turn to her, finally tearing your gaze away from Natasha. 

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Task: Continue Wearing Pants

Title: Task: Continue Wearing Pants
Rating: G
Summary: DJ has a new video game AND a new real-life game.
Fandom: Avengers / Act Of Creation / Avengers Academy
Notes: Inspired by an ask I received about the most adorable child in the world, as well as a conversation (quoted at the end of the fic) about how much we’d like to see DJ in the Avengers Academy game. @scifigrl47 graciously gave me permission to share the fic; DJ belongs to her. 


“Tap,” DJ said, and Tony, seated at one of the holotables in the workshop, looked down at him.

“Tap?” he asked.

DJ patted his forehead. “Tap,” he repeated.

“You are a trickster, I’m not falling for it,” Tony declared.

DJ swung forward, leaning on Tony’s knee, and looked up at him beseechingly. “Taaaaaap,” he groaned.

Tony, very hesitantly, stretched out a single finger and poked DJ gently in the forehead.

DJ shot upright as if he’d been shocked, then assumed what Tony could only consider a pose. Feet planted firmly, hands on hips, chin lifted in a very typically Stark defiance.

He looked at Tony expectantly. Tony gazed back, mystified.

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anonymous asked:

Where do you think Natasha goes after Civil War. I like to think that she went to Clint's farm to help Laura with the kids while he was locked up in the Raft. But then I think of his kids asking Auntie Nat where their daddy is and Natasha lying to them about where he is and just dying on the inside because the kids are missing their father.

Natasha goes to the farm first. Right after she tells Tony to watch his back, she goes to take them to safety.

However, she comes home to an empty farm. The front door isn’t locked, and it doesn’t look like anything’s missing. She checks the rooms, and sure, all the clothes, the shoes, the books - everything is there. She goes to check the barn, but nothing either. The more she looks, and the less signs of struggle she sees, she calms down.

Clint would have known this could happen. He probably had a plan all along. Keeping his family safe had always been his priority, right?

When she sits down on the porch, opening one of the leftover beers in the fridge, she hears footsteps upstairs. Did she miss something? Someone? Natasha, you’re getting old, she thinks.

She doesn’t really move, because the footsteps aren’t the sneaky kind. But, when she hears a gun cocking, she does turn her head. Barney’s pointing a rifle at her.

“You alone?”

She laughs when he asks, because of course he’d ask. She nods. “Yeah, I am. Ditched the right side to come check up on Laura and-”

“The kids, yeah. They’re out of town,” Barney interrupts, lowers the rifle, only a little bit. “Where’s Clint?”

Oh. So he doesn’t know.

Natasha lowers her bottle and looks at the dirt in front of her. There’s no nice way to put it, she guesses, so she just shrugs and tells him like it is. “In the Raft. Along with the rest of Team Cap,” she mutters, before she hears Barney pull the safety back onto the rifle. He curses as he sits down next to her. 

“They put them in the Raft, eh?” He sighs, rubs his forehead. He’s got the remnants of a black eye, and she wonders where he got it from. She doesn’t ask though. “Anyone planning to get ‘em out yet?”

Natasha shakes her head. “Cap’s still in hiding somewhere. Can’t do it myself, so I guess not really.”

“Well, fuck.”

She looks up at Barney, who puts the rifle down.

“Where are they?” she asks, and Barney laughs.

“Can’t tell ya Nattie, even if you’re my little brother’s best friend, I can’t tell ya. Promised to that chicken shit that I’d take care of them if it went South, and boy lemme tell ya. You seen the news? The news loved what you did in Germany. Getting Spidey, and all that stuff. Bad words flyin’ around, you know? So, I took Laur’ and the kiddos to safety. Promised my brother, I did.” He spits, and she wonders if that’s something they do out here, in the midwest. Clint does it sometimes when he thinks she can’t see him.

“Well, when you see them, tell them I’m sorry. About everything.”¨

“Will do, Nattie. Will do.”

He pushes himself up, and throws the rifle over his shoulder. He starts walking up to the southern fence of the property, and then down the dirt road that leads through the forest. Natasha knows there’s no use following him, he’ll make seventeen detours before he even tries to go back to Laura and the kids. He’s probably got an entire safe-route designed specifically to lose her.

So she lets him go, as she finishes her not so cold beer, wondering how the hell they’re going to get Clint and the others out of that damned Raft.

#cacw spoilers

anonymous asked:

imagine Clint never had a soulmark but after shield falls he get a mark because his soulmate is bucky and bucky didn't have a soulmate when he was under winter soldier programming?

Clint wakes up from a dead sleep to a burning pain in his left shoulder.  He has no idea what time it is, because he’s jet lagged and sleep deprived.  He was supposed to be catching a nap before starting a sting operation on an arms dealer in Prague, but it looks like the alarm hadn’t sounded.

He’s vaguely aware that something’s wrong, but for a moment, his attention is caught by the fading ache that had woken him.  He peels back his shirt, struggling to see his skin in the dim light.  Had he been injured?

There, where before there had been nothing but handful of freckles and an old scar, was a name in jaunty handwriting.  James Buchanan Barnes.

Clint stares at it and says, “What the fuck?”

Then one of his teammates shouts “Hail Hydra!” and tries to kill him, so he doesn’t have much time to think about it for a while.


It’s only about a third of the world’s population that has a soulmate–someone so perfectly aligned to them that fate itself decided they were meant for each other–and Clint’s mostly been okay with being one of the of majority that doesn’t.  Nat doesn’t.  Coulson, Hill, May, even Captain America were all born without someone else’s name on their bodies.  If people as amazing as them don’t have a soulmate, why should he get one?

He rides the metro for hours afterward, changing stops at random, trying to make sure he’s not being followed.  His team is dead; one was killed in her sleep and the others, apparently, were Hydra sleeper agents.  Clint had killed them personally.

He’s gotten nothing but confused static from the contact lines he’s tried, and according to the news feeds he’d caught at the most recent train stop, someone had crashed three helicarriers in DC. He honestly doesn’t know whether to feel more confused about all of that, or about the fact that he’s now got the name of a dead war hero from the forties written on his skin.  Because either fate has decided to connect him to some newborn kid whose parents have a history boner, or Bucky Barnes has come back from the grave.

He wonders if Steve knows.

As soon as he gets back to the States, he’s gonna ask him.

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Charles Summary Post!

We know more about Charles than we think we do, and using information  already given to us in the show we can pretty quickly deconstruct who he can and can’t be. 

1.) Charles is alive – 

Mr. DiLaurentis said that Charles committed suicide by overdosing on pills while in Radley at the age of 16. While that should initially raise a red flag (did you see how carefully they monitored Mona when they gave her medicine?) we see for sure that this isn’t true when the liars find his file. In Charles’s file is a work order for his donated organs… but he wouldn’t be able to donate his organs if he died of an overdose. If he died by committing suicide some other way or died of natural causes, there would be no need for Mrs. DiLaurentis to lie about it to her husband. A fake work order to move organs would only have to be put in the file if someone wanted to convince others that Charles really way dead.

Charles either didn’t die of an overdose, died but didn’t have his organs donated, or didn’t die. If he didn’t die of an overdose Mrs. DiLaurentis wouldn’t have lied to her husband and if Charles didn’t have his organs donated there would be no need to lie on a medical form. Charles was alive when he left Radley.

2.) Charles is 15 months older than Jason

Since Charles is 15 months older than Jason and we know that this is a character who we’ve seen before, our options are exceptionally limited. We need someone around the age of 24 - leaving us with Ezra, Melissa, Cece, Jason, and Wren. 

3.) Charles can’t be Melissa - 

Whoever Charles is, they would have had to have been away from Rosewood prior to 2003 and Spencer has childhood memories of Melissa that she talks about before that point (hide and seek, running away, etc)

4.) Charles can’t be Ezra -

He went to Hollis, and we know he didn’t transfer because he started dating Jackie his freshman year. We also know that he lived on campus, so it wasn’t as if he was commuting into Rosewood. If Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted to hide their son so much so that she faked his suicide, I doubt she would send him to school down the block from his father and brother’s home, the only two people who would be able to recognize him.

Even overlooking that, Ezra thought that Malcolm was his child, meaning that he had to have been with Maggie when Malcolm was conceived. Malcolm was 7 in 2011, which would mean that he was born in 2004. If he was 7 in the early fall of 2011, that would mean that he was conceived either in late 2003 or early 2004. Ezra and Jackie weren’t a one night stand, they had been a couple for a significant period of time, so we know that they were dating in 2003. That was the same year that Charles was released from Radley and it doesn’t make sense he would immediately jump into the dating pool. 

Also, to believe that Ezra is Charles you would have to think he was adopted, as we’ve met his family. If you’ve had an adopted child for only a couple of months would you pay an incredible amount of money to keep their child a secret? If you’re as selfish as Mrs. Fitzgerald you wouldn’t. 

Final nail in the Ezra is Charles coffin: we’ve met his little brother. Rather than spilling the beans on Maggie, you’d think he would tell Aria about Ezra’s 7 years in a mental institution which would certainly be a far juicier story. 

5.) Charles can’t be Cece - 

Cece was prom queen and went to Rosewood High with Jason, Ian, and Melissa. She can’t be Charles because she was in Rosewood before his 2003 release. (Also quick side note, PLL fandom needs to stop casually talking about people who are transgender in a flippant and ill-informed way. I’m not bothered by the fact that people thought of that potential plot twist, but it infuriates me that some parts of the fandom talk about instititutionalizing someone who is transgender as if it is a reasonable solution or talk about how being transgender is what made Charles so malicious. Transgender communities are really marginalized, don’t simplify their struggle for a plot twist /rant)  

Cece also went to Cape May at the same time as the DiLaurentis family, a risk that would almost certainly be too great if she were trying to hide her existence from them. 

6.) Charles can’t be Jason -

If Jason and Charles were switched there would be three times where it could have happened: When Charles was put into Radley, when Charles got out of Radley, or when Charles took over the game. None of thees are possible. 

First, let’s look at why they couldn’t have accidentally put Jason in Radley thinking he was Charles: he was 9 when Jason would be only 7 ½. For anyone who at any point has encountered children you know that there’s some pretty rapid development that takes place at that point. No one, least of all their parents, could mix up their 9 and 7 year old sons. Even if they did, Mrs. DiLaurentis worked at Radley to be closer to Charles – if for some reason they did put the wrong son in it’s inconceivable that she wouldn’t notice over the course of 7 years (note they’re not twins like Ali and Courtney were in the books) 

Again, Charles and Jason are not twins. Even if we were somehow misled and they were twins, they likelihood that they would be identical is exceptionally low (and there would be no reason to hide that information). Charles couldn’t have switched places with Jason because they’re over a year apart in age and wouldn’t be able to switch without detection. Charles, being older and also a different person with a different face, wouldn’t have been able to seamlessly trade places with Jason, which is what would be required for this theory to make sense. 

7.) AND TA-DA: The only person who could possibly at all make sense in this equation is Wren. 

Wren is the only one who is the right age and doesn’t have a concrete reason why he can’t be Charles. 

8.) Tackling our next big question: Why was Charles taken out of Radley and what did he do in the time afterwards? 

Clearly, Mr. DiLaurentis did not take Charles out of Radley and Mrs. DiLaurentis used her position on the board to help him be released. So why would Mrs. DiLaurentis take Charles out of the very place where she put him?

Mr. DiLaurentis makes it clear that their primary concern was the safety of Charles and the other children. Outpatient services weren’t enough to control his illness so he had to become a patient at Radley, for everyone’s sake. Mrs. DiLaurentis clearly loved Charles and wanted to be happy. These are the two motivations that we know about: Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted to keep all of their children safe and happy. 

If Mrs. DiLaurentis took Charles out of Radley it must have meant that she thought that he was improved. He was put into Radley to keep Jason and Ali safe, and if their safety would be compromised there would be no reason to take him out entirely, as opposed to just transferring him to a new hospital. So why did she lie about his suicide? 

She didn’t think that Kenneth would believe that Charles was better, so she took helped Charles to escape and then tried to help him start a new life, one where he couldn’t be recognized. In 2003, when he was 16, Charles was released from Radley.

1.) Jessica wouldn’t allow Charles to be free if he posed a risk to Alison or Jason      2.) Jessica wouldn’t lie to her husband about their son’s death unless she thought that he wouldn’t let Charles out     3.) Jessica did let Charles out, so she thought that he didn’t pose a risk and that Kenneth would not believe his improvement. 

After lying about her son’s death, Jessica couldn’t let him stay around Rosewood - it wouldn’t make sense to take him to a place where he would never be able to show his face for fear of running into his own father - he had to go somewhere other than Rosewood. 

8.) Charles Timeline!

So Charles can only be Wren - how would that work? Let’s take a look 

Charles is born in 1987, and he’s always been a troubled child. From the time he was young he’s had to see doctors to try and address his mental illness. 

Jason is born 15 months after Charles in 1988. Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings were not yet neighbors and Peter did not know of Charles’ existence. Charles continues to struggle as Kenneth and Jessica take him to doctor after doctor. 

Alison is born in 1995 and Charles only worsens. 

In 1996 Charles tries to burn/drown the infant Alison in a bathtub of scalding hot water. In response to this, Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis decide it would be safer for everyone if they had Charles institutionalized at Radley. They move to Rosewood to be closer to him, and Mrs. DiLaurentis joins the board of Radley.

We know very little about Charles’ stay at Radley other than the fact that he was not ever visited by his own family, aside from his mother. This continues until Jessica fakes his suicide in 2003 and he is released. 

At that point, he can’t return to Rosewood or he runs the risk of being recognized by his father. The timing is perfect, however, because the next year he’ll be going to college, and Jessica is dedicated to making sure that it’s as far away as possible. At this time Jason starts the NAT club. 

In 2004, Charles goes away to school - some place that will give him a cover, a place that will challenge his natural genius, and somewhere as far away from Rosewood as possible. Oxford perfectly fits the bill. Having an English accent developed from going to the school would likely keep people from questioning his origins in Rosewood. 

When Charles leaves for college across the Atlantic where he can no longer spy on the inhabitants of Rosewood himself, he enlists Ian and Garrett from the NAT club to help him. the begin to record for him and continue to do so through Ian’s death. 

Also in 2004 Melissa would have had her prom, a moment which was clearly important to Charles as he recreated it with the girls within the dollhouse. 

After 4 years at college, Charles continues to spy on the girls through the NAT club, but there is still not A activity. Charles graduates in 2008 and continues on to grad school. 

In 2009 Mona begins to harass Alison as A and Charles, fresh out of college, again becomes obsessed with regaining the family he thought he deserved. During the summer he plans “that night”, convincing Bethany to take Alison’s place while he could take Jason’s - giving them the perfect family that he had always wanted. 

The plan is botched and Charles assumes that Alison is dead. He’s both relieved and guilty, and begins to form a strange relationship with the sister who doesn’t know that he exists. He abducts Sara Harvey, taking her as a living Alison doll through which he can work out his confusion. 

Charles returns to Rosewood that summer after completing his second year of med school and begins his clinicals in the local hospital. 

This works well until he realizes that Ali is still alive, meaning that someone else is in the grave - and Charles worries that it’s bethany. 

In season 3, Charles takes over the game. Sara Harvey isn’t enough for him anymore and he wants to control the girls in his dollhouse and avenge bethany’s death.

So we know that Charles has to be Wren and we have an idea of where he was at any given time - so the next 2 big questions are who is redcoat and who is black widow?

I’ve written before about this, and now knowing that Charles is Wren it makes more sense than ever before that Melissa is Black Widow and Cece is Redcoat. Melissa is double teaming to both protect the girls and stay close to Charles, who she knows is dangerous. Cece was redcoat, taken on to try and find out whether or not Alison was alive. She was alison’s ultimate frenemy, which is what made her such a compelling person for Uber A to attract to the team. 

Mona was A through Season 3 

Charles took over the A game in Season 3 after years of stalking the girls 

Charles enlisted Cece to actually torture the girls, using “kisses- A” as her sign-off 

Melissa got involved with Wren and moved with him to protect her secret and to keep an eye on him. She’s black widow, trying to understand what’s happening to the girls. 

Imagine Bucky, still trying to figure out who he is, finding out where Steve lives. He thinks Steve is going to be afraid of him after what he’s done, so he stays hidden. When Steve leaves to go out for coffee with Nat, or when he goes to the grocery store, Bucky goes into Steves house. He’s careful not to move anything, but sometimes he leaves fingerprints in dust. He looks at old photographs, old newspaper clippings, sometimes he has a glass of milk and a cookie from the old jar on top of the fridge. They’re just the way Steve’s mom made them, and they bring back memories.

He makes sure to only take a few, and always leaves without disrupting any pictures or furniture. Natasha, being observant as she is, sees the signs way before Steve does. Pictures moved slightly, food missing, dirty dishes in the sink that Steve didn’t use, finger prints in the dust. It doesn’t take her long to figure out who it is. She doesn’t tell Steve.

One night Steve wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and decides he wants a glass of water. He goes into the kitchen and flicks on the light. Bucky is standing in the kitchen, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights. His hand is stuck inside of the cookie jar, and he’s got a cookie in his mouth.

Steve nearly faints.

anonymous asked:

Idk if you're still taking buckynat prompts but if you are: hiding weapons at home

(hahaha nice one)

They have a problem, Bucky realises one morning as he goes hunting for breakfast.

“Nat?” He calls out to her, into the living room where she’s doing a stretching routine. For dance or combat, he doesn’t know.


“Any reason why there’s a semiautomatic in the pantry?”

It’s sitting there, propped up against a box of cereal. There has to be a more appropriate place for it somewhere, surely?

“I couldn’t find anywhere else,” she shouts back, still holding her position. “Your rifles take up a lot of space, you know.”

He has to agree with her on that point. It was something they’d forgotten to consider when he’d moved into her place.

They do have a safe, but it’s so full they have a hard time closing it.

And under the bed, they’ve found out, can be dangerous.

At least one of the closets is already dedicated to explosives.

He makes a quick check, but has to admit that she’s right. The pantry is just about the only space left where there aren’t weapons stashed already.

He’s still contemplating the situation – he has to have missed something, right? – when she joins him, hopping up on the counter while he fills her a glass of water from the tap.

She thanks him with a kiss to the cheek, downs it, and asks:

“So, what’s the verdict?”

“You were right. This is the only space left. I think.” He frowns. “I think we may have too many weapons.”

She scoffs.

“You can’t have too many.”

“Usually I’d agree, but – we’re going to have to start prioritising. Unless we manage to find new space somehow.”

They exchange a look.

“We’re getting a new apartment,” she says with finality.

HOLD UP. There are too many things going on here.

First off, we got Tony talking to Nat almost in an interrogative way, saying, “I’m sorry, did I just mishear you or did you just agree with me?” In which she sassily replies, “Oh, I want to take it back.” It’s almost like they’re angry at each other because maybe Nat is switching sides as Tony reminds her why she’s on his side in the first place??? Idk. 

But then we got SAM WILSON looking all tough standing behind Tony with his arms crossed. What is going on? When and where is this taking place? Is this before everything goes down? Why would one of Cap’s best friends be in the same room as Iron Man and the super spy who no one really knows whose side she’s on?

Could it be possible that Sam isn’t totally against what Tony stands for, but in trusting Steve he stands with him, because surely Captain America has the right intentions? So here he is with Tony before any real issue surfaces? Or maybe this is just Nat switching sides and Sam acting as a sort of bodyguard/escort, making sure Tony let’s her go peacefully? (read one of my posts about this here)  

Who know’s? This movie’s gonna be killer.